How To Make Starbucks Iced Coffee

By on May 3, 2017

Without Starbucks, it can be a little more than difficult to get through those hectic days where you are just go, go, go all day long. It can be hard to function at all without any coffee in your system to keep you going. That’s totally understandable. Some of us have coffee running through our veins each and every day. Without it, we’d simply be big old useless piles of human. But sometimes our budgets just don’t allow any room for a delicious Starbucks creations. Instead we must break out our at home chef skills and see what we can do at home, without spending an extra dime. Good news! It is totally possible. You can enjoy a Starbucks iced coffee anytime, any day. The best part is that you can make it right in your very own kitchen! So, whether you need your midday cup or you’re prepping for a long night of exams, we have a way for you to keep yourself going without even needing to get in your car. Here is how to make a Starbucks iced coffee in the comfort of your own home.

What You Will Need To Make Iced Coffee:

  • 12 cup coffee press or a normal coffee maker.
  • 1lb Coffee of your choice. Starbucks uses their Kenya coffee blend, but they suggest their Willow Blend is just as good if not better! You can substitute for decaf. Starbucks sells a great decaf blend, too.
  • The pitcher of your choice. You can use a half gallon jug, a gallon jug or an iced tea pitcher. Whatever floats your boat really!
  • A measuring cup.
  • 5 ½ cups of ice. You need something to make the iced part of iced coffee come true!

What You Will Need To Make  The Syrup:

  • 1 liter bottle, with pump. It’s okay if you don’t have this, you can use a tablespoon instead.
  • 2 cups of sugar.
  • Water for boiling.

This recipe makes about a half of a gallon of iced coffee. You should not store or consume the coffee for more than a week. After a week any leftovers should be thrown out. Not only will it stop tasting as potent, but you don’t want to get sick! However, our theory is that this is going to be so delicious that this coffee won’t last more than just a few days in your fridge!

What You Need To Do:

The next steps really depend on whether you bought a pre ground coffee blend or if you have to grind it yet.

If you have to grind it:

Step One:

Choose which coffee blend you want to use. Starbucks uses their Kenya coffee blend because it has such colorful acidity and hints of fruity flavors. They claim that the more it is iced, the more prominent the flavors become. Grind your coffee well until it becomes coarse and resembles kosher salt. Starbucks says that their baristas are happy to grind your coffee before it even leaves the store, all you have to do is ask!

Step Two:

This next step depends on what type of coffee maker you are going to be using. Starbucks recommends using a coffee press, if you have one, due to it being more flavorful than if it were coming out of a regular coffee maker.

If you are using a coffee press:

Add hot water. The best brewing temp for almost all coffee, except for espresso, is 195 degree to 205 degrees fahrenheit. Bring water to a boil at the suggested temperatures and the remove from heat. Once you have removed it, let it sit for just a moment before you go ahead and pour it over your coffee. For a 12 cup press you will use 5 ¼ cups of water.

Position your plunger assembly fairly loosely on top. This will help to keep the heat in. Get a timer and set it for four minutes! This is how long you will let your coffee brew for. Position the pouring spout away from where you are and use the handle on the pot to hold it. Press the plunger down with your other hand very slowly, this will push the grounds to the bottom.

If you are using a regular coffee maker:

Measure out one cup (16 tablespoons) of your coffee blend. Proceed to pour coffee grounds into a coffee filter fitted for your coffee maker. Fill up your coffee pot to the 8 cup mark and pour into the back of your coffee maker. They say that using filtered water will bring the tastiest results! Now, it’s time to brew your coffee! Much easier than using a coffee press, but not nearly as delicious according to coffee experts.

Step Three:

Do you want your freshly brewed iced coffee more now than later? If so, pour your coffee brew into your pitcher or container of your choice and put it into your refrigerator and let it cool for up to ten minutes. After the five to ten minute mark is up, you can put your ice into the container.

Not so worried about having it right away? Put your ice into the container first and then pour your coffee over it.

There you go, now you have delicious Starbucks copycat iced coffee! Now we can proceed ahead to show you how to make your own syrup and add it to give your cold brew something extra.

How To Make Your Own Starbucks Syrup:

Step One:

Bring out a medium sized pot and start warming up 1 cup of water in it on your stove. Add in 2 cups of white sugar and stir in until it is all dissolved. You can do this best if you use a whisk instead of a spoon. A whisk guarantees a smooth product and eliminates any lumps. Try not to over-boil, because it will create a syrup that is too thick and it will crystallize more easily.

Step Two:

Once all the sugar in your water has dissolved you can now go ahead and pour into your liter bottle or whatever container you have chosen to you. Attach pump on top. It is recommended to use three or four pumps of syrup in a coffee this size.

To take a healthier route, you can use Agave Nectar in place of the classic syrup we have shown you how to make today. It tastes just as good and you don’t have to put in any extra work, because it comes premade in a bottle of it’s own. No mess and no stress!

Starbucks does have most of it’s syrups for sale every day in their shops. So, if you are really craving that cinnamon dolce syrup, you can get in your car and drive to your nearest Starbucks to pick it up right now!

Now you have all the tools and information you need to create Starbucks iced coffee from your very own kitchen, anytime! You can create your own syrup, use the store bought syrup or just go syrup free for more of a natural iced coffee flavor!


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