600+ Cool Instagram Names

By on March 2, 2017

Picking Out Your Instagram Name and Why It’s Important:

You may ask yourself why a username is one of the most important things to care about when it comes to navigating the vast world of social media. The answer is simple. Usernames give your viewers and followers a tiny glimpse at you. This may or may not draw them into your page and get them to follow you. Unlike in our dreaded realities where our names are given to us without consent, online we actually hold all the power to choose who we want to identify ourselves as. This is an amazing gift, because it gives you a chance to express yourself. It also gives you  a sense of accomplishment when you finally get to click that ‘save username’ button and you feel like a whole new person. However, picking out your social media names can be a tad bit stressful on you. Especially when it comes down to choosing your Instagram name. Your Instagram name is important when creating a popular and well moderated account. People will learn this name, search for this name when they want to see your posts and it’ll become a nickname you are known by. But not everyone is fortunate enough to have the creative mind of an author, who can easily spit out names left and right.  This makes it difficult to think up something cool, cute or funny up on their own. That’s why this article is here to help anyone out there struggling to find a great name to use for Instagram. First, we’ll do some explaining on how to choose the absolute perfect name. Then we will discuss what you should do if your favorite name has already been taken by someone else. That’s bound to happen due to the high volume of Insta users out there in the world. And lastly we’ll give you hundreds of names and ideas that you can scan through to see if anything catches your eye! This is your ultimate guide to picking out a username for Instagram.

Must Knows For Picking Out A Great Name:

  • Make sure you pick out something that is easy enough for you to remember. You don’t want to struggle with logging in everyday or have to reset your username often because it slipped your mind.
  • Try not to copy any of your followers or the people that you are following. The last thing you want to do is start an Insta-War.
  • If your colleagues or employers are can view your  Instagram account or posts in anyway or receive access to it then you will want to ensure that your Instagram name is highly appropriate. In case it gets stumbled across by someone important. If you want to prevent people from seeing that it’s your Instagram account you have to option to set up a security net. You can go into your account settings and choose to make your account private. This means that when someone wants to follow you, they will have to get approval from you beforehand.

Personalizing Your Username:

It’s important to remember that it’s okay to take your time when picking out a name that best suits you or the account you run. When it comes to personalizing you will want to first think of what type of name you are ultimately aiming for. Is your Instagram account a personal account? Then you will want to start thinking up names that best suit you as a person. Do you run a business account? More than likely you will want to keep your business name in the username someway or another. Whether you add something more to it or not is completely up to you. Do you run a meme or humor page? That would make for a great opportunity to think up something hilarious to claim as your name! If you run an animal account for a pet of yours you can use their name. Try out something like SeeSpotRun if your dog’s name is spot. Keep in mind that your name is going to make or break what people think of your page. If your name shares no relevancy with your posts it can lead your followers to grow annoyed by it. You want to be certain that your name is an accurate representation of you or your posts.

The Best Strategies For Creating A Name On Your Own:

It’s understandable if you don’t want to just go on the internet and snatch an already created name. Maybe you want to personalize it just a bit more. That’s totally okay! By all means let’s get your brain working so that you have all the tools necessary to think up something perfect for you.

Step 1. Think about your life. Use that to help you brainstorm some personalized ideas. Use your hobbies, interests, passions or your job. If you are an artist you could use something like Jon The Artist or Artistic Envy. If you like to play sports you could try adding that to your name. Do you have a knack for tacos or pizza? Maybe you love candy? Use those in your name. Keep it unique to what you are all about and what you center your life around. Even if it’s something as silly as food or a television series you enjoy watching. Most people enjoy using their favorite movies or fictional characters. It’s done more often than not.

Step 2. Do you know any other languages? You can surely make your username bilingual to keep it interesting. Are you a tiny bit of a nerd? Incorporate Elvish or Klingon into your name. Language is art and it should be used accordingly. This step is primarily for you to think way outside of the box. Sometimes usernames are even more beautiful in another language.

Step 3. Keep it simple and ensure it’s not nonsense. This means picking something completely silly is out of the question. Your username should have a certain flow to it. It should sound good coming off of the follower’s tongue.

