Look Great: Burn Mega Calories, Build Lean Muscles & Sculpt Sexy Curves!

By on February 7, 2013

Summer is almost upon us and it’s time to kick start your butt into getting that beach body you have been telling yourself that you will achieve every year… and not quite made it. We aren’t going to lie to you girlies – you are going to need to work hard, follow a plan and actually dedicate yourself to the cause but with this step by step guide on getting the body you have always wanted, you will be on the right track to getting there!


Burn Mega Calories

In order to burn mega calories, you need to burn off more than you are putting into your body. This means that you need to eat less and workout more. By eating less, we don’t mean starving yourself; we mean eating the RIGHT foods.

We will start with the really good news though – to burn mega calories, you don’t have to work out for hours on end until you physically can’t stand anymore. In actual fact, to burn the most calories you will need to look for a workout plan that will increase and then decrease your heart rate and one of the best workouts for this is on the treadmill. You will need to use this gym machine for 20 minutes and you will start with 2 minutes of slow walking, followed by 2 minutes of very fast walking with an incline. You will continue these 2 minute bursts until you have reached 20 minutes. It really is as simple as that.


You will need to make changes to your diet too, but this doesn’t mean cutting out a whole bunch of foods. Sometimes swapping the full fat varieties for lower-fat/low-calorie ones will do the trick. For example, swapping white bread for whole-meal will increase fiber and decrease calories. Low fat cheese instead of full-fat options can save up to 100 calories in one sitting, and choosing turkey burgers instead of their beef counterparts. It is simple as knowing what to swap and when, and you will be on your way to a calorie deficit, which is what you need to burn mega calories.

Build Lean Muscles

You may think that building lean muscles will require hour after hour or strenuous exercise in the gym with weights, but it could be your diet that is stopping you from achieving rock hard abs this year. Brown rice, for example, will help you to have more energy during the day so you should swap white rice for this brown, healthier option. It has also been shown to help increase the growth hormone in the body and these are essential for building lean muscles.

Cottage cheese is great for adding much-needed protein into your diet and this protein will help to avoid your muscles being used as an energy source by your body when you sleep at night. This means that you won’t have to work as hard to achieve the muscle because the body won’t be wearing it down at night.


When it comes to working out, you want to be hitting the lighter weights for longer, rather than the heavier weights for shorter periods of time. The bigger weights will cause beefier muscles to grow, whereas the smaller weights will allow smaller, stronger muscles to grow at a better speed.


Sculpt Sexy Curves

If it’s curves you’re after, you could try your hand at pole dancing or even hula-hooping. Weights are also a good idea after your aerobic exercises – moderate weight lifting will help you to slim down while still embracing your feminine curves and you will also find that your leg appearance will be better, alongside your arms too!


Sexy photos sourced from Weheartit.com!