Kaley Cuoco – Plastic Surgery Reports?!

By on January 7, 2014

We know and love Kaley Cuoco from the hit TV show The Big Bang Theory, which we are sure many of you know and love her from as well. The not-so-geeky sidekick of Leonard, Howard, Sheldon and Raj, she is one of the most beautiful actress on TV at the moment, and is well known for being at the top of the Hottest Women lists around the world! We all love Penny, right?


She’s just 28 years old (born in California, US on November 30th, 1985) yet that hasn’t stopped the celebrity plastic surgery reports rom flying around already. She first shot to fame as the somewhat moody and ditzy older sister in 8 Simple Rules, before starring as Billie Jenkins on Charmed. There were a few films of course; Lucky 13 in 2005, Hop in 2011 and The Penthouse in 2010. Then, of course, there was The Big Bang Theory and nothing has been quite the same since for the beautiful blonde actress.


Although the rumours have neither been confirmed or denied by Kaley Cuoco, it would seem that one thing for definite has changed about her appearance and most people, including some of the best plastic surgeons across the globe, have put this down to the fact that she has had breast augmentation surgery.

Yes, that’s right – like many other actresses before her, it would appear that her breasts have gotten bigger.


Although still very young, it would seem that most girls her age are choosing to go under the knife and breast fillers and augmentation surgeries seem to be all the rage these days. When did a girl’s cup size really get so damn important?

It’s not as if Kaley Cuoco has been unlucky in love over the years either. She dated Leonard from the show in real life for two years but they kept it all private until they had broken up. They still remain on good terms which is good – we imagine filming the TV show would be unbearable otherwise.


For a while, Kaley was with an addiction specialist called Josh Resnik and they even got engaged but they broke up after a while too.

It was the tennis player Ryan Sweeting that captured her heart. After just three months of dating, they were engaged and just two months later, a full five months into their relationship, they chose to get married in Santa Susana.


So what is that encouraged Kaley Cuoco to get plastic surgery, if the reports are even true in the first place? Was it media pressure that made her enlarge the size of her bust or was it something else? Whatever it is, she certainly hasn’t been unlucky since she got her “new boobs” so maybe it was a good thing for her?

All plastic surgery is dangerous and comes with side effects, including questions from other people that know you and will notice the celebrity plastic surgery work that you have had done. You must always make sure that you are prepared for this – will you confirm or deny the rumours, or will you just leave people pondering like Kaley has done?

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