Where to Meet Rich Men

By on March 25, 2015

So you want to meet an ambitious and confident man that knows how to execute a plan? Well there are some places they commonly hang out that you can start to frequent. Smart and motivated men can bring out the best in us and help us push ourselves to be successful as well. Let’s take a look at where to meet rich men.

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  • Fancy Hotels

Most fashionable hotels will have a bar and a restaurant that you and a girlfriend can go to even if you’re not a guest. Be prepared to spend more than you usually would for an appetizer or cocktail but you will mingle with men that are on business and living a life of luxury. You’ll usually be able to tell by the way a man is dressed but often the casually dressed men are secure and the ones going over the top with their attire are trying to be someone they are not. Just be sure you get to know them first to make sure they aren’t making things up and also to make sure they aren’t married. Check out the spas and see if there are events at the hotels too.


  • Exclusive Islands

It’s no secret wealthy and driven men need time to unwind and recharge because let’s face it, they work hard. Often they need to change up their scenery so they find a relaxing place that is warm and secluded. Turks and Caicos is a hot destination as well as Hawaii and Costa Rica. Consider how fun it would be to book a trip with your closest friends and maybe meet the man of your dreams!


  • Fancy Parties

If you like to dress up, you’re in luck! You can definitely mingle with men who have their life organized and polished at fancy parties. You can find benefits, galas, premiers and you’ll soon be in the network of events. Fashion events can also attract men with a refined sense of style. Be sure to pay attention to the things they say and determine if they seem like a solid person first then consider them as an option. Money or no money, there are some people who don’t deserve your time. You will still have to apply your standards to this man and see if he measures up.


  • Sporting Events

Men that are well off often mingle with business partners even when they are not working so they can capitalize on opportunities and stay in the know. They often attend sporting events but in order to be able to talk, they have the private boxes or hand out in the clubs. If you are at all interested in a sport like soccer, horse racing, tennis or golf, see if you can get tickets to some games for you and a friend. It could be fun!


  • Yacht Clubs

People who work a lot often need to clear their heads and getting on a boat on the water is a great way to let your cares melt away. Think about how fun it would be to relax on a boat with your new man! You can usually go to restaurants that have docks near yacht clubs and mingle with the boaters. Yacht clubs sometimes hold events as well so feel free to look on their website or stop by and ask.

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  • Wine Tastings

Wealthy men seem to have a refined taste and they are constantly trying to learn about new things that are carefully crafted such as fine wines. You may want to check out a wine tasting or tour a winery to see who you run into. Be sure to dress to impress so you stand out from the crowd. Of course what is most important is that you be yourself, you will need to be able to feel comfortable with the man you’re dating right? So don’t try to be someone you’re not.


  • High End Bars

Going along with the theme of refined taste, many rich men like to drink high end beer or whiskey at a fancy bar. Figure out what you favorite drink is or just order a club soda. You don’t have to drink to go to a bar and they will often have tasty desserts or food too. Maybe make it a regular thing to meet at a different nice place with a girlfriend once a week and see what new friends you meet. Obviously you’ll want to find the nicer places with great reviews that take pride in service and they will be in the wealthy areas of the city or town. You can ask what other places they recommend too.


  • Country Clubs

What many wealthy men have figured out is they need to keep their bodies and minds active so they often play and work hard. You can join a country club and start getting to know the people by just going to events and classes that are offered. The more you show your face, the easier it will be to make friends and maybe get an introduction from someone you already know.


  • Popular Restaurants

Rich men do love their food and they like it to be of the top quality. They like to try a variety of places that are known to sell the best products and offer the best service. Find out what the top restaurants are in your area and go check them out. Even if you just go for dessert with your girlfriend, you never know what who you might meet. Hey you’ll also get to try some delicious food in the process of meeting your dream man!

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  • Expensive Stores

Well it’s true. Men that have money can afford to buy higher quality items and they often pride themselves on making smart decisions and purchasing high end goods that will not fall apart after one year. Things that are made by artisans or that are exclusive and hard to find attract the attention of men who appreciate an eye for detail. So check out your local shopping districts and find the stores that sell the best brands.


Hopefully you have some ideas now and can go out and have fun as you meet your mystery man! Take your time getting to know them and make sure they are good enough for you no matter how much money they have. Remember, just because they have money doesn’t mean they know how to treat a woman right.

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