6 fastest ways to lose belly fat

By on February 10, 2013

To get a cute body that every man would like gaze while sitting across the table while on a date is not an easy thing to come by. One of the most difficult questions that I come across all the time during my research to understand a great toned female body is belly fat. Here are 6 fastest ways to lose belly fat if at all this has been one of your worries.

Fight stress


Other than those large waist lines and athletic challenged body appearance, the overall gesture that follows belly fat is disease. While crunches on a daily basis, at least every morning or evening could help ensure that the body is in fit condition, they are not enough to get rid of belly fat. Stress is the leading factor associated with belly fat due to secretion of cortisol secretion. Therefore, if you can find ways to fight stress, then you can be on your way to fighting belly fat.

Sleep works too


Lack of enough sleep can be the causal factor of stress and thus secretion of cortisol, which again would lead to increased belly fat. About seven hours of sleep can help fight belly fat at great levels

Exercises are a better choice


If you are determined to perform up to 1000 crunches every night, the answer to your most difficult question could be answered. Generally, these will get you strong and toned, but will they help fight belly fat? Well, at some point they could but not as effective as ensuring that your cardiovascular system is in good condition and this includes increasing your heart rate.

Take vitamin C and look out for the changes


Stress plays a huge role in secreting more cortisol hormones, which is responsible for increased belly fat. Vitamin C is renowned for balancing the cortisol multiplication when you are under stress. Therefore, if you are in an emotional state, ensure that you have enough supply of vitamin C.

Eat good fats


Good fats like omega 3, salmon and avocados among others are very helpful and they help burn excess cholesterol accumulation. Sugar gets you fat and these fats can aid in the process of reducing bad fat from the body.

How is your breath?

Research has pointed out that slowing down of your breath can help restore your normal belly and prepare the road to a toned body that every man would want to see.