How To Lose Belly Fat Fast For Women

By on February 19, 2014

All of us have problem areas when it comes to our bodies – little things we’d change or like rid of and things we downright loath. For many of us, our problem area is our stomach or our muffin top as we jokingly call it. Never fear though, just because you have a bit of extra belly fat now doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. There are plenty of things you can do to banish that extra fat and get yourself a flat stomach in no time at all. Here’s 50 healthy tips to help you do just that…


1. Have A Goal –

Before you ditch the junk food and start hitting the gym a few days a week, you should decide on your goal. Take a minute to think about how much weight or how many inches you want to lose and make a note of it. Also, make a note of your starting weight and measurements so you’ll be able to track your progress on your journey. If your goal is quite far off then perhaps set yourself a couple of mini goals (e.g. have a mini goal of getting a quarter then a half way to your target). Having a clear and defined goal will help to motivate you and, as you see the pounds coming off, you’ll push yourself even harder.


2. Take Soda Off The Menu –

Nothing bloats you faster than a can of soda which means to lose belly fat it needs to come off the menu. Just one can is full of calories and sugars, most of which are made up of high fructose corn syrup which your body isn’t sure how to digest. As a result, all those sugars end up being converted into fat which tends to land around your stomach. Even if your soda claims to be calorie and sugar free, don’t be fooled, it still doesn’t mean it’s good for you.


3. Water Is Your New Best Friend –

For any type of weight loss and no matter what area you’re trying to slim down, water is key. It should essentially become your new best friend and you should take it everywhere with you. Drinking eight glasses of water per day will keep you well hydrated and feeling fuller, thus you’re less likely to indulge in too many calorific treats. It’s great for flushing any bad toxins out of your skin too so not only will it help you to lose some of that unwanted stomach fat but you’ll also start to look radiant too!


4. Stay Away From Fast And Processed Foods –

When you’re trying to battle the bulge and lose some precious inches, not just on your midsection, cutting out fast and processed foods is an absolute must. They’re full of everything that’s bad for you and have extremely few redeeming qualities. It doesn’t matter how much exercise you do, if you give into processed food you’ll never achieve your goal of a flat stomach. Don’t give into your cravings and simply stick a pizza in the oven or nip out for fries – it may taste good now but trust me you’ll regret your decision once the last bite is gone and your stomach won’t thank you for it.


5. Colour Is Key! – 

Okay, so you’ve cut out all the fast and processed foods to help you achieve a flat stomach but now you’re wondering what you can eat. Don’t worry, eating healthy isn’t hard and you don’t have to be a master chef to achieve it either. There are plenty of heathy choices out there for you indulge in but the absolute key to choosing them is filling your plate with a variety of colour. The more colour you have, the better the meal is likely to be for you and your dream of a flat stomach. This rule works for breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper and snacks so feel free to enjoy all the fruit and veg you want guilt free!


6. Remember To Eat – 

Cutting calories is great for losing weight and achieving a flat, toned stomach but that doesn’t mean you can live off of just a few hundred a day. Women are recommended to eat 2000 calories per day to stay the same weight and it’s recommended you don’t eat less than 1200 even when trying to cut down on body fat. The reason? Your body needs food to fuel it. Not getting enough food will cause your metabolism to drop, making it harder to shift those extra pounds, and your body will go into starvation mode meaning whatever food you do eat will be stored as fat.


7. Don’t Focus Just On Your Stomach – 

You may have the most sculpted legs or toned arms in the world but that doesn’t mean you can simply forget about them and focus on your stomach alone. There is no one exercise or food that promises to isolate your stomach fat and rid you of it, losing weight and shaping up is an all or nothing deal. You have to eat clean, train hard and don’t be disheartened if one week you lose an inch off your thigh and not your waist, it’s just the way exercise works.


8. Take Up Non Weight Bearing Exercise – 

Attempting to lose stomach fat fast (or even slowly) and tone your waist doesn’t mean you’re stuck with doing sit-ups and crunches and nothing else. Besides being of little use, your exercise regime would be tedious and you’d likely get bored and stop following it within the week. As I mentioned in point seven, you can’t just focus on your stomach when exercising. Throwing some different exercises into your routine like running or swimming will help you cut down on belly fat in no time and will add a bit of variety to your workout.


