How to get a boyfriend

By on December 15, 2013

So you’re single and, seeing as you’re reading this, I think it’s safe to say you’d rather not be. You’ve had enough of the single life and are looking for someone to cuddle up to on cold nights, someone to explore new cities with and laugh with until you cry. Being in a good relationship brings all that and infinitely more. Here’s a piece of wisdom someone once shared with me…

Being single is good. Being in a relationship is great.

They’re simple words but oh so true. Being in a relationship means you have someone to share all the ups and downs with, someone to wipe away your tears and bring a smile to your face. There’s nothing compares to the feeling of reciprocating all that with the one you love most too.

If only it were as easy as just leaving your house and bumping into Prince Charming and him whisking you away to his castle. Still, while finding Mr Right isn’t always the easiest task, it’s not as hard as some people make out either. That’s why I’ve put together some easy to follow, useful and proven to work tips to help you go from single to a happy relationship.


Tip One – Get Yourself Out There

If you spend most nights sitting at home all on your lonesome and have no social life to speak of then, I’m sorry to say, it’s no wonder you’re single. You need to be in the game to win it, not sitting on the sidelines. Getting out there doesn’t have to mean spending every night in a club however (though if you want to by all means do!), it doesn’t matter where you go, just so long as you go. Cinemas, coffee shops, book clubs, the gym, dog walking – anywhere there will be men is good. If you love movies then go to a film club, if you’re sporty then go to the gym – this will ensure whoever you meet will have similar interests to you and you’re more likely to hit it off.


Tip Two – Be Approachable

Guys love a girl with confidence and especially one that approaches him first, but if you don’t fancy being the one to make the first move that’s still okay. So long as you seem approachable and friendly, your chances aren’t diminished. Remember to smile plenty and keep chatting to people. You want to seem like an open and amicable person. No man is going to want to approach you otherwise or they’ll fear being met with hostility instead of warmth. If you are going to play the waiting game, remember to do things like make plenty of eye contact too. If you hold his gaze for just a few seconds he’s more likely to approach you and will already have an idea you’re interested.


Tip Three – Get To Know Him

Once you’ve started chatting to a guy, make sure you get to know him before deciding 100% that he’s the one for you. You can’t judge a book by it’s cover just like you can’t judge a guy by his looks alone. Get to know him as a friend first. Don’t panic, this doesn’t mean you can’t still hang out with him before you go on an official date though. The more you see him the better in fact, just so long as you and him are getting to know each other. You’ll find that if a relationship does emerge from this it will be all the more rewarding too. Relationships are at their best when your lover is also your best friend too.


Tip Four – Be Yourself

Whether you haven’t yet met someone or are preparing for that essential first date, remember to be yourself. Dressing to impress is great, but don’t dress out of your comfort zone just to wow him. You want him to want you, not the false image of you you’ve created just for him. Take me for example – I went on the first date with my guy wearing jeans, pumps and a spaghetti strap top. Now we’re engaged. He liked me for what I was back then and loved the fact that I was completely honest about who and what I am.

The same thing goes for how you act. Be honest about the things you like and dislike. Be eccentric about the things you’re passionate about and let off steam about what you hate. Honesty is the key to any relationship so don’t undermine that on such trivial details. If he doesn’t love you for you then he’s not the one for you. Just make sure you give him a chance to see who you really are.


So there you have it, ladies, four of the best tips to help you go out and bag a man. Just remember though, everything happens for a reason so if it’s taking you time to meet someone or the first few guys you meet turn out to be a bust then don’t be disheartened. It just means something better is on it’s way to you.

Good luck!


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