12 Cute and Easy DIY Headband Tutorials

By on April 10, 2015

Going to someone for them to tie your headband hardly seems like a mature thing to do while ignoring your inner Blair Waldorf when it comes to looking cute and fabulous with an adorable headband is a direct no-no. Headbands are simply a girl’s way of saying, “I am cute” and of course the various ways you can pull off a headband is your way of bringing out your style and here are a few ways how.

  1. Ruffles.


Ruffles are classic and will scream “classy,” all you have to do is just adding pieces of fabric to the ready-made fabric and voila, you will have a heavily fabricated yet light headband. All you have to do is:
Wrap your headband with a ribbon with glue. Then cut two pieces of fabric 4 inches x 12 inches and then sew a ruffle lengthwise right down the middle of the fabric. And then add hot glue on the back of the ruffles and on top of the headband and there you go!


  1. Two in one.


The more, the better. Add another strand of the lace that is acting as your headband by attaching both ends of the two laces with each other with glue and tie your hair with it however you like whether it be your hair in between these two or out. Not only will it look more vibrant and exciting, it will also act strong to hold your hair.


  1. Tie it up.

Knot it up like you mean business. Even though it will act super useful during busy days as they are pretty easy to make, they will also play a key role in holding onto the design during windy, rainy days.
Just take the fabric for your headband and fold it in half. Then fold the upper edge down so that you have four layers of fabric. Cut them and open the two pieces. Use a zigzag stitch and sew 1/4” away from the sides and then tie a double knot. You can also use a bit of glue under the knot ends so that they don’t flop much.


  1. Bow down.


Bows, oh, bows. They are simply the most simple way to say that 50s was the best time ever. When everyone is being all 21st century, what can be more striking than pulling off a 50s look? This is how:

Cut two pieces of cloth (triangle-shaped on both ends) and then tie the pointy ends into a knot. Measure whether it is fitting you or not and then cut the elastic in that size. Use those elastic inside to stitch the one end of it to the other end of the cloth and done!


  1. Satin flowers.


Who doesn’t like flowers? They are so peaceful and girly!
Begin with 6 pieces of satin material for each flower from big shape to small. Use a lighter (be safe!) and melt the edges a little which will curl them up a bit. Add the small ones on top of the large ones and then when the flower is ready, add a blob of glue in the middle of the topmost fabric and add a few beads. Once it’s done, glue them to the headband and yes, you look just like a flower.


  1. Pleat.


Pleating is fun and classy by itself while jazzing it up is just a bonus! All you have to do is cut your fabric and zig-zag stitch to the interface. Fold it in half and serge down the edge. Then sew down the pleats by folding it under every inch or so and sewing them down. Now, sandwich the elastic between the felt and the pleats and glue them.


  1. Go Boho.


Carry Coachella with you by taking a few chains, arrange them in V-shape and attach one chain to each part of your plastic headband and WOW!


  1. Braid away.


Braiding is always an option and doing it with hair has already been done. So this time, go the headband way by:

Fold your fabric in half and sew down the long open side. Tie 2/3 pieces of it and braid them. Cut the end and attach the elastic to it. Slide the “tube” so that it covers the elastic. Easy as they come!


  1. Leaves.


If flowers, then why not leaves? Bring autumn beforehand and make the leaf headband by cutting two, three colors of fabric into leave shapes and sew it down one to the elastic and another on top of it but of course not overlapping it, giving it a look of leaves falling down!


  1. Sequin.


Bring your inner glamour girl out tonight with this two step DIY headband. All you have to do is buy a strand of fabric which is studded, cut it in a straight line and glue it to the headband.  Tutorial

  1. Satin Jeweled.


Take a long piece of satin and fold it in half. Sew the open side and insert the elastic in between. Once down, measure it to your head and sew the ends accordingly. Add a broach or jeweled piece to the satin with glue and voila!


  1. Bridal magic.


Ending it with the big day, it seems! Do the ultimate headband for the ultimate day by:
Taking a headband, wrapping it with a light colored fabric, white if you are going the traditional way. Take a piece of net fabric and cut it in square. Cinch them up into a flowery shape and tie it in the middle while keeping two ends of the knot open so that you can tie it to the band. Add a feather or beads to make it elegant and who needs to wait for the big day? Wear it now!


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