Capricorn Man in Love

By on April 26, 2014

CEO of the company, respected attorney, world renowned chef- these are just a few of the careers likely to be had by a Capricorn. Capricorns are extremely determined and single-minded individuals, and they won’t stop until they get what they want- even if it means traveling through horrendous obstacles to get there. Capricorns are always seeing the reality of every situation rather than the fantasy, which gives them an edge in certain situations- especially business situations. You won’t find a Capricorn taking a moment to daydream about things that could never be- they’d much rather be determining their next move on an important subject.


The Type of Woman Capricorn Needs

Capricorns tend to be a bit shy and reserved at first so they don’t rush into anything. They see relationships as a long term investment and tend to fall for someone quickly after entering a relationship. However, they prefer to stand back and assess their potential partner before making a move. That’s why Capricorn needs a real woman with a distinct personality, someone who likes the same things as they do. They don’t fall for someone with just a pretty face, which is why a Capricorn won’t typically go for eight inch stilettos and a mini skirt. Capricorn needs a lady who is as invested in the relationship as he is and is willing to go the extra mile to make it work. He doesn’t want a woman that plays games, but rather a mature woman who is seeking a lengthy relationship and is willing to work through problems.


Capricorn in a Relationship

For a Capricorn, even finding a potential mate is a bit difficult. The Capricorn will sit back and watch for awhile, noting what the female likes or dislikes and analyzing her personality. He wants to make sure it’s going to be worth his time- a match made in Heaven, so to speak. That being said, the Capricorn male is not a player and doesn’t go for one night stands. He won’t fall for a girl because of the way she looks, and would much prefer to get to know a woman before even entering into a relationship.Once the Capricorn has studied his potential mate for quite sometime, he’ll be able to determine whether or not she is worth the investment. (Capricorns are always judging something on longterm- whether it’s a relationship or a business proposal).

After entering into the relationship, Capricorn might seem a bit standoffish. It’s not because he isn’t interest (in fact it’s quite the opposite!), it’s more that he does not want to show off to much of his feelings in the beginning and ruin any possibilities. Capricorn knows he’s extremely into you and doesn’t want to mess anything up, so he tries not to scare off his partner with too much romance. However, after the relationship has moved past the initial few months of dating, a different side to Capricorn is shown: his affectionate, loving side- the side where he lets you know he’d do anything to keep you in his arms.

To put it plainly, Capricorn is seeking a long term relationship. Once he has found his ‘perfect girl’, he will do anything to keep her. He wants to be the man of the house and take of his lady, but also have a woman who is secure and likes the same things as him. However, Capricorn will have a problem if his woman surpasses him in any way (career wise, parent wise, etc).

Capricorn in the Bedroom

A lot of people think a Capricorn might be boring in the bedroom. His practical attitude and lack of imagination might seem dull, but that’s quite the opposite. In fact, Capricorn loves to please his mate. According to him, it’s best to find one or two things that work and stick to it. He will continuously perfect these few skills until he can please you within minutes. However, Capricorn does have a longing to please his woman in whatever way possible, so if you’re into whips, whipped cream, or sexy costumes, you may be able to sway him into it. If you like to be treated like a Queen in the bedroom (without having to return the favor), then you will definitely have a wonderful time with a Capricorn.


Negative Side of a Capricorn Man

One of the biggest negative trains of a Capricorn is that he tends to pessimistic. Capricorn, being an overachiever and hard-worker, always sees himself as ‘not good enough’. He uses this pessimistic attitude throughout most aspects of his life, and many find this negative mindset a bit of an annoyance.

Another problem you might notice with a Capricorn is their stubbornness. Capricorns have a certain way of doing things. They like what they like, and that’s it. If you disagree, they really don’t want to hear it. They are stuck in their ways and believe that what they think or do is best. This can obviously get on someone’s nerves, but if you can work through a Capricorns stubbornness you will enjoy their positive traits.

Lastly, Capricorns have a tendency to be shy- especially in the beginning of a relationship. This might irritate some women and leave them thinking that the man is uninterested. However, women need to remind themselves that Capricorn men are simply shy by nature and don’t like to give up too much in the beginning. Hold on to the relationship and you’ll see the man blossom into a hard-working and extremely dedicated individual that works tirelessly for his lady.


