Pisces Traits

By on August 25, 2013


Pisces born are extremely impressionable, as compared to the other zodiac signs. They mostly exhibit an extremely gentle and patient temperament. They seek inspiration in everything. They are also very compassionate and affected by the circumstances around them.

Generous and Amiable:

Pisces are highly affected by the situation at hand, as they are extremely concerned about what others are feeling and the impact of situation on them.

Kind, Emotional and Large Hearted:

Pisces are very generous, affectionate and positive people with a sense of gratitude and compassion towards people around them.


Easy Going, Socially Likable and Reflexive:

Pisces born people are very responsive towards environment and reflexive as well. They let events unfold, and then let their reflexes to respond accordingly.

Idealistic and Impractical:

Pisces are extremely sensitive and intuitive individuals, and believe in their ideals which they consider above all practical possibilities. Their sensitivity is never bookish or perfunctory.

Positive Pisces Personality Traits

Excel In situation where the demand is of their Intuition:

Pisces quite excel in situations, where they require leveraging their imaginary skills and foresight. They often learn through observation, and absorption of environment.

Loyal and Family Oriented:

Pisces born people are very reliable and full of family spirit. They are extremely responsive towards novel ideas and challenging circumstances.

Gifted and Artistic:

Pisces are extremely skilled and well versed, in a lot of things and subjects. They have a natural ability to learn, excel and nurture people around them, by providing them benefits due to their crafts.

Vivid Imaginations:

Pisces born people are blessed with, a graphically vivid and visual imagination. They are the perfect choice for performing arts such as: drama, art, music, literature etc.

Love for Travel:

Pisces born people love the life of luxury, and they are fond of travelling to new places and meeting new people. Pisces have an immense need for luxury, style and pleasure; they are always up for unique and exciting new adventures.

Negative Pisces Personality Traits


Faint Hearted:

Pisces often turn into scatter brains and confused on highly demanding and tense situations and may come across as lazy and impractical.

Unreliable and Unmotivated:

In business related matters Pisces are often considered as unfocused, untrustworthy and distracted. They are often believed to be unnecessarily naive and injudicious.

Easily be fooled:

Pisces often believe in empty promises and hence led astray by them. They lack conviction and decision making skills and pay the price for it. They can also be very cynical and optimistic at the same time.

Main negative personality traits: idle, unreasonable, idealistic, apprehensive, psychologically restrained, and downhearted.





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