40 Blonde Balayage Looks

By on January 15, 2017

Balayage is an exquisite color tone that suits both blonde and brunettes. In the right combos, the ombre hues beautifully frame the face and compliment any type of complexion. Whether you have short, medium-length or long hair, balayage is a perfect hair color to try out this 2017. Take risk this year and dare to get the most dramatic style. Here are 40 amazing blonde balayage looks to get inspired from.

1.Creamy Blonde & Balayage Hints 

via Instagram/hairerik

If you’re looking for a complete beauty makeover this year, why don’t you get highlights? Blonde balayage is the newest trend of the season. Get a couple of highlights in the front and at the tips, and your hair will look amazing. Front highlights are great because they sculpt the face and define your most beautiful feature – your eyes and cheekbones.

2. Dark Brown Roots & Balayage Layers 

via trend2towear

Dark brown roots are no longer considered a hairstyle mistakes. On the contrary, darker roots are the perfect canvas for balayage highlights. Choose a middle parting to hide a rather bigger face, and let those frontal light layers frame your complexion. Stick with casual waves and wear the hairstyle anywhere you’d like.

3. Medium Length Style & Light Blonde Balayage 

via Pinterest/Mane Interest

Balayage is a hair combo trend that can look dramatic. However, if you want a perfect hairdo you need to be willing to cut your hair. Medium-length locks that is straight at the tips looks polished and fresh. In combination with darker blonde hints at the roots, the mix will definitely turn some heads around.

4. Honey-Toned Balayage & Waves 

via quoteslodge

Honey-toned waves are to die for. Blonde women who are scared of a change, should definitely try it out. No need to make your color too dark. Just a few balayage highlights here and there will give your locks a completely different vibe.

5. Soft Blonde Balayage Bob

via tehzeebart

Soft blonde with platinum balayage highlights prepped nicely in a wavy bob might be just what you need to make an impression. Dare to go light this season and you won’t be sorry! On the contrary, all women should have the courage to try something new every once in a while. You might be surprised with the end result.

6. Long Wavy Hair & Deep Blonde Balayage Hints 

via Pinterest/the zoe report

If you have long hair with dark roots, this combo of light blonde and dark brown might work amazingly. Go with an almost black and blue mix at the roots, and reserve the rest of your locks for nice blonde with balayage hints. Keep it wavy for an extra touch of romance and freshness.

7. Caramel Blonde Medium-Length Bob 

via Pinterest/bloom.com

Caramel blonde and light beach waves will totally change your style. Long layered bobs are in trend this 2017, so why not make the change? It’s time to get in charge of your body. Short hair is incredibly sexy when styled properly.

8. Long Bob & Blonde Balayage Undertones 

via stayglam

Over-sized curls are yet another cool trend of the season. On balayage hair, they look absolutely magnificent. Dark creamy blonde with light hues at the tips are ideal on wavy, short hair. What we love about this combo is that curls add movement. You’ll definitely create a long-lasting impression with those well-defined waves!

9. Stunning Blonde Balayage & Asymmetric Bob 

via Pinterest/stayglam

Asymmetric bobs will never go out of style, especially when the hair is dyed properly. Super light blonde and creamy roots are all you need to refresh your color tone, and give a new allure. Choose a side parting for a extra touch of confidence, and you’ll be good to go.

10. Wavy Brown & Deep Blonde Balayage Highlights 

via Pinterest/therighthairstyles

Long wavy hair is every girl’s dream. And if we add some curls to that hair, the final result is outstanding. If you’re tired of classic blonde and you’d like an upgrade, you should choose a balayage combo. The variety of hues you can decide upon is endless. Make a statement and go silvery with lighter ends.

11. Long Caramel Waves & Subtle Blonde Highlights 

via Pinterest/hairstyle guru

We love caramel blonde hair, don’t we? But then again, sooner or later the colors fades away. Keep that fresh nuance alive with balayage highlights. Let your curls shines, and for an added touch of elegance, get a middle parting.

12. Princess Blonde Waves & Middle Parting 

via Pinterest/Polyvore

Long, blonde princess waves look exceptional on women with porcelain skin. However, the color can easily fade away if you don’t learn to take care of it. To preserve the light blonde hues for weeks, we recommend balayage highlights. This way your locks will have a pretty, fresh appearance all the time.