9. Hydrate Before You Eat – 

I mentioned before how vital water is not just to a healthy diet but also a healthy lifestyle. It’s true and drinking it constantly is a great way to help slim down your waist but if you drink at specific times you can expect even speedier results. Drinking a glass of cool water just a few minutes before you eat a meal is proven to help you lose weight. Why? Well, not only is it a fact that we eat more when we’re thirsty but it also fills us up slightly so we eat less.


10. Eat Slowly – 

It’s a scientific fact that it takes your stomach a few minutes (20 minutes to be exact) to realise it’s full, therefore it’s important that you eat slowly so that your body has a chance to tell you when you’re about to overeat. Take small bites and eat slowly – you’ll be surprised how much less you actually want to eat.


11. Take A Look At Your Clothes –

Okay, so this tip isn’t really a tip to lose belly fat but more of a helping hand to make you realise how much you actually need to lose. Are you looking at an unsightly muffin top while wearing super skinny jeans or trousers that chafe when you move? If so, you may not need to slim down as much as you thought, perhaps you just need to up the size of your clothes.


12. Cardio Rules –

When you’re trying to lose any kind of weight at all, it’s essential you add some cardio exercise into your diet. It doesn’t have to be much, just 20 minutes a day for 5 days a week will do the trick. Don’t panic if running isn’t your thing either, cardio is anything that makes your heart pound – dancing, trampolining, star jumps – so you have plenty of choice in what you do. Cardio is key to helping you lose belly fit and get a trim waistline so get some tunes on and get your heart pounding.


13. There Is No Miracle Cure –

If something sounds too good to be true then that’s because it probably is. I’m sorry to have to tell you, ladies, but there is no miracle cure when it comes to losing belly fat fast and shaping up. There is no miracle pill, diet or exercise you can use to help you, the key to losing belly fat fast is simply changing your diet for the better and working out.


14. Remember, Scales Lie! – 

When we’re trying to lose weight and shape up the scales can be our worst enemy. Standing on them every day can cause us to lose motivation, become obsessed and can even be misleading. As it happens, how much you weight isn’t everything when it comes to shaping up and losing belly fat. As you work out, your fat slowly changes into muscle and muscle weights more than fat. It’s entirely possible to tone up and lose belly fat while still remaining the same or gaining in weight.


15. Watch Your Portions –

As hard as it may be to believe, most of us are constantly eating double the portions we should be at mealtimes. When preparing a meal, take a moment to read the side of the packet and find out just how much of that food you should be eating and stick to it. You’ll likely be surprised by how much you’re overeating and how quickly belly fat disappears once you correct that. If you’re going to eat out, bear in mind that most restaurants provide you with 2-3 times bigger portions than recommended so remember you are allowed to ask for a doggy bag.


16. Swim To Be Slim –

I know I keep going on about exercise but it’s because it’s so vital to losing weight. One of the greatest exercises to banish that excess stomach fat is swimming. It’s great cardio and an amazing low-impact exercise so it’s not sore on your joints. The water provides resistance which is great for toning up and slimming down. Swim regularly and you’ll have a flat stomach in no time at all!


17. Read Every Label –

I mentioned before about reading the labels to check what each portion size should be but it’s worth taking a moment to check if the food has any nasty chemicals, additives or hidden sugars or fats in it too. You’re best to do this even with diet foods too as even they may not be as healthy as they claim to be. Being aware of exactly what is in your food is a great way to help you keep track of your diet and achieve the flat stomach you’re aiming for.


18. Stand Up Straight –

This is perhaps the best trick to not only make it look like you’ve lost more inches than you actually have but to help you lose that pesky stomach fat too. Maintaining a good, straight posture stretches you out so you look slimmer and forces you to tighten your abdominal muscles which tones them over time. Win, win!


19. Ask The Experts – 

Before starting any exercise or diet program it’s recommended that you see your doctor. This is especially true if you have any pre-existing health conditions. They’ll be able to advise you on if this course of action is good for you and if it is indeed healthy. Once you’ve begun your diet, a personal trainer will be able to give you plenty of pro tips and tricks to help battle the bulge and lose belly fat fast. With the combined help of these experts you’ll have a flat stomach and be on your way to a healthier you in no time. Remember, experts are experts for a reason so don’t be too fast to shun their advice if you don’t like it either.


20. Work That Push Up – 

Push ups may just be the perfect exercise. They’re amazing for strengthening your core and aiding good posture as well as working all your major muscle groups. Plus, if you do enough of them together, they can also be classed as cardio. They take a bit of practice but once you get that hang of them you’ll soon see the benefits. There are few things that will shape and define your abs as well as a push up so drop and give me twenty, girl!