Step 4. Proper placement is extremely important when it comes to creating a great Instagram name. Combining a noun and an adjective is an ideal way to get a name set for you. You can use your favorite things, places or yourself as a noun and then add an adjective with it. This keeps your username short, sweet and easy to remember. If nothing seems to fit you can try rhyming with the noun instead. In example: ShimmyJimmy or JonDon.

Step 5. If every single one of the steps before step number five ends up failing you, then there is one more thing you can try (besides looking through our list below). You can go online and use a username generator. That’s right, there’s a generator, well actually several of them, that will do all your dirty work for you when it comes to thinking up a sweet name for your Insta account. However, having a name created for you takes away most of the personilization you should be aiming for. If you’re not really concerned about your name being a description of who you are or what you love then go ahead and generate it. You also can use a generator to help get your brain juices flowing and utilize it to get some ideas. You don’t always have to use the name you are given. You can just base your name off an idea you got from there. To find a generator all you have to do is type in ‘username generator’ into the search platform that you use. It’s really that easy.

What Should You Do If The Name You Want Is Taken?

Well you definitely want to save yourself from wasted time panicking. Just because the name you like is unavailable doesn’t mean that you can’t get around it! There are ways, my friend, many ways. So don’t fret, more than likely you’ll still be able to use the name you wanted originally, but with a few tweaks made to it. Yes, it’s a bummer that you can’t just use the awesome name you picked out, but it’s not the end of the world. We promise. How do you get around a taken username? A lot of the time people will opt to add in a number or two from their birthdays or use a variation of their first, last or middle initials. However, this tactic is a little worn out and may make your account seem less appealing to your followers. So, if you can’t use those then what’s next? The simplest method of getting almost the exact name you had your heart set on: Place a period anywhere in your name. Whether it’s before or after a letter, in the middle or between words. You can place periods after each word or just stick to one. Either way one of these methods will guarantee the name you want as your own and there’s no way for it to be denied. If you want to spice it up a bit you can go a step further and instead of using a period mark you can use an exclamation, underscore or even a dash. Kind of like when Panic! At The Disco did it. It looks cool, right? You really can’t go wrong with adding any of the mentioned marks. When you are thinking of a name for a business or group you should try to keep the name of whatever you’re representing in your title, but sometimes someone else may have taken that name or owns a similar business. The world is a gigantic place so it’s bound to happen to anyone. Keeping your business name is important so if it’s already taken you can add your location or the owner’s name to the business name. In example if your business name is Crab Shack you could change your username to Jon’s (name) Crab Shack, Johnson (last name) Crab Shack Or Daytona (location) Crab Shack. You could also change any Zs to Ss or vice versa. The last thing you can try out if all else fails is alternating between uppercase and lowercase letters. If after all of that, you’re still struggling with getting approval for your username and it’s still taken, you can try adding in numbers. Be aware that posting your personal numbers like your social, your address or your telephone can be dangerous. Your account may be private but your username will not be. This could leave you vulnerable to internet hackers or even stalkers if you have any. One of these methods will get you a unique username and there’s no way that all variations will be used!

Whatever You Do: DON’T RUSH IT!

They say that all good things take time. So with that being said a great piece of advice when creating any part of an online profile, especially the name, is take your time! For goodness sake’s don’t just jot down the very first things that pop into your head. Our imaginations are wild and the first option isn’t always the most appealing one. You want to go over a lot of things carefully before you click ‘save’.

How Do You Know When You’ve Finally Picked The Perfect Name?

You’ll just know it when you think of it. Something will feel right to you when you say your username outloud. It will feel like a glove fitting perfectly on your hand. It should roll of your tongue in a way that you find pleasant. Go ahead and talk to a family member or a friend and try out the name with them. Get a second opinion if you’re feeling uncertain at all. There’s nothing wrong with asking for a little help. Asking someone else will help you identify if there’s any problems with your username. These problems may include: Being too long, not being easy to pronounce or sounding ridiculous. Just because you like your name doesn’t mean it’s the best name for your account and a second set of eyes and ears will be able to tell you that.

