How To Lose Weight In College

By on March 20, 2014

Being in college is great, it’s where you get the chance to really find yourself, to simply be young in indulge in life (as well as studying, of course!). The thing is however it can be a killer for anyone looking to lose weight or simply keep heir trim figure. With so many parties to attend, so many drinks to try, little time to exercise between classes and a diet of fast food it can be difficult to stick to your weight loss goals. I say difficult however, not impossible. There are, believe it or not, ways that you can stick in at college, enjoy the college lifestyle and still lose weight – and no, you don’t have to deprive yourself either. I’ve got your attention now, huh? That said, here’s twenty fantastic tips and tricks to help you shed those pesky extra pounds while you’re in college…


1. Be Aware Of What You Drink


In college, life can often be one big party which all too often leads to excessive drinking. Going to a party or a bar and drinking however can result in near instant weight gain, not what we want at all. Did you know that five shots of alcohol can contain one thousand calories? That’s half your daily recommended intake! Drink just four margaritas and you’ll find you’ve drank your entire daily recommended calorie intake. By drinking, it’s all too easy to fill your body with extra calories and pile on the pounds, that’s why it’s vital you stay aware of just what you’re drinking.


2. Ban Fast Food


Fast food is one of the worst things you can put into your body yet in college it’s a staple diet food. It’s full of calories and lots of other junk seeing as it’s been so heavily processed. You will get no goodness or the nutrients your body needs out of fast food, instead you’re likely just to get a few extra pounds of fat deposited onto your hips. To begin losing weight, it’s vital that you ban fast food altogether – and yes, that includes your Friday night treat.


3. Cut Out Soda


While we’re on the subject of banning things, I suggest you throw out all the soda in your fridge. Soda is a dieters worst nightmare! For a start it bloats you like few other things can and it’s filled with empty calories. Each can is loaded with sugar too and we all know why that’s bad for us. One second you’re enjoying a cool, refreshing sip of fizzy juice and the next second all those empty calories and all that sugar is resting on your hips as fat. Switch to healthier drinks instead like water or fresh fruit juices.


4. Share The Burden


With all your friends continuing to indulge in all these tasty treats it can be easy to become a little disheartened and discouraged from your diet. Share your weight loss goals with a few of your friends and get them to support you on your journey. Having their support will make it much easier to stick to your plans and see your weight loss journey through.


5. Take A Class


Yes, I know you’re already taking plenty of college classes and your schedule is probably very busy but if you want to lose weight then it’s important that you find the time to enrol in a fitness class. It can be anything you want – Zumba, yoga, spinning, aqua fit – just so long as you attend and it gets your heart pumping and your body moving. It will help you burn off those extra calories and pounds in no time. Bear in mind however that one class a week simply won’t be enough to make a difference – you need to work out at least four times a week to see results. The great thing about fitness classes is that they’re a great place to socialise and meet new people, and you can take a friend along if you don’t fancy going it alone.


6. Fitness Friends


You’ve no doubt got many circles of friends such as your home friends, your flatmates, the people you share your classes with, so why not grab yourself some fitness friends too. Try and make friends with people who share you weight loss goals and will help you stay focussed. Find the people who will drag you out for a morning run, will say no when you want to order pizza and will share with you some healthy tips, tricks and recipes to see you on your way. In turn, you’ll be able to keep each other strong and help each other reach your targets.


7. Don’t Lose Focus


With everything going on in college life it can be easy to lose focus of what you’re doing. Sure, you’ve got a lot to study for but your health is important too. Studies show that being healthier and fitter can even help you concentrate more when studying too so making time to exercise and eat right can help you in more ways that losing weight. That said, don’t lose focus and don’t slip, even if it is finals week!


8. Save Pizza For Special Occasions


Pizza is probably one of the main causes of the majority of pounds in the Freshman Fifteen. It’s just so easy to pick up the phone and have a delicious, hot pizza delivered right to your door and, in college towns, competition is fierce so pizza’s are often cheap too. I know what students are like, it’s rare that they share a pizza too. That said, pizza is too delicious to cut from our diets completely so instead simply save it for special occasions. Order it if it’s someone’s birthday or in celebration of a good grade but other times stay well clear of this calorific treat.


9. Get Those Zzzs


Getting plenty of sleep is vital for helping you to lose weight and, of course, keep studying hard in college. Make sure you get eight hours every night, no matter if there’s a party on or not. Sleep is vital for helping to keep your body in tip top condition so if you want to lose those extra pounds I suggest you start taking note of that. On the bright side, I doubt many of your will complain at the chance of taking a guilt free nap in the middle of the day. It’s healthy, after all!