21. Challenge A Friend –

There may not be a scientific reason for it but it’s a well known fact that working out and dieting is easier when you do it with a friend. Hitting the gym together, swapping healthy recipes and exchanging results will help the two of you stay motivated and you’ll be able to inspire each other. Whether you’re just trying to lose a bit of belly fat, shape up or change your lifestyle entirely it’s much easier with a friend by your side.


22. Focus On Your Core – 

Doing exercises that focus on strengthening your core is a great way to lose belly fat and get a flat stomach fast. Not only will they help on working and toning your muscles in that area but having a stronger core will help you achieve a great posture, something we already mentioned was great when it comes to getting a flat stomach.


23. Eat More Often –

Yes, you did read that right. To lose belly fat (or any other kind of fat!), you should focus on eating 5 small meals per day opposed to 3 regular meals per day. This will help to keep  your metabolism high as your body is constantly digesting food, thus burning fat as it does. Perhaps have breakfast, a mid-morning snack, lunch, dinner and supper. Eating more often will also help to curb your appetite so you’re less likely to binge too. Don’t get too excited though, I did say 5 small meals so it’s vital that you still watch your portion sizes.


24. Curb Your Sweet Tooth – 

Some of us have a terrible sweet tooth, something which can stifle our attempts at gaining a flat stomach before we even begin. Sweets are full of sugar, preservatives and all kinds of other unhealthy additives so it’s vital we stay away from them. That doesn’t mean we can’t still satisfy our sweet cravings however. Instead of eating sweets, substitute them for fresh fruit, frozen fruit juice and even dried fruits without a sugar coating. They taste just as good and are so much better for you. Who said snacks were bad for your diet?


25. NEVER Skip Breakfast –

Eating fewer calories is the key to dieting, right? Right, but that doesn’t mean we can start skipping meals – especially breakfast. Eating breakfast is vital for achieving a flat stomach and losing weight. Skipping it means your body goes into what’s called starvation mode which means you metabolism slows in an attempt to hold onto calories and fat so your body can function. A healthy, often hefty, breakfast is the best way to start off your day and kick start your body into diet mode. When it comes to losing belly fat and getting a flat stomach, there are few things you body will thank you for more than eating breakfast.


26. Make Exercise Effective –

If you’re going to exercise (and I highly advise you do) then you might as well make sure you’re doing it properly and it’s effective in your battle to lose weight. Make sure you keep your a good posture and form throughout to get the best results – halfhearted moves may as well not be done seeing as they have so little effect. When you exercise can be important too. Doing a bit of cardio right after you wake up and before breakfast is more likely to burn fat as your body will be using the fat already on you opposed to what you just ate to fuel you.


27. Make Small Changes – 

There are plenty of simply, everyday changes you can make to help increase your metabolism and get your body moving. If you’re out in the car, park in the furthest space from where you need to be, if you have the option always go for the stairs instead of the elevator. Simple changes like these can have a big impact on your health and by following them you’ll find yourself with a flat stomach and losing inches sooner than you’d believe!


28. Step Away From The Salt –

As tasty as it may be, salt is incredibly bad for us. It causes our bodies to hold onto water which makes us appear bloated. If you’ve been reading the labels on your food properly, you’ll notice it’s completely possible to get all the salt you need from eating foods so there’s no need to add more to your meals too.


29. Get Those Zzzs! –

You’ll be pleased to know that studies have shown that people who get 7-8 hours of sleep per night have higher metabolisms and have plenty of energy to eat well and train hard, all essential elements when it comes to losing belly fat fast. Make sure you frequently get enough sleep to get the best results possible – it’s a great excuse for a long lie in too!


30. Cut Down On Alcohol –

If you’re serious about losing weight and getting a flat stomach then cutting out or at very least cutting down on your alcohol consumption is essential. It has adverse effects on your liver which slows down the body’s natural fat burning process, thus making it harder to lose weight. The occasional drink won’t damage all of your hard work but it’s still best to steer clear. If you do fancy a drink, your best option is a glass of red wine. It’s low on carbs and it has other mild health benefits despite the adverse ones. All in all, moderation is key.


