How To Gain Weight Fast For Women

By on February 25, 2014

In just about every women’s magazine or website you’ll find countless articles on how to lose weight, slim down and tone up. It’s a daily topic of us everlasting dieters and I confess I’m guilty of adding to the fuss and writing plenty of these articles myself. What about those women who aren’t looking for a quick diet fix are are seeking the opposite however? For one reason or another there are countless women out there on a mission to gain weight and a lack of informative articles to help them succeed. That’s why I’ve created this guide filled with thirty tips and tricks to help women gain weight fast (and healthily!). Here goes…


1. Up Your Calorie Intake

As obvious as it may be, this point is definitely worth a mention. If you’re on a mission to gain weight fast then your very first step should be to up your calorie intake to start packing on the pounds. It’s reccomended that women eat 2000 calories per day simply to stay the same weight so going above this is a sure way to help you gain weight. Eack pound of fat is made up of 3500 calories so adding just 500 extra calories to your diet each day will help you gain one pound per week. The more you eat, the more you gain, simple!


2. Add Muscle

It’s a well known fact that solid muscle weighs more than fat so adding muscle to your body is a great way to help you gain weight while still looking lean and toned. The best way to gain muscle is to do plenty of weight bearing exercises such as lifting weights. You can also do weight bearing exercises against your own weight and do things like squats and pushups. Don’t worry, adding muscle doesn’t mean you’ll begin to look like a macho man either, it just means you’ll be lean and toned while adding pounds to your body too.


3. Eat More Protein

To build muscle, you need to feed your body right and the best way to do this is to consume plenty of protein. It’s great for building muscle which as we just covered keeps you lean while adding pounds to your frame. The best protein fills foods are fish, turkey, tofu, beans, eggs, yoghurt, nuts and seeds – they’re all bursting with goodness and will help you to build muscle and gain weight. Did I mention how tasty they all are too?


4. Snack Constantly

I love this tip! Sadly I’m one of these people who needs to shed a few pounds rather than gain them but it doesn’t stop me envying this point. Snacking constantly is great for helping you to gain weight as it ensures you’re constantly getting a flow of calories into your system. Try to snack on high calorie foods such as nuts, seeds, chocolate etc to get plenty of the calories you need. Be sure to eat a healthy snack now and again too though as there’s a big difference between gaining weight healthily and harming your body with too many bad foods.


5. Drink Soda

When you’re trying to lose weight it’s recommended that you stay away from soda full stop as it’s full of sugar, calories and bloats you so it stands to reason that when you’re trying to gain weight you should drink plenty of it. The syrups they use in soda are, as I said, full of sugars and soda which your body finds hard to digest therefore gets stored as fat. It’s a great way to gain weight and so easy too!


6. Cook With Oil

There are so many healthy, calorie free cooking aids out there it’s hard to keep track of them all so the good news is that of you’re trying to gain weight you don’t need to! Feel free to layer your pan in oil and drizzle your foods with it too before you pop them in the oven. Oils are full of fats which tend do go straight to your hips once eaten so they’re great for helping you to gain weight. Another plus? Food tastes so much better when cooked in full fat oils too!


7. Drink Dairy

Remember when you were a kid and you’d be told to drink a pint of whole milk on your break every morning at school? Well, teachers did that for a reason. Whole milk is full of fat which helps you to pack on the pounds but it’s also really good for you. It’s loaded with calcium which is essential for building strong bones and also keeps your hair and nails looking great too. If drinking a pint of milk a day doesn’t sound like you then eat a large bowl of cereal, enjoy a milkshake, add cream to your tea – just whatever you do, drink dairy!


8. Never Skip A Meal

Sorry to state the obvious again but you’d be surprised at how many people still ‘forget’ to have breakfast even when they’re trying to gain weight. It’s essential you eat three solid meals a day to help you gain weight, the simple reason being that every calorie counts. And yes, eating breakfast does heighten your metabolism meaning you burn calories quicker (great for losing weight) but like I said, calories are calories and it’s essential you get plenty of them.


9. Add Butter

Too many of us skip adding butter to our sandwiches, our toast, our mash potatoes in the hopes of being healthy but when you’re trying to gain weight it’s essential you do the exact opposite. Add as much butter as you like, layer it on thick and watch as the pounds pile themselves on. You can add it to your food, cook with it or (if you’re a glutton like me!) simply eat it with a coating of chocolate powder on top. The dairy treat is a great source of calories and fat, the perfect combo for gaining weight.