13. Blonde Balayage Highlights in a High Bun

via Tumblr/crushculdesac

Just because you love keeping your hair in a bun, it doesn’t mean people won’t be able to see your careless roots. But if you’re tired of destroying your natural hair, you can choose some blonde balayage highlights. This way, your bun will look neat and styled all the time.

14. Side-Swept Neat Blonde Balayage 

via Pinterest/styleskinner 

Side-swept hair exudes romance and elegance, and balayage blonde hues might be what you need to frame you face even better. Choose silvery tones at the roots for an extra touch of  originality, and you’ll look gorgeous.

15. Soft Grey Blonde & Balayage Hints 

via Pinterest/watchoutladies

Grey has been a star color in 2016. Granny hair, in particular, got the attention of millions of blondes across the globe. To give your locks a different allure, choose a nice side braid and light balayage hints. It will make you stand above the crowd for sure.

16. Seductive Creamy Blonde Balayage 

via Pinterest/people.com

Craving a seductive hairstyle? How about this creamy blonde balayage bob? Beautifully layered to fall on the face, the hair is exceptional on women with shorter hair. Give up the bangs and let well-defined highlights to frame your beautiful face.

17. Platinum Blonde Balayage 

via Pinterest/rajni chauhan 

Platinum blonde will never go out of style. We love the grey and icy blonde combo. It’s sleek, interesting, and different – just what you might need for this year.

18. Blonde & Pink Balayage

via Pinterest/Sara Scherr

If you think blonde and pink don’t go together, you might want to think again. Check out this amazing medium-length style with loose curls and pinks ends. This year you have a chance to make a memorable impression. Make it count!

19. Silver Blonde & Bangs 

via Pinterest/stephanie follett

Silver blonde with light balayage highlights and a fringe will completely change your face’s shape. Women with slightly larger complexions should definitely give it a try.

20. Side-Swept Layers 

via Pinterest/mary lawless 

Choose a side and roll all your hair on to that side. Use hair clips to hold it in place. Combine the hairdo with loose blonde curls, and you’ll get a killer hairdo that exudes originality and class.

21. Blonde Balayage & Grey Hints 

via Pinterest/ mane interest

You’ve had brown roots your whole life, so don’t you think you need a change? This year, all eyes are on silvery roots and icy blonde balayage highlights. Wavy curls and layers are the best, especially if your hair is thick and voluminous.

22. Honey Blonde & Curly Tips 

via Pinterest/Ashley Chabot 

Honey blonde is a very challenging hair color. But if the dying is performed correctly, the end result will exceed all your expectations. Get a fresh trim at the ends too, and the curls will look a lot more compact and fresh. Also, for an added touch of shininess, use hairspray.

23. Glossy Blonde/Brunette Balayage 

via Pinterest/Samantha Hammack

If you’re crazy about both brunette and blonde, you should know you can have them both. The best technique involves dying your hair. But it must be done by a specialist for your balayage color to look outstanding. The picture above is a great example of a perfect black and blonde ombre combo.

24. Ash Blonde Balayage & Sexy Layers 

via Pinterest/gnarlyhair.com

A lot of women are crazy about the ash blonde hair color. However, it only looks great when done professionally. Let your hair on the hands of someone who know what they’re doing and you won’t be sorry. In combination with balayage highlights, ash blonde looks so much better.

25. Rainbow Balayage 

via Pinterest/watchoutladies

Another cute trend is the rainbow blonde balayage combo. Basically, we have dark brown at the roots, a slightly lighter shade in the middle, and finally, platinum blonde at the tips. The hairdo works great on women with shorter hair because the difference between the shades is not too dramatic, but rather fluid.

26. Layered Bob & Headband Twist 

via Pinterest/therighthairstyles 

Layered bobs are the best when you have a pretty, square face. If you’re blonde, balayage might be the color that you need to emphasize your features. Go with a side parting and a headband twist on one of the sides. You’ll fall in love with the style.

27. Ash Blonde & Messy Bun Updo

via Pinterest/beauty gal

A half up-do with a messy bun in a bright blonde nuance is just what you need on a Sunday evening. The look may seem simple, but it’s actually pretty complex. Believe it or not, it’s not that easy to make messy buns look hot.

28. Long Blonde Locks & Balayage Highlights 

via Instagram/alexisbutterflyloft

Long, straight hair is a dream come true for many women. However, keeping it looking healthy is a lot more difficult than meets the eye. If you’re blonde, balayage highlights are the best because you won’t have to dye it all every month to make it look like in the picture above.