10. Shop Right


Chances are you’ll have an on campus store where you usually shop and chances are that shop is full of nothing but foods that will do your body no good. Tinned ravioli, frozen pizza, chocolate – sound about right? These foods may very well be the reason you’re gaining weight. Instead, take a trip off campus and visit your local grocery store or even a farmer’s market. You’ll find fresher and healthier foods. Fill your basket with fruits and veggies and avoid the ready meals and sweets. Here’s a great tip – if you’re in a supermarket, avoid the inner aisles as these are usually where all the calorific food is kept. The fresh foods tend to be on the outskirts.


11. Make The Change


If you eat mostly in your college cafeteria and all they serve is calorific processed foods with not a piece of fruit or veg in sight then perhaps it’s time for a change. You pay your college tuition after all so you should have a say in whether or not you get served up a healthy meal or not. Try speaking to whoever is in charge of the kitchen or send a letter to student services outlining your opinion and your proposal. Make sure you mention that a well nourished body focuses and studies better too, therefore allowing you to get better exam results, I’m sure they’ll listen to that!


12. Move Your Body


Life in college can involve a lot of sitting around computers, slouching in lectures and sitting crouched over a book. This means you don’t get your body moving and thus is doesn’t burn calories meaning you’re bound to gain weight. Make sure you take the time to get up and move each day to keep your metabolism up. You’ll find this also stops your mind from deciding to essentially switch off as it keeps it entertained too. Between lectures, go for a walk. Don’t take the lift, take the stairs. You get the picture! do anything, just so long as it keeps you from sitting idle all day long.


13. Forget The Bus


Perhaps you have a few classes a week that are all the way across campus and, on a usual day, you’d take the bus. I urge you to stop doing that at once. No campus is that big so why not walk the distance or even cycle or run. This gets you out in the fresh air and enjoying the scenery while working your body and making you fitter all the while.


14. Say No To The Vending Machine

d8c3644b0c4a2d731337577cdf0e1a3b While they do exist, the vending machines that spit out healthy food are few and far between. That’s why it’s vital that you avoid vending machines at all costs. They give you nothing but calories and fat so ask yourself, do you really need that chocolate bar?


15. Wear A Pedometer


It’s recommend that we do at least ten thousand steps per day so why not wear a pedometer to see if you’re reaching this and push yourself until you do? You’ll find yourself wanting to challenge yourself and walking even further to lose weight.


16. Eat Breakfast


A lot of college students tend to sleep in but no matter what time you get up it’s vital that you eat breakfast. Aim to eat within an hour of waking up – even if all you have is a piece of fruit it will keep your body going and get your metabolism up so you burn off weight faster.


17. Pack For Fitness


Chances are you had some form of fitness gear when you were back home. Perhaps it’s just your gym clothes from school, your trainers or a set of weights. Whatever it is, make sure you bring your fitness gear with you when you go to college. You’re not going to be able to use it if it’s tucked under your bet at home, after all.


18. Forget The Elevator

84a1107e7dc4d1485853f4d470523818 If you’ve got the option of the elevator or the stairs, always take the stairs. Yes, always. I don’t care if your class is on the top floor either. Stair exercise is a great way to help you burn calories and pounds, especially if you’re getting little other exercise. It really works your muscles and, if you climb high enough, can give you a mini cardio workout session too.


19. Get Your Five A Day


I’m sure you’ve all heard that it’s important for us to eat at least five portions of fruit and veg per day. It keeps our bodies in tip top condition, fills us with important nutrients and keeps our minds sharp. Sadly however, very few of us ever reach our recommended fill of fruit and veg each day and we go lacking. If you’re trying to lose weight, I suggest you focus on meeting this number. You’ll be filling your body up with good calories and fuelling it so you can get the best from your body and mind.


20. Use An App

64a7e24e202102f93b25c8d4b12ada86 Sometimes one of the best ways to stay on track when losing weight is by keeping track of your progress. My personal favourite way to do this is by downloading an app such as My Fitness Pal, These apps help you track your weight and inch loss and you can even put in what you ate and what exercises you’ve done to see how many calories you body is taking in each day. The app will also be able to recommend how many calories you should be eating per day to help you reach your goals and by seeing everything written down you’ll be able to stop yourself before you unknowingly overeat.

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