Capricorn and Taurus: The two make a wonderful match, both being level-headed individuals with a realistic approach. Just make sure you add plenty of fun and excitement to keep things interesting or your affairs may become mundane.

Capricorn and Capricorn: The perfect two! Both individuals have goals and determination necessary for a fulfilling relationship, and the two can easily have a business partnership at the same time. However, the relationship may get boring after time, so make sure to take time for some fun activities.

Capricorn and Pisces: Both individuals offer plenty of depth and communication, and if the pair can learn to appreciate the extreme differences between each other, the relationship will flourish greatly. In this case, opposites attract and can make for an exciting and fulfilling time!

Capricorn Man in a Nutshell

A capricorn man isn’t hard to figure out or very mysterious. He has two goals in his mind: how to reach the top of his career (or some other highly sought after goal) and finding the perfect woman for a long term and deep relationship. Capricorns are extremely dedicated and prefer to stick to their roots, not taking other’s opinions easily. They need a woman they can take care of for a lifetime, a gal who is willing to deal with his stubborn and ernest personality. But don’t let his hard-working mindset sway you from dating a Capricorn. These sweet men are pleasurers in the bedroom without needing any fancy footwork and will work endlessly to ensure his woman is happy- when it comes to the overall relationship, finances, home life, and more.


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    July 10, 2018 at 2:33 pm

    I m an Aries women and I had a crush on a cappy boy but don’t know he loves me or not he always tries to tease me makes fun of me crackes jokes takes help from me and gets jealous when someone is around me he advices me but his mood gets changed very soon and he does not confesses his love for me instead of this he says that plz help me in getting my date and plz search a sweet girl for me I m really confused what does he really wants

    • web admin

      web admin

      July 11, 2018 at 9:17 pm

      His behaviors are indications that he is uncertain of what he wants for your future. He may be confused about your feelings toward him. Some people have difficulties making decisions for their future. Determine what you want with this relationship. Speak with him about your thoughts and feelings. Have a great day, Hania!

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    June 30, 2018 at 10:33 pm

    by the way iam a scorpio girl hehe he keep on giving me gifts all efforts even though hes busy he keeps on tracks with me ^_^ i love him so much ^^ even though he rushed me -.-

    • web admin

      web admin

      July 1, 2018 at 9:29 pm

      He shared his thoughts and feelings with you. You did not communicate with him, but he decided to continue to chase you. The two of you are now in a relationship. It sounds as though you have a strong partner who cares deeply for you. Nourish this relationship by spending additional time with him in person. Have a great day, Larva!

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    June 30, 2018 at 10:32 pm

    My cappy guy once chatted me and after a few convo he already confessed his feelings to me . but only laugh and log off my fb account the next few days he keep exerting efforts to get me and then here we are were now couples XD Hahaha!

    • web admin

      web admin

      July 1, 2018 at 9:29 pm

      He shared his thoughts and feelings with you. You did not communicate with him, but he decided to continue to chase you. The two of you are now in a relationship. It sounds as though you have a strong partner who cares deeply for you. Nourish this relationship by spending additional time with him in person. Have a great day, Larva!

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    Human being

    April 6, 2018 at 7:57 pm

    Hey! I have a cap crush, and I am a cancer. He stares at me a lot at all my friends says that he definitely likes me. He hasn’t made any moves yet; we’ve only known each other since last summer. Ideas on my situation?

    • web admin

      web admin

      April 6, 2018 at 8:50 pm

      Your friends have said that he likes you. It is likely that he feels an emotional connection with you. Determine what you want for your future. Speak directly and honestly with him about your thoughts and feelings. Give him an opportunity to share himself with you as well. Have a great day, Being!

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    March 9, 2018 at 8:34 pm

    Hi! I’ve been friends with this cap for almost a year (because we’re happen to be in the same choir), and a few months ago I was kinda surprised when he suddenly talked to me about some stuff, he also complimented what I wore (I’m a fashion enthusiast), and last week I asked him to go out and we wandered around the city the whole day.

    When we went out, we talked a lot about mostly everything, from simple things like movies we like,to deep talks. And I like that he kinda opens up to me and shares his thought. Which I’ve never expected before, because last year we hardly even spoke to each other and was not this close.