31. Don’t Stress – 

Being stressed not only causes us to comfort eat but also causes our bodies to release different hormones which can cause a change in our metabolisms. A fluctuating or low metabolism is a flat stomach’s worst enemy so take some time to de-stress and, if possible, avoid getting stressed in the first place. Work, relationships, social lives and even diets can cause us to get stressed so make sure you get plenty of you time to relax and get you back to you. It doesn’t matter how you do it, whether you visit the beach, a spa or simply chill with a book, just so long as you do.


32. Be Accountable – 

We’re all going to slip up now and again and it’s okay so long as that little slip up doesn’t ruin all our effort. If you’re going to give in and have a treat then make sure you stick to just having one instead of a handful and if you’re going to miss a workout for a day make sure it doesn’t turn into you missing your workouts all week. Once you go off course it’s often incredibly hard to steer yourself back on track. Keeping a food and exercise diary will make it much easier for you to keep track of your hard work and will keep you accountable for your actions.


33. Control Your Food –

If we’re living with our parents, our partner or just a friend it’s tempting to let them make our dinner if they offer but trust me when I say this won’t help you to lose weight. Always make your own meals so you can control what you eat and the portion sizes too. I mentioned before about reading the labels on products to see just what you’re eating and how much you should have and it’s completely true. Don’t let all your hard work go to waste because someone else puts too much food on your plate, adds salt to your food or serves you up a plate of processed junk food.


34. Mix It Up – 

Eating the same foods and doing the same workout say in and day out is guaranteed to cause you to reach a plateau. Soon enough your mind and body will get complacent and you’ll stop losing weight and your goal of a flat stomach will be easily lost. At this point, it’s easy just to give up and give in but that’s not the way forward. Mixing up your diet and exercise regime is the perfect way to stop your mind from getting bored and your body from getting complacent meaning you’ll continue to see great results.


35. Get Plenty Of Sunshine – 

That’s right, just a quick spell in the sun each day is a great way to help shed that extra fat and get a flat stomach. It doesn’t matter whether you work out, go for a walk or run, spend time in your sun longer to take a stroll along the beach, just so long as your skin is soaking up those sunny rays. Sunshine is full of Vitamin D, also known as the happiness vitamin, which is great for helping you de-stress, something we already said was great for helping you lose weight. If you’re out in the sun, just remember to stay safe and use sunblock when necessary though.


36. Challenge Yourself – 

If your workout isn’t challenging you then you might as well not be doing it. You need to feel the burn to see results so if, after your workout, your muscles don’t ache and your not covered in a layer of sweat then you’re doing something wrong. This links into point 34. Mix It Up, you need to constantly change what you’re doing and push yourself so your body doesn’t get complacent and so your weight loss doesn’t stop. As well as having benefits for your body, challenging yourself will also keep your brain from getting bored so you won’t lose motivation.


37. Keep It Up –

Speaking of motivation, you need to stay motivated throughout your whole journey to a flat stomach. Focus on your ultimate goal or goals and remember why you’re pushing yourself and why it’s important you don’t give into your cravings. After a point, it’s easy to lose focus and go back to your old habits but they won’t get you results. You need to live for the body you want, not the body you have so keep that in mind the entire time. Every time you lose motivation, look at yourself in the mirror, read the nutrition information on that sweet, look at a picture of how you’d like to look – now, do you really want to eat that or skip your workout today?


38. Breathe –

It seems obvious, but to lose weight and be healthy we need to breath. Focussed breathing can help us relieve stress, ignore cravings and get a deeper, more effective workout. Deep breathing clears the mind and focusses us, helping us physically and mentally in countless ways. If you’re not in tune with your breathing or want some tips on how to make it aid your weight loss, try visiting a yoga or Pilates class where breathing is key.


39. Have A Healthy Diet –

By this, I don’t just mean cut out the sweets and eat plenty of fruit and veg. A heathy diet is more than that. To remain healthy we need to eat a particular amount from each of the five main food groups opposed to eating too much of one and not enough of another. If we neglect this, we neglect ourselves which has adverse effects on our bodies and can make it harder to achieve a flat stomach. Take some time to learn how much of each food group you should be eating per day and try to achieve it.


40. Eat Less Bread – 

Bread is tasty and one of the most common foods out there but it’s notorious for not helping weight loss, bloating you and making your flat stomach nothing more than a dream. It forces you to retain water, bloating you which isn’t good for obvious reasons. If you must give in to a sandwich or a slice of toast, opt for brown, multi-grain bread. It’s high in fibre, lower in calories and is all round better for you. Still, whenever possible simply cut bread out of your diet altogether.