10. Increase Your Portion Sizes

Instead of choosing a small plate from the cupboard, reach for the largest one and be sure to fill it with food. Increasing your portion sizes is a great way to up your calorie intake and help you to gain weight. If you’re not used to eating big meals, it may be hard for you to handle at first and you may get full quickly but keep it up and your stomach will soon stretch, allowing you to eat more, so you can eat those all important extra calories.


11. Eat Later At Night

When losing weight, experts recommend you don’t eat after seven o’clock at night so it stands to reason that when you’re trying to gain weight you should do the exact opposite. Feel free to have a late night supper or a midnight snack, the worst that will happen is it can go straight to your hips! Eating fatty, high calorie foods late at night is great because it means your body won’t have a chance to burn the extra calories off while you sleep.


12. Enjoy Eating Carbs

I love carbs but, as a constant dieter, I have to stay away from them. They’re full of starch, calories and are heavy on our stomachs. Eating them is a great way to pile on the pounds so, for those of you looking to gain weight, feel free to indulge in pasta, bread, potatoes and remember to enjoy them on behalf of me! Don’t feel like you have to be healthy and eat brown varieties of carbs either, indulge in whatever you like and watch as the pounds creep on.


13. Get Plenty Of Zzzs

Whether you’re looking to lose weight or gain it, it’s essential you get plenty of sleep – at least eight hours per night to be exact. Sleep helps our bodies all round so it’s vital we indulge ourselves in it. This isn’t just a tip for anyone looking to gain weight, it’s for anyone looking to lead a healthy life.


14. Eat Every Few Hours

I mentioned snacking throughout the day and getting your three meals a day but why not take it one step further and eat every few hours? Not just snacks, small meals too. To gain weight, we need to eat as many calories as possible and this is a great way to do just that and not feel too full while doing it. Lets all take a leaf out of the Hobbits’ book and enjoy Second Breakfast, Elevensies and all the rest!


15. Eat Less Water Based Foods

It’s all good and well eating lots and often but if you’re eating mostly water based foods such as cucumber and watermelon then you’re not going to get anywhere when it comes to losing weight. Fruits and vegetables are the worst offenders for being water based foods so be careful which ones you indulge in. Bananas, sweetcorn and potatoes are all great for helping you gain weight as they’re healthy but also very filling.


16. Talk To A Pharmacist

Sometimes despite all our best efforts, some of us will struggle to gain weight. If this sounds like you perhaps you could go and talk to a pharmacist, they’ll be able to advise you on any supplements you could take to help you gain weight, as well as any additions to your diet. They’re trained professionals and bound by a confidentiality law so don’t feel afraid to speak to them. Their advice will be tailored to you and speaking to someone about any fears or questions you have will be immensely helpful.


17. Add Cream

Yum! I simply love this tip! Not only is it effective but it’s ridiculously tasty too. The method – add cream to everything you possibly can. My mouth is watering already! Replace milk with cream in your tea, pour it on your strawberries, add a dollop of whipping cream to your serving of cake or eat it with the butter and jam you already have layered on your scone. Cream is full of calories and fat so it’s perfect to help you gain weight as well as being one of the tastiest food accompaniments out there in my opinion.


18. Remind Yourself Why You Started

Every time you feel like giving up, it’s important to remind yourself exactly why you started. If you can’t be bothered to lift some weights today, you don’t feel like adding cream to your coffee then look in the mirror and examine your progress. Once you remind yourself of why you can’t give up and how well you’re doing then it will be that much harder to take a day off and let go. Stay motivated, stay strong, you’ll get there.


19. Be Consistent

It’s no good having two super calorific days in a week and eating hardly anything the other five, or even five calorific days and two days where you eat very little. This is an all or nothing deal and you won’t see results if you don’t stay consistent. Eat roughly the same amount each day and keep your calorie intake up, don’t let it drop. If you’re attempting to gain weight by building muscle it’s important you train at least five days a week or your efforts will be as good as worthless.


20. Enjoy Ice Cream

Eating ice cream is a great way to pile on the pound and gain weight fast as it’s so light meaning you can eat an abundance of it in one go. It’s full of sugar and calories so it’s perfect for helping you to lose weight. If you don’t like eating it on it’s own that’s fine too as you can have it with fruit, dessert, cake, anything! Plus, there are countless different flavours of ice cream out there so there’s likely to be something to satisfy your sweet tooth.