    Since I thought we’re close enough, I then asked him to go out again. Actually it’s a week after we went out, hehe. But he said he had a job so he couldnt. And he didn’t even try to suggest to go on another day. I dont know why I’m starting to think that he actually doesn’t like me 🙁 It’s also always me who text him first, what should I do? Should I keep goin?

    I also found out that the reason he separated with his ex was because he was cheated on her. This make me afraid to go further, at first, but lately I just feel like I will accept him and his past tho. But I’m afraid I’m gonna be fooled by this feeling I have for him.

    • web admin

      web admin

      March 9, 2018 at 10:02 pm

      You have a lot of information regarding your potential partner. Take this time to determine what you want for the future of this relationship. Decide if this relationship is viable. Speak directly and honestly with him about your thoughts and feelings. Give him an opportunity to share himself with you as well. Have a great day, SSCS!

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    February 12, 2018 at 1:08 pm

    I am a Pisces girl. I had 3 dates with a cappy guy. Since the moment we meet it feels like we knew each other since forever. Our first date, we both were nervous, and we didn’t finish he asked me for a second date. On our second date he came home and pick me up, we went for a drink qnd when we were stepping out the bar, he took my hand saying he was cold. Then I said “I have to do something” and then kissed him. Our 3rd date was in the cinema, he repeated a few times he loved my line. I told him to me was like I have known him since for ever and he said it was the same for him.
    In a week we had 3 dates, my personal record and to be honest, to anybody’s I know. He has been a bit serious this pst two dys, I don’t know if it’s because he’s been sick or because he’s not interested anymore. Today i asked hin to go out again, he said – weel, yes- Did I do right?

    • web admin

      web admin

      February 12, 2018 at 8:28 pm

      It is possible that his sickness is preventing him from paying attention at this time. If he is sick, then you may find benefit in spending time with him or supporting him. Take this time to determine what you want for the future of this relationship. Speak directly and honestly with him about your thoughts and feelings. Give him an opportunity to share himself with you as well. Have a great day, Charlotte!

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    January 5, 2018 at 10:08 pm

    Hey. I have a Capricorn man. I’m born Libra. 2 years together. He’s the sweetest, kindest, most well-mannered man I’ve ever met. He has met my family a few times, I haven’t met his despite having flown with him to his country, but I won’t push him until he’s ready to.

    We both are working hard mostly everyday, to achieve our goals together. I’ve been supporting him with some matters in this current country and helping his family as much as I can, and he’s very grateful for it. He has family issues of his own, more specifically, his father’s mistakes and mother’s condition, which he.. AND I, are doing our best to solve, together.

    I am aware he is going through some sort of depression, which I handle by finding ways to lift him up, appreciating him, taking care of him.

    We have a very direct relationship and I’m 200% committed to him too. Despite him not saying he loves me (only twice on my birthdays), I believe he has shown it. Even though he is naturally shy and too serious in character.

    I have assured him that I’ll always be beside him for the rest of our lives.
    I’m just wondering.. even though he hasn’t directly rejected me, is it safe to say he has somehow accepted me as his partner? But because of his family’s issues, he doesn’t think he’s in the position to move our relationship to the next level? Thank you in advance!!

    • web admin

      web admin

      January 6, 2018 at 6:05 pm

      If the two of you have been together for two years, then it should be clear that he views you as his partner. If you have concerned about his feelings, then take this time to determine what you want for the future of this relationship. Attempt to spend additional time with him in person, as this will strengthen your relationship. Have a great day, Curious!

  8. Avatar

    Carol crews

    January 5, 2018 at 7:50 pm

    I met a cap knew he was interested. Hung out he confessed his feelings to me. He said he wanted to know everything about me and now won’t even text me back. Help.

    • web admin

      web admin

      January 6, 2018 at 6:03 pm

      It is possible that he has a reason for not returning your messages. He may be confused about his thoughts and feelings. Take this time to determine what you want for the future of this relationship. Determine what actions and lack of actions are acceptable for your relationship. Have a great day, Carol!