41. Eat Plenty Of Fibre –

Eating plenty of fibre is essential when trying to lose weight. It’s key for making your digestive system run smoother and helps your body to naturally detox as well as increasing your metabolism. Oatmeal is a great source of fibre so replacing your usual bowl of choco snaps with this for breakfast will help you get a flat stomach in no time.


42. Understand Your Habits – 

Understanding your eating habits is key to helping you lose weight and getting a flat stomach. Some of us are comfort eaters, others turn to cake to relive stress and some binge when they’re worried. Recognising these or any similar traits in yourself is vital to helping you control your habits and eat your way to a healthier you. That way, the next time you reach for a sweet you’ll be able to ask yourself why you want it. If the answer is just because you’re depressed or something similar then this realisation will help you stay on track.


43. Take A Break – 

If you’re stuck sitting at a desk all day long then this does nothing for your metabolism. Whenever possible get up and have a brusque walk around to keep your metabolism up and your body burning fat. When it comes to your break, don’t spend the whole time sitting the the canteen either. Once you’ve finished your food go for a walk – it may not sound like much but the extra calories you burn will soon add up and your dream of a flat stomach will be real in no time at all.


44. Fidget – 

Similar to moving around at work, remember to fidget constantly. Again, it may not sound like much but you’ll burn loads more calories by wriggling your fingers or tapping your toes than you would otherwise. Every calorie you burn counts so don’t think it’s pointless. Like I said before, you can’t target just one area of your body to lose weight from so even if it’s just your toes you move it’s still helping towards you overall weight loss and a flat stomach.


45. Enjoy Your Workout – 

Working out is no fun if you aren’t enjoying it, even if the end results choose to be fabulous. Chances are, if you’re following a routine you aren’t enjoying you’ll soon lose interest and quit. When you’re choosing a workout to help you achieve that flat stomach, lose weight and tone up make sure it’s something you enjoy. Working out doesn’t have to just mean running or hitting the gym, what about dancing, iceskating, Zumba, martial arts or cycling? Your workout can comprise of anything, just so long as you workout so you might as well enjoy it while seeing great results.


46. Avoid Distractions When Eating – 

Many of us like to enjoy mealtimes while watching our favourite TV shows or listening to the radio but ultimately this is standing in the way of us reaching our flat stomach. If you eat while there is something to distract you from your plate you’re likely to find yourself eating more than you would otherwise and less likely to notice when you feel full. Distractions cause us to overeat, thus upping our calorie intake and defeating our weight loss goals.


47. Have Reasons Behind Your Goals –

Making a list of reasons why you want to lose weight, get toned and have a flat stomach is an incredibly effective way to help you stay focussed and reach your goals. Have it pinned above your desk, on your fridge or even write it on your phone so you’ll see it when you feel down and it can help keep you on track. The reasons can be anything you want, just so long as they’re personal to you, and can range from ‘to look great in a bikini’ to ‘looking great for my wedding’.


48. Plank Your Stomach Slim –

You can’t force weight loss on one particular area but one of the best exercises to tone up your midsection and get a flat stomach is the plank. It’s fantastic for strengthening your core, improving your posture and slimming down your stomach. Plank for one minute morning and night and you’ll see a flat stomach emerging in no time at all.


49. Keep Busy – 

Boredom is your worst enemy when it comes to losing weight. It’s one of the main reasons we snack and overeat so it’s something to be avoided at all costs. Keep busy to fight off a restless mind and stop you from thinking about food. You can do anything – read a book, go for a jog, clean the house – just so long as you’re not sitting idle.


50. Before And After Pictures Matter –

Take a before and after picture of yourself to remind yourself why you’re doing this. When you’re in the middle of your journey, looking at your before picture and seeing how far you’ve come and what you don’t want to look like will be a real motivator. At the end you’ll feel so proud to be able to compare the two photos it will ensure you don’t begin to go backwards and gain weight or let your stomach soften up. To see what I mean, take a look at other people’s before and after pictures online – that too is a real motivator and will give you a sense of wanting to be like them.


Once you reach your goal of having a flat stomach, I’m sorry to say your journey isn’t over. Being healthy and being slim is a lifestyle change, not a diet. Once you reach your goal you can be more relaxed with what you eat and how often you workout, just don’t slip back into old habits and undo all the hard work you’ve done. Good luck!


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