Eat, Drink & Still Shrink! – The Secret to Lasting Weight Loss!

By on January 21, 2013

If you are like many women then losing weight can be damn hard work! Sometimes it doesn’t matter how many hours you spend in the gym or how many calories you cut out of your diet, weight loss still seems to be a rather difficult thing to manage. Maybe, rather than focusing on the foods that you should be cutting out of your life, you focus more on the foods that you SHOULD be eating – the wonder-foods that have been shown in studies to actively encourage healthy & fast weight loss.


There are more than a few different foods out there that have been said to actively bring on weight loss, either because of their nutritious content or because of the negative calorie factor. Celery, for example, has very little calories within it when it is eaten so as you are chomping down, you are using more calories eating it than you are actually putting in your body. If you are a fan of celery, this may be a good snack for you to much on, perhaps even combining with a little low fat cottage cheese to throw a bit of excitement into the mix.

Mushrooms are a great food for anyone that wants to cut down on calories yet still enjoy a tasty dinner. People that ate mushrooms in a recipe in the place of beef found that they were just as satisfied with their meal as they would have been if there had been meat content within it, and also the recipe itself was home to fewer calories, making it an all round winner. You can substitute meat for mushrooms in many recipes, including stir-fry’s, pasta dishes and much more.


Eggs are another great substitution for meat in many dishes and studies that took place with dieters eating eggs found that not only did they feel fuller for longer, but they also lost, on average, twice as much weight as those that didn’t eat meat at all. Although a great idea for a breakfast meal, eggs can be used in pretty much any food occasion such as within salads for lunches and suppers, and even as a tasty snack.

The average apple contains around 100 calories or less. Contained within these 100 calories are four grams (and sometimes more) of fiber which means that not only will you be eating fewer calories by substituting a 300 calorie candy bar for your mid-afternoon snack for this crispy fruit, but you will also helping your digestive system along as well. When your digestive system runs smoothly, you will be retaining less weight and waste products.


It is perfectly OK to eat deserts from time to time and you may even find that having a sweet treat every now and again could actually BOOST your weight loss. When you tell yourself you are not allowed to eat a certain something, that will be all that you crave. If you let yourself have that gooey chocolate pudding, you won’t crave it and you will be more likely to give up eating when you feel full rather than eating it for the sake of it. If you can opt for the low calorie versions – even better!


There are plenty of foods out there that will actually help you to lose weight. Soup for example, is particularly low in calories and can be eaten for any meal of the day. Your body is actually going to have an easier job of digesting it too so you will find that this is a particularly good diet food essential. Other things that you may want to throw into the mix include oatmeal for slow release of energy, plenty of water to fill your tummy up when you think you feel hungry and even a handful of nuts just to get you through the last half an hour of work.