Note: Keep in mind the following names are name ideas and can be switched up into any variation. You can add any punctuation you like to them and also put the words together. These names should give you an idea that will lead you to your perfect Instagram name. Feel free to use your creativity and make them any name you want. A good tip is to write down a name and then write down several variations of it to see if you like it. Add your name, numbers or anything else you’d luck. Good luck on your Instagram name journey and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Cool, Cute, Funny, Clever Instagram Names For Men Or Women:

Taken By Wine

Urban Legend

Ultimate Blonde

Bad Brunette

Ruby Redhead

Peppy Patty

Flavorful Kisses

Best Guest

Oh Hey Beautiful

Live Laugh Love

Good Vibes For All

Hello Goodbye

Loki’s Revenge

Fierce Spartan

Immortal Warlock

Ratchet Leprechaun 

Dr. Jekyll’s Teacher

No Mercy Basilisk

Not Me Who

The Last Smile

Opera Of Dreams

Gamer Stud

Bad Captain

Bad Cat

Crazy Person

Affordable Love


Sandcastle Survivor

Rain Day Collection


Galactic Princess

Galaxy Eyes


Constellation Lover

Bestie For Life

Damaged Account

Account Not Found

Mr. Mister

Miss Mystery

Prize Fighter

Merman Underwater

Count Me Out

Rare Rips

Conflict Mentality

Rocking Profile

Blade Fart

Triple Sense

Drone Ground

Dracula Nurse

Flexible Look

Lawrence Legend

About Blue

Objector Act

Activist Actuate

Protester Blue

Gold Queen

Highway Robbery

Mistress Luck

Happy Missy

Misty Eyed Girl

Magic Apple

Neon Lights

Pixelated Advantage

Polka Dot Hotbox

Shy and Shady

Tree Huggerz

Cool Hip Mom

Valentine Surprise

Dead Inside



Yoyo Champ

Green Grasshopper

Top Slugger

Fierce Firefly

Yellow Bulldozer

Boba Fett

Invisible Hovercraft

Great Guru

Dorky Dude

Loser Babe

Compact Racer

Face Race

Oldschool Fool

My Precious

Ring Keeper

Handsome Hobbit

Here’s Johnny

Shark Socks

Demonic Axe

Wagon Wheel

Genius General

Lieutenant Awesome

Emo Hawk

Random Burglar

Summer Storm

Stormy Skies

Blonde Bond

Blissful Bum

Chic Hobo


Awoke Zombie

Third Eye Guy

Cheesy Nibble

Next On Deck

Glimmer Of Hope

Tech Bro

Tickle Me Silly

Tippy Top Tickler

Modern Life Lassy


Atomic Mom

Brain Dead Fred

Bionic Beach Bod

Blueberry Jam

Teddy Bear Chic


Songbird Word

Pugnacious Poodle

Limp Noodle

Send Nudez

Toast Museum

Here Be Dragons

Ghost Of Your Past

Grab The Jester


Skilled Homicide Harmony


The Frown Squad

Motionless In Fright

Kayak Kanoodle

Dirty Yellow Hammer

All Your Blood

Bang The Drums

Hat Hater

Gravel Fork

The Handless Kings

Rabbit Punch

Nuclear Zeitgeist

Pineapple Man

Fool’s Cap


Cooler Than Cool

Angry Birds

Ocean Obit

Traphouse Honey

Angel candy



Bubblegum Brat

Classy girl

Cutesy Candids

Swag King

Feature Swag


Cool Beans

Gamer Slayer

Gone Gamer

Interior Bad


Looney Loser

Bad Winner

Lowercase Guy

News Deal

Plot Ruiner

Human Hell

Party Freak

Football Buff

Gone Fishing

Misty Eyes


Monster Man

Blade Woman

Planet Zoom

Super Sandy

Candy Cough

Heart Ticker

Hello Hell

Swag Swamped

Smart Swag

The Veal Deal

Never Bean Seen


22 Jump Sweet

Comma Ends Here

Killer Snowman

