Gisele Bundchen Diet and Workout

By on April 3, 2014


Brazilian Gisele Bundchen is the highest paid model in the world and as a result was also the first person in the modelling industry to become a billionaire through her work. Having modelled for Vouge, Versace, Givenchy, and Salvatore Ferragamo, it’s no wonder Gisele Bundchen is name known around the world. When she signed up to be a Victoria’s Secret Angel, her contract broke all monetary records in the modelling world up to that point. She’s been named the world’s most beautiful women, has been voted to have the most sexiest legs of all time and carries many more titles I don’t even have time to mention. Plus, did I mention she’s also turned her hand to acting (and done a fabulous job at it) a few times too?

Besides all that, she’s also a mother of two and the wife of England’s famous Football player, Tom Brady. Just a couple of months after giving birth to each of her children (one in 2010 and one in 2012) Gisele Bundchen was back looking as sculpted and toned as ever, so much so you’d never even know she’d been pregnant.

So how on Earth does she manage to look so good? How does she keep those perfectly toned legs and gorgeous set of abs? Well, Rome wasn’t built in a day, as they say, and nor was Gisele Bundchen’s body. She’s worked hard to ensure she stays looking as good as she does and has strived to achieve the life and career she’s got. To give you a bit of an insight, here’s the diet and workout routing of Gisele Bundchen…


Working Out As A Mum To Be


When Gisele Bundchen was pregnant, she worked out right up until two weeks before her children were born. She continued to practice Kung-fu and also did yoga three times per week throughout her pregnancy. In addition, she was still strict with herself when it came to food and didn’t indulge like many mothers to be do. Believe it or not, thanks to her conscious efforts while pregnant she only gained thirty pounds through both of her pregnancies, helping her to lose it quicker than she might have otherwise.


A Healthy Eater


Gisele Bundchen doesn’t have a strict diet regime which she follows like a lot of other models, she is still very healthy. She loves to eat real meat, something which is incredibly tasty as well as healthy. Raw food features heavily in her diet and she’s always keen to keep away from any preserved, canned or processed food.

The supermodel eats 1600 calories per day to fuel her busy lifestyle, much of which is made up of fresh fruits and coco juice. Her meals for the day usually consist of toast for breakfast, chicken, rice, lettuce and fruit for lunch, and fish, salad and fruit for her dinner. Throughout the day she snacks on cookies, slices of turkey, fruits, and skimmed cheese.

Gisele Bundchen is always careful to eat her dinner (and nothing after) at least three hours before she goes to bed. This helps her body to properly digest food and burn off any excess calories before she goes to sleep. Research also suggests that it can help people sleep better too. For these reasons it’s a practice recommended to everyone, not just those in the modelling industry.


A Dedicated Workout Enthusiast


It’s impossible to deny that Gisele Bundchen works extremely hard for her body. She runs at least five days a week to increase her endurance and also swims constantly to make her muscles more supple. When she’s not doing some form of a cardio workout, Gisele Bundchen loves to practice yoga which she does for one hour two days per week. Anusara yoga, otherwise known as free style yoga, is her favourite as it’s much easier than its ordinary cousin. She credits yoga for keeping her supple and giving her peace of mind and de stressing her when needs be.

As I mentioned before, Gisele Bundchen also practices Kung-fu. She does this three times per week for ninety minutes a time under the instruction of Yao Li. The sport keeps Gisele Bundchen’s energy up and all the kicking and punching works her entire body.

In addition to all this (yes, there’s more!) Gisele Bundchen plays water polo and aerobics and also takes part in Brazilian body surfing. It’s little wonder she’s so fit and looks so incredibly good!

All of Gisele Bundchen’s workout are done under the supervision of one of her personal trainers (yes, that’s personal trainers, plural!). Amy Lombardo is her personal trainer for yoga while Tracy Anderson oversees her aerobics workouts.


Unlike a lot of models, Gisele Bundchen’s workout and diet plan isn’t extreme or intense but she must be doing something right to look as good as she does. Keep it up Gisele!

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