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    Irish princess

    October 18, 2017 at 11:02 pm

    I am Taurus and he is a Capricorn. We have known each other going on 2 years, just as friends. I am currently going through a divorce with a Gemini and I have come to appreciate the calm, no bullshit logic of this cap. We have long conversations for hours. Recently he has been helping my get into a different career path. He gives me advice and feed back. He wants and encourages me to succeed. We just click so easily. Recently I ave found myself catching a softness in his eyes when he talks to me and I find my self feeling warm as well. I am Cautious right now and not looking to rush into anything but I get the feeling like he is there waiting in the wings when I am ready. Does it sound like it could be more than friendship?

    • web admin

      web admin

      October 19, 2017 at 8:40 pm

      It sounds as though the two of you may be able to nourish a strong relationship. After your current relationship has been finalized and you are certain that the relationship is over, then take that time to determine what you want for your future. If you find that you want to develop this relationship, then speak directly and honestly with him about your thoughts and feelings. Have a great day, Irish!

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    August 24, 2017 at 6:07 am

    Im a saggi girl with this cappy guy …we are in a serious relationship i love him soo much …wev been dating for almost a year now .wev been having our ups and downs which i always asks for breakup but he always works for hard for us to be together ..we were frns for 3 year before he ask me to date him ..he always tell me im beautiful, i told him i love his cute smile .since then he always smile when he sees me .and i really love that abt him .he told me he feels happy when.ever he sees me .at first ,he twice told me he loves me soo much which he wonder why he feels that abt me only says he loves me when we having sex and also he keep saying since we started dating he wants to get me pregnant i dont no why he wanted a baby tgat early cos i want us to wait and get marrid which makes me confuse.but he does go mia for weeks without calling ..which im used to now ..long story short .last week he said he has realize it is me that he wants so hes now prepared to meet my parents to make our relationship formal.he loves me and he knows i love why dont we make it formal commitment he always says he wanted to meet them but his behavior makes me confuse which i wanted to study him well before involving my parents …i made up my made this last week talk he made with me he said he is serious and wants to settle down with me .so i wanted to confirm before involving my parents so i consulted my spiritual prophet if he is genuine .im confuse to what my prophet said he said hes not stable ..he is cheating confuse how he can show all this love to me and still be cheating ….im confuse i want confront him abt it ..i think does the good idea but i dont no how to….pls help

    • web admin

      web admin

      August 24, 2017 at 7:43 pm

      Do not allow your spiritual prophet to sabotage your relationship. It is highly unlikely that this person knows what your partner is doing. Your best option is to speak directly and honestly with your partner. This will give you the only real way of knowing the truth. If you attack him with accusations and offer no proof, then he will likely end your relationship for you. Best of luck, Beatrx!

    • Avatar


      September 12, 2017 at 6:46 pm

      Please don’t believe he’s cheating, my Capricorn guy is the same way, goes mia for a few days, but I know how he feels about me and he too have been saying he wants to get me pregnant since we became serious. I think they’re are pretty loyal, just go with your intuition and be patient with them, they can be very frustrating trust me, I know, but if he’s wanting to meet your family and giving you his time, then he’s most likely pretty serious about you two.

      • web admin

        web admin

        September 12, 2017 at 8:35 pm

        Thank you for sharing your positive comment. Please feel free to share more of your insights and experience sin the future. Have a great day, Keisha!

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    August 8, 2017 at 1:53 pm

    I really like my friend who is a Capricorn, but it’s extremely hard to tell if he likes me or not. I’m a Sagittarius btw. I’ve been friends with him for 1 1/2 years and everyone that I know keeps say that he does like me. For instance we would hang out almost every day at lunch at school and we used to text every day. (Not so much now) He then had a Stroke later in the year, and I had gotten a call from his cousin say he wants me to know everything that is happening with him and that he is worried about me. But after all that had happened I had asked him about it and he said to me he doesn’t remember anything. I chose to just go with it. We still hang out not as often but he texts me here and there an visa versa. He has a lot of trust issues but he opens up to me when I ask.

    • web admin

      web admin

      August 8, 2017 at 7:15 pm

      If you want to nourish a relationship with him, then speak directly and honestly with him about your thoughts and feelings. Spend additional time with him as well. If you want to help him feel more comfortable sharing his feelings with you, then share your feelings with him. Allow him to share himself with you as well. Have a great day, Audrey!

