Hairstyles for Weddings

By on February 22, 2013

When you get married, you want your hair to be an amazing masterpiece. There are so many hairstyles out there that the hard thing is going to be picking one out. Here are just a few of my favorite wedding hairstyles that can be easy, yet elegantly beautiful.

Classic Up-Do Wedding Hairstyle, with or without Accessory:


This classic hairstyle is perfect for any type wedding and is very simple to do. Have your favorite hairstylist do your hair in a loose bun and add your favorite accessory, like a rose or a flower that matches the color of your wedding. I love this simple look and I’m sure you do to. This hairstyle will hold up all night long.


Medium-Length Wavy Wedding Hairstyle:


This cute and fun hairstyle is great for any kind of wedding also. If you don’t have the luxury of long hair, this is the perfect hairstyle for you. Just add some waves to it by curling with large curling iron and spray with medium hold hairspray and you will have soft curls added to your hair. Add any kind of veil; however, this front-facing headpiece will be the best one to go with, with this hairstyle.


Long, Curly Hairstyle with Diamond Band



This hairstyle for long hair can be done very easily. Again, with this hairstyle, you can do your hair like this for any kind of wedding. Whether it be large and elegant, or small and intimate, this one is perfect. With this hairstyle, all you have to do is go through your hair with hot rollers and spray with medium hold hairspray and then when you take out, hold your hair upside down and spray again. Your hair will have the most gorgeous curls. You can also do this with a small to medium curling iron. For bigger curls, go with the bigger rollers and curling iron.


Short and Sweet Stack with Mini Veil


This hairstyle is for the girl with short hair. It is a stack haircut and has a mini front face veil added to it. This hairstyle is super simple and will stay this way for your whole wedding. This style is so cute for a short-haired girl. If the mini veil isn’t what you want, you can still add a longer veil.


Elegant Up-Do with Small Curls


This up-do is perfect for that big, elegant dream wedding of yours. This hairstyle is a little advanced and will need to be done from a hairstylist. With its unique look and beautiful curls that fall, this hairstyle will definitely be talked about for years from now. Add that lacey addition with the small flower with the color of your choice to make it that much more elegant and beautiful.


Well these were some of my favorite hairstyles. There is one for everybody and they are some of the easiest ones that anybody could do. These can also be used for everyday looks. With any type of hair you may have, these would be some of the most beautiful ones to go with. Happy Planning!