6 Secret Beauty Freebies!

By on January 20, 2013

Its mighty hard work being a woman in this day and age. Not only are we expected to leave the house looking as in-shape as Kim Kardashian, with a closet that Ann summers would be jealous of, in shoes that Victoria Beckham wouldn’t manage and a face full of makeup that any stylist would lovingly create, but we are expected to do all of this in the morning before we even leave the house for work AND on a budget that any financial advisor would be proud of.


If you are finding it difficult to afford your own beauty regime on a budget, or in time to get the kids to school in the morning, these six secret beauty freebies should be right up your street!

Use ALL of your product! It’s annoying when we can’t get right to the corners of that expensive tub of moisturizer to get every little drop out of it before you have to break the bank just to buy a new one. Rather than throwing it away, pop a drop of rose flower water in the bottom and give it a swish around – you’ll get every last drop and it will smell lush!


Vitamin E your skin up! Moisturizer, especially the expensive kinds, will last much longer if you prepare your skin before you apply it. Your skin will be in better condition so will gulp up less of your expensive products. You can get Vitamin E capsules from health stores and just breaking one of these open and applying to your skin when you wake up can make a huge difference. And your skin will look better too!

Kill two birds with one stone! Not literally of course, but rather than buying two different products, buy one that has both – you will save money in the long run, and you will only have one thing to take up your time with in the morning, rather than two. A good tinted moisturizer that contains an SPF takes the place of three products – moisturizer, sun cream and foundation.


Let your perfume last longer! Perfume is just as important as makeup and skin care when it comes to making us feel beautiful. If your perfume doesn’t last as long as you would want it to, try spraying it on your scarf in cold weather. The scarf will absorb the smell, making people smell it for longer, and will move the scent around so it ends up all around your neck and hair, rather just than in one place.


Use your eyes shadow as liner! When you are running low on liner, or just want to try out a different shade without having to buy a product that you will only use once and then disregard because you didn’t like it, try dipping an eyeliner brush in water and then using it to paint a stronger, bolder line of your favorite eye shadow shade along your eyelashes?


Get a good dry shampoo! If you running late for work in the morning and don’t have time to wash your hair, give it a quick burst back to life with an effective dry shampoo and go for the bed-head look instead. You could even pull your newly refreshed hair back into a loose pony for a softer look. Not just a good tip for festivals and camping trips, dry shampoos are a must-have for any busy gal.

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