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    June 30, 2017 at 7:22 am

    Hi..can u tell me if this capricorn man like me like i do? He knows that i like him coz i already confess my feeling to him.his reaction just ‘?’..last time i giVe him a present ( a coffee maker ) for celebrating his 1st anniversay of his business ( he’s a baker) i wrote a note like ‘ drink coffee n boost your energy’ bla bla bla..and the next day i saw him update his instagram story that he at barista and coffee championship and simply say drink coffee (with his lovely smile) is that mean he is trying to give me hints that he like me? And currently i give him something that we called ‘sampin’ its a tradition clothing for our culture for celeberating big day in our country..and suprisingly he wear it.he update his picture in instagram wearing that sampin.i feel so happy so i dm him to say thanks coz wearing what i give then he just give me ? he really like me? If yes why sometime he ignoring me?

    • web admin

      web admin

      June 30, 2017 at 1:40 pm

      He probably cares deeply for you. This may mean that he sees you as a friend. It also may mean that he is interested in developing a relationship with you. If he ignores you, then he may be busy. All of these questions should be directed toward him. Speak directly and honestly with him about your thoughts and feelings. This will give him the opportunity to share himself with you as well. Have a great day, Jane!

  13. Avatar


    June 16, 2017 at 9:28 pm

    I been with him for 3 years without up and down. I knew he loves me without he saying it, he done sweet things to me. But the problem is he will go to other country for work and he said we just ‘can’t be together’.
    What should I do? Do I have to waiting for him? (It happened how many times already. He said that and came back)

    • web admin

      web admin

      June 17, 2017 at 7:08 pm

      If he said that you can’t be together, then the relationship is over. Allow him to fade from your mind. He has chosen to move to another country for work, so it would be best for you to move on with your life. This will be best for the both of you in the long run. Take this time to determine what you want to say to him before he leaves. Best of luck, Beck!

  14. Avatar


    June 2, 2017 at 1:25 am

    Hi! So I’ve known this Capricorn guy personally since 1 1/2 years. I’ve found him to be opening his feelings to me a lot. He always compliments me. He has repeatedly called me a queen, and says i deserve to be one. He also says that I’m very special. But when I ask him what it means and what he thinks so, he doesn’t explain. He tells me “Look at yourself from my eyes and you’ll understand”. He hasn’t confessed if he loves me or not. Many a times, he suddenly disappears as in he stops texting for days or even weeks.and then he reappears as if nothing happened.this has left me confused. Is this typical of a Capri guy? We’ve not met each other that often, but we converse mostly through text. He was a previous classmate of mine, though I didn’t know him personally. What others signs should I look for to know if he really is interested in me?

    • web admin

      web admin

      June 2, 2017 at 2:34 pm

      Have you ever tried asking him what happens when he disappears? It sounds like he likes you, so the disappearances are rather odd. He may just be busy or something though, so I would just say something like, “It has been a while since I heard from you. Is everything okay?” That way, you can subtly ask where he was without sounding pushy or clingy. If you want to find out more signs about whether he is interested in you or not, we have several articles that cover that topic on Her Interest. Good luck, Jill!

      • Avatar


        June 4, 2017 at 5:20 am

        He does sometime tell me that he was busy and hence couldn’t text. I’m in doubts about whether I should confess my feelings for him or not, as I don’t want him to feel awkward if things don’t work out between us. Thanks! 🙂

        • web admin

          web admin

          June 5, 2017 at 1:49 pm

          It is possible that he is busy. He may be working, with friends, or with a partner. Speak with him when you are able to do so. This will help you understand what is keeping him busy. Try to sped time with him in person if he is often busy when you text him. If he is not willing to make time for you, then you may want to lessen your focus on him. Have a great day, Jill!

  15. Avatar


    May 27, 2017 at 8:06 pm

    I really like this capricorn male i work with, over the past year i have noticed our friendship progressing through social events as we started to spend more time together. Only recently we actually went out to lunch together (first thing we have done outside of work not as a group event, which was very nice/chilled), and in July we’re attending a concert together, but i feel too forward being the one to initiate everything (I initiated lunch/asked him to concert) though i do know he doesn’t like to organise things and likes to flow, but sometimes i feel like he isn’t interested if I’m the one always making the first effort.

