Candice Swanepoel Diet and Workout

By on March 31, 2014

Originally from South Africa, Candice Swanepoel is on of the beauties that hits the runways as a Victoria’s Secret Model. Her beauty and stunning figure is famed worldwide, not least of all due to her stunning set of legs that have gathered her the nickname Flamingo. She has a figure to envy so it’s no wonder she’s famed around the world and walks down the runway like she was born to do so. That said, she’s worked hard to keep her body looking as good as it does and will continue to do so by following her strict diet and exercise routine.


Candice Swanepoel’s Diet Plan

Okay, so I may have said she follows a strict diet plan but, by her own admission, that fact is far from true. In fact, she eats whatever she wants! Pizza, pasta, sweets, cheese bread you name it! Jealous yet? I certainly am! Candice is incredibly lucky and has had a gorgeous, slim figure since childhood and, even luckier, what she eats has little effect on her body. She does however eat somewhat healthily at times and enjoys eating things like vegetables and proteins and drinks plenty of water just in case all the calorific treats she consumes suddenly start to creep up on her. Seeing as her lean body is mostly muscle, she eats plenty of steak to help her build and maintain it.


Candice says that part of the reason she east whatever she wants opposed to what many other models are eating is that she simply finds it to hard to stick to a healthy, balanced diet when travelling. As we all know, it’s much easier just to grab a bit of what we fancy instead of taking the time to cook up something healthy. Candice has recently been surrounded by anorexia rumours however she’s knocked them back pointing out that starving yourself gets you nowhere.


It’s worth pointing out however that while it seems Candice can get away with eating what she wants without inviting consequences, she balances out this high calorie intake with tough workouts so she really does need the calories to fuel herself.


Candice’s Workout Routine

To keep her body looking lean and enviable, she focuses on workout thats train these five main elements – her butt, lower-back, hips, balance and stability. Walking down a runway isn’t as easy as you’d think, it takes a lot of balance and stability to get it right thus these are things that Candice focuses on. She already has a gorgeous figure so she invests her time in making sure she can walk tall and flawlessly opposed to trimming off a few extra inches. At five foot nine inches and constantly having to walk about in heels, Candice considers her balance one of the key elements to her success. To keep her balance and maintain her strength, she works out with her personal trainer, Justin Gelband.


When working out, something which she does a few times a week, Candice focuses on building strength and does this by following some of her favourite exercises which are kickboxing, jumping rope and resistance training. The variation keeps her from getting bored by working out and the fact that she also enjoys doing these things is an even bigger bonus. When she’s working out, her personal trainer often fastens two pound weights to her wrists and ankles to add a little extra weight which helps to build muscle faster. While it makes the workout tougher, just looking at Candice proves the results are worth it.


Canidce isn’t super human however and even she has days where she’s simply too tired to jump into a gruelling kickboxing routine or hasn’t the energy to jump rope. For those days, she loves nothing more than practicing yoga. While it’s not as good at kickboxing for helping to strengthen her body, it helps her quieten her mind, flexes her muscles and centres her so she’s got a great sense of balance.


Of all the runway models out there, Candice is one of my personal favourites. I think she looks fantastic and does her job incredibly well – I wish I could work a runway like her or even just look so damn good while lounging about! The fact that she doesn’t force herself to eat solely healthy foods makes me love her that bit more, as I imagine it does for a lot of you. It makes her seem much more relatable and yet she’s not compromising her fantastic body for it. Plus, she only does workouts she enjoys, not what she ‘needs’ to do and is open to the idea of taking days off or simply taking things slow. Even if Candice’s diet and workout routine aren’t for you, I think there’s still a lot we can learn from her, things which may very well help us achieve our own diet, exercise and weight loss goals.


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