Natural Ways To Increase Progesterone

By on March 26, 2014

Progesterone is found in females and is produced by the ovaries and the adrenal glands. It is one of the many female sex hormones which plays a vital role in a woman’s health. In addition, it also helps to balance a woman’s reproductive system and plays a crucial role in fertility and the menstrual cycle. When a woman becomes pregnant, progesterone aids the development of the baby throughout they pregnancy.

As you can seem progesterone is vital within a woman’s system. There are however cases when progesterone becomes unbalanced and low within the body which can cause depression, fibrocystic breasts, infertility, weight gain, an irregular menstrual cycle and increased PMS symptoms.

There are however many ways to increase your progesterone levels naturally which brings balance to your body. Here’s how…


1. Eat Plenty Of Zinc


Zinc is key for looking after your hormonal health, namely the production of progesterone. It helps to promote ovulation and stimulates a woman’s ovaries to produce progesterone as well as it’s counterpart oestrogen. Zinc is found in lots of everyday foods such as shellfish, pumpkin, wheatgerm, chickpeas, dark chocolate, veal liver, lean red meats and squash seeds so you have no excuse not to eat up and ensure you get your fill.


2. Use Natural Progesterone Creams


Mexican Yam Cream is a natural cream that helps to create a healthy oestrogen and progesterone balance. It’s also known as wild yam and contains diosgenin, a substance which, though a laboratory process, can be converted into progesterone. The resulting cream not only balances the hormonal system but nourished the skin and has wonderful regenerative properties due to the fact it’s rich in Vitamin E.


3. Herbal Remedies


Not all herbs are good for treating all ailments, in fact some can even make them worse. If you have a progesterone imbalance you should avoid herbs such as lavender, red clover blossom, liquorice and tea tree oil as these all contain oestrogen which makes the imbalance even worse. Avoid any herb that contains oestrogen or may stimulate production of it.

Some herbs however can considerably help to balance your hormone levels. Chasteerry, also known as vitex, does just that. It helps to reduce your levels of oestrogen and stimulates progesterone production.


4. Be Magnesium Rich


Magnesium is yet another key nutrient when it comes to ensuring adequate progesterone levels and an overall healthy hormonal balance. Whole grain cereals, halibut, spinach, black beans, okra, nuts and squash seeds are all excellent sources of magnesium but you can also take a vitamin supplement if you feel you aren’t getting enough.


5. Avoid Increasing Your Oestrogen Levels


Oestrogen and progesterone balance each other out, something which is vital for a woman’s health. Having low progesterone levels and too high oestrogen levels within the body can cause many phycological and also physical conditions, one of which is infertility. Many women have this issue and ca be diagnosed with progesterone deficiency because of it. If this is you, avoid all foods that could potentially increase your oestrogen levels as this can make the matter worse.


6. Get Your Vitamin C


Getting plenty of Vitamin C is proven to increase your progesterone production levels by considerable amounts. Just 750mg of Vitamin C per day over a period of six months is proven to have such an effect. That means eating plenty of oranges, ladies!


7. Just Breath


When you’re stressed it’s likely your progesterone levels drop considerably. This is due to the fact that your adrenal glands are unable to produce enough of the hormone called cortisol which they constantly need. Your body then proceeds to convert your progesterone into cortisol instead, depleting your progesterone levels.


8. Get More B6


B6 is what helps your body to maintain adequate levels of progesterone and not getting enough may stifle your progesterone production levels. It’s Vitamin B that helps you liver to break down oestrogen, thus stopping the levels of it getting too high and outweighing progesterone. To ensure you get plenty of Vitamin B and B6 eat plenty of whole grains, poultry, bananas, spinach, walnuts, lean red meat, potatoes, beans and fortified cereals.


As you can see, there are many natural remedies to create a balance within your hormonal system and increase your progesterone levels. While you can get supplements and doctor prescriptions to do so as well, you’re far better off sticking to natural remedies and treating your body right. You may even be able to solve what is causing your hormonal imbalance meaning you’re not just curing yourself but addressing the problem too. If you have any other natural remedies that you’d like to share please do you, I’d be interested to hear and I’m sure all my other readers would too. This is an issue that affects countless women, some of them without even knowing it, so it’s vital that we spread the word.


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