25 Different Types of Kisses

By on August 29, 2016


How many of you think that every kiss is just like the one before it? That all kisses are pretty much the same? Most people think that a kiss a kiss and there’s not much more to it. That’s actually completely false.

There are so many different types of kisses and each of them has a completely different meaning, too. You can basically tell just how someone feels about you based on the way they kiss you. It can tell you if they think of you as a friend or something much, much more.

It’s also really good to know how many different kisses are out there so you can kiss someone in the way that matches how you feel about them. There are more than just a few different kinds. Here are 25 different types of kisses for you to add to your love arsenal.

  1. Forehead Kisses

We all know this type of kiss and we all love it so much. This is a kiss that can be between pretty much anyone, but it always means the same thing. It’s basically saying that they care for you a lot and are glad you’re safe next to them.


  1. Cheek Kisses

The simplest kiss you’ll ever get is a kiss on the cheek. It can mean a lot of different things depending on who it’s from. If it’s from a family member it’s simply reminding you that they care for you, but if it’s from a boyfriend or girlfriend it can mean that they want to show you how much they care but that it’s not all about the lip kisses/physical things.

  1. Eskimo Kisses

How many of you have ever got these kisses from your mom when you were little? This is a really cute way of showing that you care about someone you’re close to in a goofy way. It you don’t know what it is, it’s just simply rubbing noses together back and forth.


  1. Butterfly Kisses

This is another one that we mostly saw when we were kids. It’s a cute way to make your partner or even family member laugh. Just get really close to their cheek with your eye and blink rapidly. The motion of the eyelashes on their cheek tickles and is really fun.

  1. Hand Kisses

It was custom back in the day for men to greet a woman by taking her hand and pressing his lips to it for a simple kiss. This still exists today but is VERY rare. If you find someone that does this, it shows that they’re grateful to have met you or to be with you.


  1. Peck Kisses

I think this is everyone’s first kiss. We kiss quickly on the lips and it barely lasts a second. It may be quick, but it means a lot – no matter what stage in the relationship you’re in.


  1. Earlobe Kisses

If you’ve never had this kiss it just means your relationship isn’t as intimate as others. This means that you’re really comfortable with each other and can get really intimate with each other.

  1. French Kisses

We’ve all heard of this kiss as the “naughtier” kiss when we were younger. It’s like a normal kiss, but with tongue! It’s really intimate and you have to have a lot of trust and feelings for someone you French kiss with.


  1. Spiderman Kisses

Hasn’t everyone seen the Spiderman movie where they kiss when he’s hanging upside down? This can be recreated in a fun way and it just shows that you’re really comfortable with each other and can have fun.

  1. Long Kisses

These are kisses that are held for extra long and just mean that you care about each other so much neither of you is willing to let go just yet.


  1. Air Kisses

These can be kisses blown at someone from across the room or they can be used when greeting someone by pressing your cheeks to each of their and kissing the air next to it. Blown kisses mean that you want to kiss them even when you’re not near them.

  1. Neck Kisses

Neck kisses are just as they’re described and are primarily between two people that have been together for a long time since it’s a much more intimate form of kissing that shows your deep connection and passion.


  1. Biting Kisses

Biting the lips of someone you’re kissing is a very fun and sexy way to show them that you want them. It also shows how close you are because you have to have a lot of trust to let someone bite you on purpose!

  1. Aggressive Kisses

We’ve all seen those really aggressive kisses and movies and they mean just one thing: passion. These are really passionate kisses that show your desire for your significant other.

  1. Jawline Kisses

When you’re kissing your partner sometimes kissing them on the lips just isn’t enough to show how much you want them. Kissing their jawlines is usually a fun and cute way to make your way to their earlobe or neck.

  1. Teasing Kisses

Yes, there are kisses that really tease your partner. These can be kisses on the neck from standing behind them or even a combination of biting kisses and ear kisses. Anything that gets your partner going is a teasing kiss.


  1. The Lizard Kiss

Some don’t like this kind of kiss because it’s rather weird. You basically just stick your tongue out at them and lick their lips. This is usually only between couples that are really comfortable with each other and are goofing off together.

  1. Gentle Kisses

When someone carefully grabs your face in their hands and plants a soft, slow kiss on you, it’s a gentle kiss. It shows that they’re willing to be gentle with you because of how much they care.

  1. Vampire Kisses

If you get kisses on the neck that include some biting and sucking, that’s the vampire kiss. It’s another really intimate kiss that shows your closeness and love for each other.


  1. Belly Button Kisses

The belly is a very sensitive area. If your partner is goofing off with you and wants to make you laugh, they might give you belly button kisses to have some fun and be silly with you.

  1. Finger Kisses

There’s not much sexier than when someone takes one of your fingers and gently kisses it. These kisses are also really intimate and show your closeness. It can also be a little hint as to what they have waiting for you later.


  1. Icy Kisses

This is definitely for couples looking to experiment together. Ice kissing requires that one person places ice in their mouth and then kisses the other pretty much anywhere they want.

  1. Written Kisses

If you can’t be with your partner, you still give them a kiss. Placing your lips against a letter you’ve written can show your desire even from far away.

  1. Angel Kisses

These are special kisses between people that are very close – whether in a relationship or just family members. You place your lips and softly kiss their closed eyelids.


  1. Personal Kisses

Every couple develops their own way of kissing each other that’s unlike what anyone else does. This shows that you two have become so comfortable you can kiss in your own very special way with each other.

Kisses may be very different depending on who you’re kissing and what they are to you, but they all mean on thing: you’re cared for. What’s your favorite types of kisses to get from someone?

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