How to live and love being single

By on November 28, 2013

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When you get divorced, you think it’s the end of it all, there are women who have made it through single life for years and have never been happier. But how do you live and love being single? Can it work to any other person or there is a secret behind it?
You will perhaps get so many do’s and don’ts of what you can and cannot do in order to cherish your single livelihood. Being a single woman raising two kids can be a challenge but when you incorporate some few tricks, you emerge victorious in no time.
Ignore what others say about you

You will obviously face a lot of discouragements from people some attesting that you will lose and others saying it will not work. The moment you lose focus, that is the time torments begin to challenge you even further. Always be on the right track to defend your choice of single livelihood and then you will start seeing some fruits. A recently divorced may not have the same ideas on the table, but with time, they will see the fruits of single life.
Get friends and not lovers

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The moment you start looking for a new person to love, it is the time you start going back to the beginning. Obviously, the Israelites never wanted to go back to Egypt, but they longed for it. Those imaginations will cross you several times, but if you keep to your word to get friends and nothing beyond that, the value of being single will start registering.
You are free, so enjoy it!

Why do you think when you are in love with person they call it making love? It’s because it is something based on compromise hence you have to make it work. Friends come and you do not have to beg them, but love is complex such that every time is a new fight. There is no freedom and where there is no freedom, there is no happiness, is there?
Marriage is not a must!

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Those who choose to marry do so because it’s a lifestyle they want to adopt. The moment you realize that, it’s the high time you move on with your life and in return enjoy single life. To be married means, there is a devotion and promise that you have to keep. Imagine being unable to do something because of the ring in your finger? Freedom is everything, and it’s available in single livelihood.