7 Best Pisces Traits

By on March 7, 2015

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Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, and is probably one of the most emotional and generous star signs of the 12. Incredibly popular among friends and peers, Pisceans are known for their original, authentic spirit. They’re extremely fond of human relations and they care for their loved ones more than anything else in the world. The main element of a Piscean is water; this explains why they exude so much grace and elegance.

  1. Compassionate

A Piscean will always be there for his friends. More than that, Pisceans will always be available to listen and solve your problems. As a water sign, they are emotional and nurturing and can easily put themselves in other people’s shoes. They can always see other people’s problems and will usually end up taking on the problem themselves. Whenever possible, they will safeguard their friends from these issues. Always friendly with compassion in abundance, a Piscean is a must have in your circle of friends.

  1. Dreamer & Artistic

A Piscean mind is full of thought and ideals. These combine with their dreams to create a fantasy world in their minds. This is due to the influence of Neptune which is associated with psychic forces and spirituality.  They are not good when having to deal with repetitive or monotonous jobs and would rather work somewhere where they are able to express their artistic side. Pisceans have a natural affinity for arts, drama, music and dance. In these fields they will easily climb to the top of the ladder and receive the appreciation they crave.

  1. Adaptive

Possibly one of the best qualities of any Piscean is their ability to adapt to any situation. Like the water element of their sign, they are fluid and will flow with the situation. It is second nature for them to find the right place to be in any situation. Their motivation and personality can be difficult for others to understand as they have the ability to change according to their surroundings. Being very perceptive by nature it is quite normal for a Piscean to foresee problems in the near future and to change tact in order to bypass the problem. This invariably assists in making important decisions.

  1. Social

Pisces love to be surrounded by people and enjoy the vibrancy of social events. When attending such events they always conduct themselves in a serene manner and have a charisma shown by their twinkling eyes. In general, a Piscean is a listener and will only voice their opinions when they feel it is necessary. Whilst they allow others to lead in discussions or decisions they are not just followers. They tend to make excellent social companions as there is always something interesting going on in their minds.

  1. Idealist

Pisceans have immense intellectual and spiritual knowledge. They have a constant quest for knowledge although often these are deeper than your average questions. They are more likely to look at the universe and nature for ideas and inspiration. They also have a very spiritual side and will spend much of their fantasy time connecting dots and drawing conclusions. They’re not against travelling to find the answers they are looking for. Pisceans would often evade reality in order to seek tranquillity and get back on their feet in case they’ve been hurt.

  1. Romantic

The most romantic and love struck sign of all the signs of the Zodiac is the Piscean. Their constant dreaming and creation of fantasy worlds extends to their perfect partner. Because the fantasy may be far from reality, they sometimes they prefer to retreat to the fantasy world in their minds. These fantasies combine to ensure the Piscean gets easily carried away by love and is often left wanting when the fairy tale does not appear. Pisceans will generally take love over materialistic possessions as they appreciate the value of emotions compared to money.

  1. Generous

A Piscean will give generously of their time if you are in need. Regardless of your problem, people born under this star are excellent listeners. Equally, they will share their possessions if they believe this will assist you in resolving your problems. As a spiritual sign they have little interest in worldly possessions preferring to grow friendships and relationships which have a far more positive effect on their lives long term.

Pisceans are loving, caring and dreamy people. They like to make their own fairytales and they live a life full of emotional and intellectual pleasures. Sociable and adaptive, those born under the Pisces sign like to travel and enjoy life to the fullest.

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