21. Keep A Food Journal

Keeping a food journal is the perfect way to help you keep track of exactly what you’re eating and if it will help you to gain weight or not. By looking over your food journal you’ll be able to identify if there are times when you eat too little, days you skip meals and exactly what you’re eating full stop. You’ll be able to examine any problem areas in your diet and improve them. Plus, seeing it all wrote down is great motivation to do better the next day or the next week which will keep you focused on your goal.


22. Indulge In Fruit

Yes, fruit may be healthy but it’s also full of sugar so feel free to indulge in as much of it as you like. Yes, it’s low in calories but all that sugar doesn’t go to no use. The sugar you find in fruit is natural too so by eating plenty of it you’ll be fulfilling your bodies daily sugar needs while not damaging your body with bad foods. It’s healthy and can help you to gain weight! Win, win!


23. Cut Down On Exercise

Exercise burns calories which you need to help you to gain weight, therefore if you’re trying to add a few extra pounds to your figure you should cut down on exercise. I’m not saying stop completely, that would be bad for your body even if it was helping you to reach your goal, just do a little less. If you go for a walk every evening, perhaps only go a few times a week and catch up on some TV the other times. If you always take the stairs, jump in the lift. If you park at the far end of the car park, enjoy pulling up just outside the door. You get the picture!


24. Double Your Fat Intake

The more fat you eat, the quicker you’ll gain weight, period. Therefore it stands to reason that to gain weight you should up your fat intake. I don’t recommend going above double the amount you’d usually eat however – we’re trying to help you add a few extra pounds, not damage your body after all.


25. Eat Peanut Butter

Peanut butter has lots of added healthy benefits as well as being unbelievably tasty but it’s also full of fat and helps you gain weight like few other foods can. A great way to gain weight is to enjoy a few heaped spoons of peanut butter right before bed. Your body won’t have time to work it off so you’ll quickly start gaining weight as well as enjoying a tasty late night snack. If eating it straight out the jar isn’t your thing then explore your culinary skills and make a PB & J sandwich – it’s just as tasty and does the same job when it comes to gaining weight.


26. A Potato A Day…

I mentioned before about eating extra carbs but few carbs will help you gain weight as quick as the potato. Eating just one a day – be it in the form of home-made fries, a baked potato, roasted, boiled or mashed – will see you packing on pounds in no time. For a bit of variation, you can also turn to sweet potatoes for a bit of extra flavour. To really get the benefit of gaining weight while eating potatoes, be sure to layer them in butter, oil and all those tasty little extras we can’t have when we’re dieting.


27. Enjoy The Cinema Snacks

If you’re off for a trip to the cinema (or anywhere else for that matter!) use the day as an excuse to indulge in all the snacks your venue has to offer. Don’t just go for a small popcorn, you want the extra large with a soda too! A day out anywhere is a special occasion so be sure to enjoy yourself by eating all the tasty treats you can. You’ll enjoy your day all the more seeing as your tastebuds will be tingling and your waistline will love you for it.


28. Dine Out More Often

Have you ever noticed how when you visit a restaurant or a cafe the portion sizes are more than double what you’d feed yourself at home? I used to think I was imagining it but no, it’s for real. When you eat out you’re served up near three times the recommended amount of food meaning your plate is piled high with goodies. If you’re trying to gain weight, eat out as often as you can for the sake of these mammoth portions. When we go out we tend to have the mentality of we must eat it and it would be rude not to finish so you’re likely to eat more. As we covered before, eating more means extra calories and extra calories means extra pounds. Yay!


29. Ask A Professional

If you’re still struggling to gain weight then perhaps you should ask your doctor what their thoughts are. They’ll be able to tell you if there’s a medical reason you’re not gaining weight, what your ideal weight should be and they’ll also be able to give you lots of other advice on how to gain weight. Before you embark on this mission, I advise you see a doctor first in any case just to be sure it’s healthy for you.


30. Add Sugar

So many of us avoid having sugar with our meals but, when you’re trying to gain weight, it’s a great additive. You can sprinkle it in your tea, coffee, over your cereal, pudding, pancakes – just about anything you can think of can be sweetened by using a little sugar. I like to eat healthy and have bowls of fruit but when I’m feeling naught I layer them in sugar to make it extra sweet.


I wish you the best of luck if your journey to gain weight. If you’ve got any extra tips or have any questions I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to send me in your thoughts and I’ll get back to you! In the mean time, enjoy your weight gain and stay positive!


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