Celebrity Diet Secret

By on January 24, 2013

How many people have ever looked at an actress in a dress and wondered “how do they get so fit?” So many people do that each and every day, wishing they could get a hint on the diet secrets of some of today’s fittest and most glamorous celebrities. Well, some have given the world their tips.

This year, so many different celebrity diets have hit the mainstream, but one has stuck out among them all. That is the diet secret of Gwenyth Paltrow. How does this blonde bombshell keep such a stunning body all the time when she has kids?

Celebrity Diet Secret

Gwenyth’s snack substitute trick works in a great way. Instead of giving in to the treats that she gives her kids, she focuses on discipline and a replacement technique. When her kids are eating a sugary snack that will make her waistline grow, Gwenyth substitutes her own for a healthy snack.

What does she eat? There are so many low-fat treats that Gwenyth likes to enjoy: low-fat ice cream and raisins are at the top of the list. Fruit smoothies and fresh fruit are also very popular treats for Gwenyth that carry a lot of benefits without the calories.

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Another popular diet question has been directed toward Kate Hudson and her super slim frame. How does she look so good? Kate Hudson has shared her diet with the world as well.

Celebrities diet secret

The trick for Kate is simple: eat as healthy as possible. She prefers fresh fish and sushi whenever she can. This is a very healthy, low-calorie food that has many benefits. In addition, she prefers to eat organic foods whenever possible. Eliminating the chemicals from her body helps her in many more ways than just her weight.

Kate’s diet has allowed her to come back super-sleek even after having a baby, even though she gained so much weight during her pregnancy that she was given a lot of trouble for it. Now, she has no troubles at all keeping the weight off.


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Beyonce recently had a baby as well and has been sharing her post-baby diet secrets. She has informed the world that water is her secret: get plenty of it. She drinks a lot of water, which helps her health and also helps to suppress her appetite in big ways. Beyonce even likes to add stock to her water and additives to give it different flavors at different times.