29. Face Framing Balayage Highlights 

via Pinterest/therighthairstyles

One of the main purposes of balayage highlights is to frame your face. On light brown hair, creamy balayage blonde will make your hair lighter in the front, and at the ends. You won’t just look amazing, but your facial features will also be emphasized. Before you know it, you’ll be 100% blonde without destroying a single strand of hair.

30. Blonde Balayage & Icy Ends 

via Pinterest/Shelby Hance 

Blonde balayage is a beautiful hair color. Nevertheless, to keep it looking beautiful for a whole month you need to take good care of your locks. Darker roots may be difficult to preserve if you’re a natural blonde. The exact same things applies if you’re a brunette and you have blonde roots. Balayage can help; the ombre effect is uniform, and your hair will look gorgeous for nearly 2 months.

31. Long, Minimalist Balayage Blonde

via Instagram/sarah.nourse

In love with the minimalist style? Well, you’re in luck because the best nuance of the season is light balayage. Platinum blonde ombre with darker roots and a half up-do will give your locks a totally new allure. Let your long waves shines, and let light blonde turn people’s heads over you on the street.

32. Beige Blonde Balayage 

via Pinterest/stylecaster 

Beige blonde with a middle parting is extraordinary when the length of the hair matches with the shape of the face. Prominent cheeks, big eyes, and beautiful arched eyebrows are the perfect canvas for blond hair with a middle parting and light balayage hues.

33. Messy Bun & Balayage Blonde Highlights 

via Pinterest/stayglam

Making a short messy bun look sexy is a lot more difficult than meets the eye. But then again, a hairstylist should be able to advise you whether you should cut your locks or not. If however, you have a long face with a beautiful neckline, then this messy bob with blonde highlights and waves might just be what you need to feel confident once again.

34. Ashy Roots and Icy Balayage Tips

via Pinterest/pinpicture

Ashy roots that extend all th way to the half length of your hair work beautifully with silver blonde. We love the combo – it’s chic, interesting, and completely unusual. But somehow it works!

35. Voluminous Blonde Balayage 

via Pinterest/jessakae

Most women hate their hair because it’s not voluminous. But did you ever think that maybe you need a haircut or color change to create the illusion of more volume? That often applies to blonde women with thin hair strands. However, the right hair dye applied correctly will make your hair feel and look 10 times thicker.

36. Messy Blonde Balayage Fishtail 

via Instagram/maggiemh

We love the fishtail hairstyle trend. It looks hippie, retro, old-fashioned but nevertheless, it has a special allure that we absolutely adore. The boho chic vibe a messy fishtail – dyed in a bright blonde balayage nuance – exudes is outstanding.

37. Balayage Highlights & Braided Bun

via Pinterest/byrdie beauty 

A braided bun with loose strands and very nice balayage highlights in the front is a perfect hairdo for a wedding, anniversary, or any other sort of formal event where you have to dress nicely. What we love about this hairdo is that it looks effortless.

38. Long Artistic Fishtail

via Pinterest/trends2wear

Long, over-sized fishtails are all about making a statement. Let your hair do the talking everywhere you go, and you’ll make an impression without moving a muscle. What we love about slivery balayage is that it is striking, whether your hair is loose or tied in an elegant fishtail.

39. High Pink/Blonde Balayage Ponytail 

via Pinterest/webstame

A high ponytail ca exude sex-appeal, elegance, and class. However, when that ponytail has silvery blonde hues and light pink tones, the effect is even bigger. Only the most confident and self-assured women can pull off such a striking balayage combo. Are you one of them?

40. Double Layered Half Updo

via Pinterest/betrendsetter 

A complex hairstyle is sometimes all we need to make an impression. A simple, black little dress and a striking half up-do made of a double layered fishtail should be enough to wow the crowd. Whether you’re going to a party or attending a formal event, the look presented in the picture above is all you need to regain your level of confidence.

A lot of women would say that blonde balayage is difficult to preserve intact. While that might be true, it also depends on what type of hair you have, how dark or light is the blonde you currently have, and what sort of balayage you’re looking for. It’s 2017 ladies, which means it’s time to change. Take control of your body and let it speak for itself. If you want to go blonde, do it! If you want sharp balayage highlights, do it! Change may come from within, but as far as our physical appearance is concerned, change is the most visible when we dye our hair. Choose the craziest blonde mix, or keep it simple with a braid. That’s all you need to wow everyone around you.

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