Liquid Nitrogen

Powdered Toast Man

Helicopter Number 21

Surfer Of Gods

Super Sneaky

Neptunes Daughter

Jupiter Fest

Saturn’s Ring Keeper

Heavy Orbit

Nautical Astronaut

Broken Hearted

Love From Earth

Your Favorite Person

Wild Polly Pocket

Anonymous Girl

Tiny Dancer

Majestic Hunter

Username Not Taken


What The Bleep

Seymour Butz

Vote For Pedro

Street Blues Clues

Delirious Mistakes

Living Color


Light Bright

Crazy Vibes


Hipster Doll

Pursuit Of Happyness

You Know Who U Are

Tongue Tied

Rascally Rabbit

Everybody Talks

Dead Space

Proper Name

Bad Guy

Not Listening

Viral Witch

Spiral Drop

Chronic Beauty

Classical John

Wild Paul

Gold Tube

Eye Of Beholder

When September Ends

Blooming Flowers

Menace To Society


Perma Burned

Burnt Out

Blah Blah Blacksheep

Mary Had an Instagram


Geek God

I Like Me

Chatty Vampire

Cyber Kiss

Lord Of Mud

Bad At Math

Afro Head

Team Leader

Always Thinking

King Of The Gills


Peppermint Patty

The Dude

Evil Weasel

Sidewalk Enforcer

Force To Reckon

Country Bumpkin

Smashing Blumpkins

Beauty Fool

Netflix Warrior

Spirit Ghoul

Idol Activist

Incest Incident

Blacksmith Knife

Barber Cut

Blade Ben

Cobra Pun

Lofty Farm

Jacob Beautiful Mind

Grip York

Confrontation Girl

Incident Activist

Episode Fix

Incident Ghost

Unique Fun

Weird Touch

Lost Granny

Momma Mist

Mango Ring

Tornado Wrecked

Road To Nowhere

Happy Wife

Humble Hubby


Tacky Tales

Too Much Me

Global Conquerer

Training Tent

Creepy Case Manager

Cloudy Meatballs

Dancing Demons

Beijing Bad

Will of Washington

New Jersey Jack

Mouth of Mexico

Texas Tiger

Manhattan Man

Manhattan Madam

Only Nonsense

Super Stupid

Girly Guy

Loafer Fun

Don of Day

Young 90’s

Happy Saint

Spinning Leaf

Blue Smoke

Grey Model

Red Tower

Million Likes

Circuit Mind

Circus Brain

Petal Pose

Pager Plug

Forget Followers

Swing Shine

Slight Sunny

Smartness Leaks

Lad of Look

Dry Witness

Hooper Crush


Cute Insider

Full Billionaire

Hashtag Hustle

Memory Mask

Cute Scientist

Protein Punch

Beauty Guard

Lego Lunch

Panda Protector

Transparent Reminder

Mobile Mac

Oh Prediction

No Rules

Native Nana

Shrink Sand

London Bridge

Lucky Lad

Junior Jumper

Micky Mack

Mollen Mist

Girls Cake

Women Vine

Virgin Vanilla

Country Roads

Heart Holder

Floating Head

Battery Bait

Honey On Fire

Dreaming Daisy


Awesome American

More Or Less Me

Punk Hippy

Born Hyper

Baby Bold

Bold Style

Hearts for Sale

Mention My Eyes

Never in New Land

Crappy and Greedy

Easy Peasy

Ultimate Insta Lover

Married To Selfies

Selfie Queen

Selfie King

Princess Of Selfie Land

Follow Me Well

Follow Back or GTFO

Like or Leave

Snow Princess

Ex Promoter

Mississippi Tribe

Cull Harm

Goodbye Gang

Cull Warner

Summer Award

Tropical Storm

East Ego

Mr. Dakota

Perfect Scottish

Robin Retire

Rumor Ring

Patriot Next

Media Dating

Dragon Arrest

Confirmed Science

Loin Bridge

Angry Motion

3D Season

Tumblr Tune

Twitter Twerk

Flattering Law

X Eclipse

X App

Special Son

Guitar Guts

Instant Hero

Improved Guy

Future Coach

Polar Mode

Idiot Fantasy

Giant Paranoid

No Boss

Shocking Resident

Balance of Beauty

Can’t Handle Cuteness

