Reese Witherspoon-Finally Ditching the Chin?

By on March 27, 2014


Reese Witherspoon is mostly known for her lovely blonde locks, awesome acting in hit movies like ‘Legally Blonde’ and ‘This Means War’, and of course, her not-so-lovely pointy chin that jutted out like the Rocky Mountains. Did the starlet finally get tired for being recognized by her chin and do something about it? Did other operations occur to deal with post-baby body?

We have to say that Reese Witherspoon is looking incredibly hot these days. She is hitting the gym hard and goes multiple times per week, and some say may be also involved in a yoga class. However, it’s unfortunate for Reese Witherspoon that most fans and media aren’t talking about her newly found hot after baby bod. Instead they are focusing on her face, which has obviously had some work done. It’s so obvious that we can’t even tell you that she’s almost back to her before baby figure- we’re too busy noticing some serious changes in the lower half of Reese Witherspoon’s face.

largeThe most obvious procedure Reese Witherspoon has had is the chin reduction. She’s always been recognized (within seconds, mind you) by her pointy chin. But if you see her now, you won’t see her trademark chin- you’ll see a smoothened out chin that fits her face beautifully. I mean, we have no room to talk or put Reese down for her decision on the chin reduction. She looks absolutely stunning and a million times better. The surgeon did a seriously awesome job by giving her a chin that matches the rest of her facial structure to a tee. It’s a shame she didn’t do the surgery sooner!

The only downside to Reese Witherspoon’s plastic surgery choices is the botox. She’s had one too many botox injections around her face, which has left her with the totally awful frozen face that is so common with ladies who have multiple botox injections. Her face, especially around the forehead and eyes, appears very waxy and fake- and obviously that is unattractive.


All in all, Reese Witherspoon looks amazing her new after baby body and reduced chin. She looks like a completely different person! However, we wish she would’ve passed on the botox injections and left the rest of her face alone. She didn’t really need anything done as she had no visible wrinkles, but to each their own. She’s still looking fab!


Image credit: szami81, 7thMay

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