How to Get a Guy to Hold Your Hand

By on January 9, 2016

Oh the great hand hold! It’s basically the easiest, slickest way to connect with the person you’re interested in. Not to mention the first intimate physical contact that you make with them. It’s the perfect way to get rid of those jitters and show someone that you’re into them.

If you want to open up that door for something more than a friendship, getting a guy to hold your hand is the way to go. Here are my special ways you can get him to hold your hand in no time.


  1. Be Flirtatious

First, you’ve really got to let him know you’re interested. It’ll give him the bravery to grab your hand if he knows you won’t pull it away right after. Twirl your hair, smile a lot, and be super flirty with him. Set it up so he has something to work with! By being flirty, you’re giving him the confidence to take hold of that hand.

  1. Stay Calm

If you’re really nervous, that’s going to show through and it’s never good. People feed off of other people’s emotions. That means that your nerves are going to rub off on him and he’s going to be too nervous to make a move.

Keep your emotions in check! I know it can be really hard to keep calm when your crush is standing two feet away from you and there’s the possibility that you’ll finally be able to hold his hand. But just breathe and relax. Plus, if you’re nervous your hands will get all gross and sweaty – something that no one wants to hold.


  1. Get Him Alone

It’s never easy getting up the courage to hold someone’s hand when there are a bunch of people around. If you really want him to make the move and grab your hand, you’ll have to get him alone first.

You can just ask him to go somewhere “quieter” to talk, lead him away from the group, or really anything else that’ll make him follow you away from the crowd. He might even grab your hand on the way to being alone if he’s excited about it.

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  1. Touch Him More and More

He needs to feel comfortable around you before he can make the move and hold your hand. Start initiating different physical contact with him. Touch his shoulder when he says something funny, poke his waist as he walks by, and just be touchy-feely whenever you can so he’ll feel more comfortable touching you.

This gives him the confidence he needs to grab a hold of your hand. If you’ve never touched him before in any way, shape, or form, he might feel awkward and uncomfortable making the move. So don’t be shy! Start touching him here and there from time to time.


  1. Grab His Arm

You know that adorable way you can grab hold of a guy’s arm and walk with him hooked at the elbows? Well, that’s basically the gateway to getting him to hold your hand! It’s a perfect opportunity to get close to him, initiate some contact of your own, and get your hand in close proximity to his – giving him the courage to take hold of you pretty little hand.

  1. Whisk Him Away

If you really want him to take hold of your hand, grab his wrist and lead him away somewhere. This not only shows him that you want him to be by you and you want to be alone with him, but it also puts your hand right next to his and he can easily just slide it into yours.

This is a perfect and fun way to lead him somewhere where the two of you can be alone or it’s a playful way you can flirt with him and initiate some physical contact that will make him feel a lot more comfortable around you.

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  1. Walk Really Close to Him

In order to really get a guy to hold your hand, you have to put yourself in close proximity to him. I mean, you have to be close enough to even bump hands together every now and then. Walk close enough to him that your shoulders even touch from time to time.

This not only gives you the chance to be really flirty and close to him, but it also puts the idea in his mind when your hands are touching already. It also makes it a lot easier for him to just grab your hand and continue walking instead of fumbling around awkwardly trying to get a hold of it when it’s far away.

Getting a guy to hold your hand can be tough since you can’t exactly control them. Following these tips will certainly make it happen. Have you tried any of these tips before?


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