    When we’re out, we are very attached and will stick together for majority of the night (people have actually questioned if we are a couple). Im being quite pessimistic especially because I am 20, and he 24 so i feel like he prefers someone his age or older, and his 2 siblings are both older than I am. I know there is a difference in years of experiences, but i feel like we connect when it comes to values, work ethics, personality traits.

    I actually know a lot about him because we have good chats and he has learned to open up to me now, also likes to vent to me about things, and i know its not with anyone else at work, but i also want him to really get to know me and my goals/mind etc and see me in the light that i see him in, but the opportunity to do so isn’t there at work because there is only so much you can talk about working in a busy bar on weekend nights. Maybe I’m the one that doesn’t open up enough? Im a person that needs questions though, but with him i can ask him one question and he can add more and more to the answer.

    We have said we would do drinks soon, but i know him well and he is quite forgetful and needs reminding, but will i push him away and look to eager if i bring it up again? I feel like it would be a great night to converse about many things and get to know each other more. He is very uni focused, driven, and busy so he likes things to be perfectly planned. I can just really feel the connection, though will never express my feelings which is what is really getting me down.

    • web admin

      web admin

      May 28, 2017 at 11:08 am

      I think it would be okay to mention getting drinks again. If he doesn’t take you up on the offer, then leave it alone. If he does take you up on the offer, then go out, but hold off on initiating the next hang out so that you can see if he actually wants to be with you on some level or is just hanging out, out of politeness. Best of luck, Lee!

  16. Avatar


    May 15, 2017 at 8:10 pm

    My Capricorn friend told me that he loves me ! And than said he loves my dirty draws ! I’ve known him since high school 1995 he was the third guy I had ever been with ! He told me that I have always been in his heart, since high school ! I never knew this because he never acted like it, or showed me, really in no way. We barely was around each other so, I really don’t see how he could have fell for me ? 22yrs later, he says he loves my dirty draws but how could he stay away so long from someone, he claims he loves? and he says will be friends and he’ll be in my life for ever !!! By the way we have slept together several times of course ! he was down for about 8yrs in prison but he has never been a lazy guy and now he’s trying to start a trucking company, he has been working on that since he got home 2yrs ago endlessly and he has text me pictures of beautiful homes and stuff I just don’t get it ? Why would he want me in his life for ever, if he never has any attentions of committing to me ! I’m falling in love with him and I’ll be crushed if he chooses someone else after persistently trying to keep me in his life, any way he can ! Please explain all this to me I don’t get it ? Ah I am a LEO 8/4 and he is 1/5

    • web admin

      web admin

      May 16, 2017 at 10:20 am

      The prison time would have gotten in the way of making a move on you. If he had that big of a crush on you in high school, then he may have just been too afraid to make a move and potentially be rejected. It sounds like he genuinely likes you now, so I would keep the relationship going and see where it takes you.

  17. Avatar


    May 14, 2017 at 5:29 pm

    Crappie broke up with me when he took a job that he traveled for
    Said he wanted to be friends,I didn’t want to be friends….he got so upset….
    He reaches out to me sometimes and I respond. I reach out to him,he responds. I care about him deeply. We are very different though…..I don’t know how to let go of this magnificently strong yet sensitive man……

    • web admin

      web admin

      May 15, 2017 at 11:12 am

      If he wants to just be friends, then it sounds like the relationship is not going anywhere n the near future. He reaches out to you and responds because he wants to be your friend–unless the situation with his job has changed, he is probably not going to change his mind about wanting to be just friends. Moving on is never easy, but it will happen. Good luck, AriesGirl!

  18. Avatar


    March 26, 2017 at 11:53 pm

    Hi im a female leo and he is obviously a capricorn man. i really really like him i believe he has all the requirements to be the perfect man as in a long-term relationship and i really want us to work. The thing is, i love attention and someone that shows interest. I know that he loves me because he tells me all the time randomly but i cant tell. I also find our conversation boring. Mather of fact, i think i find him boring. :/

    • web admin

      web admin

      March 27, 2017 at 9:34 am

      If he tells you that he loves you and does nothing to make you think otherwise, then he loves you. While he may be the perfect guy in general, I would be a little worried about the fact that you find him boring. If you find him boring now, it will only get worse over the future. Do you think that that will change? Could you plan more exciting dates like hiking trips, aquarium dates, clubbing or potter painting to make him seem more exciting? If you can’t imagine living with the boredom over the future, it does not bode well for a continued relationship. Is he really the right fit for you?