Glorified Babysitter

Magic Master

Mystical Babe

Sea Captain

Moon Princess

Cat Lover

Energetic Barbie

Cute Light

My Eyes in The Skies

Blue Eyed Baby

Dolly Dangerous

Diamond In Rough

Rad Ruby

Radical Letdown

Doll Face

Elegant Eleanor

Elegant Pin-up

Ego Fever

Ever Egotistical

Ego Death

Fresh Faced Fad

Fad Follower


Freshly Squeezed Juice

Fairytale Follower

Fairy For Life

Meadow of Light

Garden Rose

Secret Garden

Grace of Gold

Gold Unseen

Scratching Facts

Big Fart

Nice Mouth

Dirty Teeth

Dead Informed

Dino Turn

Serious Classification

Black Square

Crush Hunter

Northern Glory

Minor Leak

Nearly Effective


Legislation Level

Masterpiece Eyes

Infamous Freak

Strides Drink

Fantastic Fool

Ranging Ride

Overtaking Dupe

Aggressively Cool

Promo Punch

Snack Lips

Transplant Soul

Destination Blood

Stolen King

Proximity Pain

Passenger Plan

Gold Digger

Honey Pot

Wish Granted

Wish Taker

One World

Jealous Jelllyfish


Summer Jive

Always Summer

Cold Winter

Icecold Heart

Dearest You

Passionate Poison

Naughty Miss

Naughty Gamer

Nasty Casting

Pink Panther

Spy On Wall

Panic Pillar

Red Queen

Dragon Lady

Sweet Weapon

Red Of Hearts

Lost in Neverland

Bad Habits

Lost Boy

Cheap Tricks

Pokemon Fanatic

Sweet Sparrow

Sweets and Tweets

Teen Writer

Top Commander

Frustrated Monk

Disco Psycho

Mental Ward

Beauty Moderator

Wrong Advisor

Legal Heartbreaker

Tiny Wrestler

Fit Fatty

Failing Joker

Midnight Toker

Brains Of Steel

Bad Brains

Insta Genius

Walking Statue

Mad Boxer

Little Gorilla

Bluegrass Boo

Breakup Master

Butterfly Kiss

Positive Next Best

Foxy Roleplay

Career Train

President Peace

Obvious Dump

Freak of Instagram

Insta Freak

Insta Wife

Insta Husband

Husbands Of Instagram

Life Lacking Love

Dramatic Doll

Drama Mama

Hot Mamacita

Mommy Dearest

Problematic Addict

Mistake Manager

Painter Prankster

Post Ghost

Artist on Fire

Foolish Admin

It Wasn’t Me

Wack Attack

Hottest Diva

Dashing Diva

Daredevil Dale

Heavenly Hannah

Hang In There

Secrets And Friends

Frankly Forgotten

Fast Rider

Die Hard HotHead

Howling Moon Chaser

Photo Fiend

Rowdy Raspberry

Strawberry Fields

Sundance Kid

Wrecked Walnut

Cute Chick

Eye Candy


Eyebrows On Point

Makeup Madman

That One Girl

The Girl Next Door

Bitten Lovebug

Incorrigibly Human

Undoubtedly Human

Humanitarian Hero

Vintage Valleys

Techno Nut

Manic Panic Psycho

Cyber King

Punk Is Life

Metal Head Heroin

Potato Lover

Foxy Failure

Snow Hound

Glam Angel

Random Idiot

Pajama Ninja

Waffle Warrior

Cocky Cherub

Cupid’s Roomate

Love Guru Quack

Not A Real Doctor

Love Doctor

Tractor Trailboy

Farm Boy Grown Up

Family Man

Fancy Fester

Fancy Pants Mcgee

King Pookie

Pookie Cookie

Snowflake Sunflower

Hairy Angel

Bad Grandma

Cousin Vinny’s Brother

Funky Town

Funk Punk

Fool For Love

Lady Lust

Arrow Assassin

Blaze Of Glory


Dark Demons

Dumb Subject

Crazy Focus

Absolutely Shine

Rabbit Jump

Leap Grave

Tango Tree

Cute Ownership

Delta Nights

Demon Dreams

Capri Crown

Tiny Force

Hulu Girl

Knight Of Day

Monster Slayer

Sneaky Sniper

Crabby Grandpa

Crabapple McGee


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