How To Date A Rich Man

By on March 25, 2015

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There’s nothing wrong with dating a successful man and as long as you are able to stand firm for what’s important to you, you could live a very happy life together. I think where women sometimes go wrong is that they think they will be happy when they meet a man with money but the truth is you have to be happy first. When you’re a quality catch, you’ll be able to attract a quality man. And this is How To Date A Rich Man

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What You Should Know

It’s important to consider that there are all different types of wealthy men with all different backgrounds. Before you date them, get to know them as a friend. They still need to show you they respect you, have strong values and follow through with what they say they are going to do. They should not make you feel like you are less than equal because you have different incomes because that will make you feel insecure and unhappy. If you find a good one you will be able to connect over similarities like having a strong work ethic or strong passions. There are many very nice men who have made it, so to speak and you just will need to be ready to sift through the successful men you meet to find the gems that are both successful in life and emotionally healthy. Don’t assume they are all the same, get to know them and let them prove themselves to you.


Pros and Cons

The good thing about dating a man with money is that he will probably encourage you in pursuing your dreams. Strong men like strong women so he will cheer you on to do the things you always wanted to do. Having a partner that brings out the best in you can be life changing. Just make sure you also encourage and support him as well. Remember, he needs your love and affection just as you enjoy his adoration.


If you are tired of meeting men that you’re supporting and you feel like you’re always trying to motivate them, well then you may just be dating the wrong kind of man. There are plenty of men out there who don’t need us to motivate them because they are go getters. If you are a go getter you will really enjoy being with a confident and determined man who is not afraid to take risks and fail.


There will be challenges just as in any relationship but they may be quite different. For instance, if he travels a lot for business, you may feel lonely sometimes. You may feel so excited about the relationship that you change around your whole career to be able to spend more time with him but remember that men like women with a drive and skills. Men admire women who can persevere and accomplish things not women that are looking to be taken care of.


The potential drawbacks are that he might not be as laid back as you envisioned and he may have a high level of stress. If he’s organized with his time because he runs a company, that’s probably something you can adjust to and perhaps recommending stress relieving techniques can also be helpful if he doesn’t realize how much his work is affecting his body and mind. Women are very intuitive and can really have a positive effect on men who may be pushing too hard.

 How to date a rich man

What To Expect

Well you can be sure that each person will be different and they will probably have a strong personality. Just be prepared for someone that has strong interests that wants to include you. You also need to be prepared to take time to yourself and with your own friends so you don’t get too caught up in his life and lose sight of your own identity. It can be exciting when you’re suddenly able to fly to Vegas on a whim yes, but be true to you. If you love your daily yoga, make it a priority. You may feel somewhat insecure around his friends and family but if you prepare yourself mentally, you will do just fine. If you haven’t been around people that have money, you may feel like you’re a fish out of water but don’t let those thoughts get to you. Most wealthy people have struggled to get where they are and they are interesting people with interesting stories. Don’t be intimidated and be proud of who you are. Remember what matters is that you’re a good person, not what you have.



Don’t feel like you need to change who you are. Stay grounded and practical but feel free to be artsy and bold. The more you stay true to who you want to be and feel comfortable being yourself around him, the better your relationship will be. If you are trying to act a certain way to impress him, he will feel that. So don’t worry about being perfect because a good man will like you for you not for an image you portray. Stay healthy though and don’t sit around on the couch expecting to attract an amazing man. You need to get out there and stay fit and eat right so you feel great! Relationships are a lot about energy. You don’t have to be the best looking girl in the room, you just need to shine from the inside and radiate that happiness outward.


Make sure you have good intentions going into the relationship and be honest with yourself. You should never look for a man because he has money, you should look for a man with great qualities that might translate into success. Men that show determination, can study hard and can communicate well with people, often become successful. If you’re looking for someone to take care of you, the relationship will not be healthy so try not to be selfish because it will come back to bite you. People can usually tell if you’re being a ‘gold-digger’ and it doesn’t lead to true love. It usually leads to people using each other.


Try to make sure you contribute to the relationship just as much as him. There are much more important things that just contributing financially to a relationship. If you love your man for who he is and not for what he has, you will find many ways to contribute just as in any other healthy relationship. You can make him dinner, plan fun dates and listen intently to his hopes, dreams and experiences as a true friend does.


Hopefully you feel more comfortable about dating a rich man now. Just remember, the money shouldn’t make you feel different about him. Don’t be intimidated by it and make sure you would still be attracted to him if he lost it all. And girl, go ahead and be fabulous if you want to!

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