12 Pisces Love Compatibility

By on April 4, 2015

Last but not least, we have Pisces, the 12th sign of the zodiac. In some way, this star combines some characteristics from all the other 11. Pisceans are chameleons. They’re extremely spiritual and they adore having their intellect challenged. In terms of romance, it can be tough to win the heart of a Piscean, although you are welcomed to try out your luck. Generally speaking, Pisces is a zodiac sign that is often linked to dreams and deep feelings. Here are the 12 love match probabilities with the 12 stars.

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  1. Pisces and Aries

Pisces is always optimistic and Aries always looks to the positive in life. Together these traits merge perfectly with their incredibly creative side. Pisces are dreamers and Aries have wild imaginations and are very confident. The possibilities are endless and both signs will believe they can create the dream. Pisces are nurturing and eager to help others but is also able to take a step back when Aries needs time centre stage. The two signs will form a strong bond which is difficult to break.

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  1. Pisces and Taurus

Pisces will instinctively know what Taurus needs and will ensure it is available. Taurus will appreciate this insight and respond to a Piscean’s emotional needs; providing strength and practicality when needed. Both signs are romantic and like enjoying evenings together. Pisces is in tune with the mystical and the sensuous side of life – an attribute that attracts Taurus and amazes them. Together they will share everything and take great pleasure in the simple things in life.

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  1. Pisces and Gemini

Both of these signs have two distinct sides to their personality and they both recognise and understand this quality in each other. They are drawn to exploration and increasing their knowledge whilst discovering new places. They both have highly active minds which will go into overdrive by the energy which is apparent between them. Gemini can race through life whilst Pisces is infinitely slower. This can be a source of frustration in the relationship or it can become an excellent way of balancing them both.

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  1. Pisces and Cancer

Both Pisces and Cancer are deeply emotional and have a psychic connection. This usually ensures a deep connection and understanding between the two signs. They can happily explore the mystical or psychic worlds but also enjoy being creative. Furthermore, they divulge their deepest secrets to each other and gain an inner strength from the knowledge that the other is always there to support them. A Cancerian is a nurturing sign and loves to look after others – something which a Piscean is only too happy to let them do.

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  1. Pisces and Leo

The creative side of Pisces often shows itself as a love of drama. This plays right into the hands of the dramatic Leo who loves anything creative and all aspects of the arts. Pisces is right at home when discussing the arts and emits a magnetic creative force which Leo finds hard to resist. The star sign appreciates the courage and generosity that Leo has in any situation, and naturally allows Leo to take command. A Leonean loves being in command and adores a Piscean’s appreciation whilst being enamoured by Pisces depth of emotion, sincerity and insight. The relationship should work well with both signs benefitting from the other in a harmonious, peaceful way.

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  1. Pisces and Virgo

These two signs tend to be opposites in many ways. Virgo will analyze everything; seeking to establish firm, achievable goals. Pisces is a dreamer and will naturally imagine a better future. The power of these dreams and the natural perception of Pisces will impress Virgo.  A Piscean will find safe haven in the order provided by Virgo, particularly in their more vulnerable times. Both signs have the ability and desire to help others. This helps them reveal secrets to each other that they would not normally dream of telling anyone. Despite appearances both these signs can suffer from low self-esteem. Together they can support each other through thick and thin making anything possible.

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  1. Pisces and Libra

Both of these signs are highly romantic ensuring many candlelit dinners and opportunities to talk the night away whilst revealing their most intimate secrets. Pisces and Libra are both creative signs and love to show appreciation of each other through thoughtful gestures. Pisces tend to be drawn towards the beauty and harmony innate in Libras character. This will naturally put Libra in the driving seat and may leave Pisces lost in a world of dreams. Both signs look to provide justice to everyone and together can seek to improve life for their fellow man. Pisceans will provide the dram whilst Libra will bring a practical attitude to ensure the plan is followed through. Together these two can enjoy life at their own pace.

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  1. Pisces and Scorpio

Two signs with big dreams. Two people born under these signs are often drawn together without knowing why. They can build a world of drams and lose themselves in it forever. The relationship will be passionate and involve an understanding of each other on a deep level. Together they will look to discover the truth about life, love and the mystical world.  They are both highly creative signs and work well on joint projects together. They both take pride in the other’s achievements. Scorpio offers Pisces the security they cherish whilst Pisces nurtures Scorpio on every level. As long as both signs remember to visit the real world from time to time this relationship can be a lifetime commitment.

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  1. Pisces and Sagittarius

Sagittarius looks for the truth in everything. They desire the great truths of the universe and respect those who are truthful by nature. Pisces has a love of the spiritual world and will happily share this with Sagittarius so that together they can explore and evolve.  Sagittarius possesses an optimistic approach to life. They are always full of energy. They pull Pisces from their comfort zone and ensure they try new things. Pisces will happily follow Sagittarius and will benefit from the broadening of horizons provided by these experiences.  The two signs have distinctly different characteristics but both are able to see the benefits of this and how this can enhance their relationship. Pisces struggle with those who are often negative and appreciate the positive nature of Sagittarius. A relationship between these signs will need constant work but can prove to be very beneficial.

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  1. Pisces and Capricorn

Capricorns offer a security and stability to the more fragile Pisces. This allows both signs to open up and explore areas of themselves which they would otherwise not experience.  Capricorns tend to be very focused on work and social responsibility. Pisces can remind them that there is more to life and teach them to relax and maybe even dream. Capricorns practical approach can help Pisces dreams become reality. Together it is entirely possible that they can make the impossible happen. People born under these signs tend to share the same outlook on life and agree on the majority of issues. This ensures they will always have something to talk about and will remain committed to each other for life.

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  1. Pisces & Aquarius

Aquarius is highly intelligent and this combines perfectly with a Piscean’s sensitive, creative and spiritual nature. They naturally understand each other and can form a very comfortable relationship. Each of them will feel secure in the company of the other. Their feeling of social responsibility will ensure many long conversations – these will inspire them both and make sure they feel engaged with each other. Aquarius looks at life from an intellectual point of view where Pisces views the world through feelings. These two factors can combine perfectly to enrich both their lives – but will require some effort from both parties.

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  1. Pisces and Pisces

There’s nothing which is too deep for two people born under this sign. They intuitively know and understand each other and can be so absorbed in each other that the rest of the world can be forgotten. They will have shared dreams and fantasies which, with a little work, can become realities. The shared emotional, mystical, psychic and creative traits can allow them to create something truly remarkable. A relationship between two people of this sign will result in many optimistic dreams for the future – some may even come true. With such similar outlooks and values this is one relationship that will go the distance.

Pisces can be extremely emotional. They like to commit to a relationship, although they would never be with someone that doesn’t live up to the expectations of their intellect. A love affair with a Piscean is not only challenging, but extremely passionate and dreamlike too. Which of the 12 stars suits you the best?

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