    • Avatar


      May 5, 2017 at 6:38 am

      Omg , im in a same situation :p. He told me that he likes me a lot and we date 1,2wice a week. He inroduced me with all of his friends and siblings. And i find him bit borring(i mean closed, not talkative) during a day “especially sunday”. Otherwise we are fun during the evening or in the bed. After he asked me to be his girlfriend he is still as same as before and no difference and I can’t figure out what he really want :/ , is it normal for capri man? Does it mean that he is still checking me out?

      • web admin

        web admin

        May 6, 2017 at 1:34 pm

        It sounds like he likes you and wants to see where things go. He might not have that interesting of a personality. He obviously views you as more than just a sexual relationship though because he takes you out, introduces you to family and introduces you to his friends. Now, you just have to see how compatible you two are together by dating him for longer. Good luck, Leo!

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    February 20, 2017 at 7:06 am

    Hi I’ve been seeing a cap for a little over year now on and off like fwb type things anyways when I first met him he looked at me like I was the most amazing thing he ever saw I thought that was weird and he was younger than me anyways he stayed at my house every now and then and as we got to know each other down the track he sometimes got distant and than I would find out he was seeing someone else it kinda hurt but I didn’t care sucked it up and didn’t worry than he would come back and it happened many more tines after that but I dismissed it and one time I turned around and seen somebody else he didn’t like that at all got jealous but than he’d go see other girls,I have a lot of patience and I’m just observing him still I can see he has a lot of potential I didn’t care he seen other girls and stuff at that time and what not I’d just tell him I’m happy for him and I’d leave etc,he calls me everyday ivcan sometimes feel that he’s gonna call on certain days and he does ,he asks me what am I doing and just wants to spend the day with me even if it’s really doing nothing its like a repeat every week ,I do like him but not sure I should say nothing cause I’m unsure myself and I’ve been through heart ache before in the past so I’m kind if still observing,he listens to me. Looks for me when stuff is going down in his life for me to help him or advice etc, sometimes he calls continuously and hardly even talks just wants me there even tho I’m not I thought yeh after a year hr will go elsewhere like find the one but he hasn’t he still needs me in his life ,he gets upset like comparing himself to guys I could be interested in like saying I’m better etc or I said next guy I go with I’m gonna delete Facebook etc he’s like you didn’t do that with me I was thinking but I thought we went together anyways idk if anyone understood that but I do caps are very complicated n patient with who they want but like I say to him I will find someone if he don’t jump in first and also he’s family loves me I met them through him too anyways to whoever reads this hold on he will get better

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      February 20, 2017 at 7:08 am

      I am a Pisces by the way

      • web admin

        web admin

        February 20, 2017 at 11:26 am

        It is clear that the two of you are close. If you want to further your relationship with him, then attempt to spend additional time with him. Continue to speak with him about your thoughts and ideas. Learn more about him whenever you are able to do so. This will make sure that the two of you remain emotionally close as time goes on. Have a good day, Peg!

    • web admin

      web admin

      February 20, 2017 at 11:26 am

      It is clear that the two of you are close. If you want to further your relationship with him, then attempt to spend additional time with him. Continue to speak with him about your thoughts and ideas. Learn more about him whenever you are able to do so. This will make sure that the two of you remain emotionally close as time goes on. Have a good day, Peg!

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    February 16, 2017 at 4:30 pm

    What is the compatibility between a Sagittarius-Capricorn girl (Dec. 20) and a Capricorn-Sagittarius (Dec. 23) guy? I keep seeing him everywhere I go, and I think fate is telling me I should approach him. We exchange glances, but I want to take it a step further. What should I do

    • web admin

      web admin

      February 16, 2017 at 5:32 pm

      You will find that your relationship will be developed with a strong foundation if you speak directly and honestly with him about your feelings. Walk up to him an share your thoughts with him. This will give him a chance to share his ideas with you as well. Best of luck, Jennaleigh!

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