50 Best Shag Hairstyles

By on April 6, 2014

Looking for a sexy hairstyle with tons of appeal? Then you should try out one of many shag hairstyles, complete with the messy bedhead style that drives men wild. Here are some of the hottest celebs sporting the 50 best shag hairstyles!

1. Reese Witherspoon Shaggy Hairstyle: Medium Length Blonde Bombshell


We love this adorable shaggy hairstyle. It’s got plenty of flips and dimension, making it an effortless style with loads of flirtyness and femininity. We love how Reese Witherspoon has incorporated a set of thick side bangs, giving her the innocent appeal while the bright blonde hair makes her an absolute bombshell. Layers, side bangs, and seriously bright blonde locks- you can’t go wrong.

2. Ashlee Simpson Shag Hairstyle: Medium Length Straight


Some women don’t fancy flirty hair with lots of flips- and that’s perfectly ok. So let me introduce you to this totally rockin’ hairstyle from Ashlee Simpson: the medium length sleek shag hairstyle. Her hair is still sporting a ton of layers and adorable side bangs, but her sleek straight strands and dark shade of brown is what turns her hair from cute to sexy instantly.

3. Monica Potter Shag Hairstyle: Medium Length Obvious Flip


Adorable? Yes. Cute? Yes. Plenty of texture? Absolutely. Needless to say, we are loving Monica Potter’s medium length shag hairstyle complete with tons of obvious flips. She didn’t want simple flips from numerous layers. She wanted distinct, large flips on her ends to establish detail and texture- and that’s exactly what she got. Try this bold style and put some bright blonde in your hair to pull off this lovely look from Monica Potter.

4. Julianne Hough Shag Hairstyle: Short Asymmetrical Bob

julianne hough asymmetrical shag

We can’t lie- we are in love with Julianne Hough. Her style, her beauty, her hairstyles. Always on trend, and always in style. We are loving her asymmetrical shaggy bob hairstyle and we definitely think it’s one of the most popular styles of the year. The asymmetrical cut gives it plenty of dimension and funky style while the messy waves gives her the sexy bedhead style every lady loves. Needless to say, if you’re opting for a shag hairstyle, this is definitely one to consider. Dip your locks in some serious blonde color for a really intense and sexy look, just like Julianne!

5. Nicole Richie Shag Hairstyle: Adorable Bob

nicole richie bob shag

It seems like Nicole Richie is constantly being spotted in the media thanks to her unique and trendy style, so it was really only natural that she would be seen on our list of best shag hairstyles too. We love her adorable bob haircut with ends curled in to frame her cute face perfectly. It definitely has the innocent and feminine appeal, and we love the way her shaggy bob hairstyle bounces with each step she takes. Simply an elegant and lovely look that any woman would look fabulous with.

6. Ashley Scott Shag Hairstyle: Waves, Waves, Waves!

ashley scott

You know that amazing feeling you get when you step out of the ocean, hair dripping wet, yet has that gorgeous beach wave that is oh-so-beautiful and natural looking? Well now you can have that same feeling all the time with Ashley Scott’s wavy shag hairstyle. She looks like a pure, natural beauty with her wavy locks and we love how she’s combined blonde highlights and lowlights for a natural blonde look that screams surfer beauty.

7. Rihanna Shag Hairstyle: Chopped

rihanna cropped shag

Rihanna is definitely known for her wild and crazy styles, but hey, that’s not a bad thing. We love her rough styles and her obvious sex appeal which you can clearly see here with her hot chopped haircut. Her short hair is filled with plenty of long layers and sexy set of bangs for a look that really locks. Plus it’s such a simple look to complete. No crazy products or hours in front of the mirror to pull off this alluring shag hairstyle, and you can wear it just about anywhere, from formal to casual occasions.

8. Brooklyn Decker Shag Hairstyle: Loose Wavy Bob


Beautiful blonde locks, alluring loose waves, and an adorable bob haircut- can you go wrong with this style? There’s really no way you couldn’t head over heels for Brooklyn Decker’s shag hairstyle. She’s wrapped up all kinds of femininity and sexuality into one lovely bob haircut. Her waves are perfectly loose enough to bounce with the breeze yet still give her short hair some cute volume. This is really the perfect shag hairstyle for the spring and summer when the weather’s hot and you need a cute look to sport.

9. Rachel Bilson Shag Hairstyle: Loose Curls

rachel bilson

Who said shag hairstyle had to be short hair? Rachel Bilson shows us one of the most adorable shag hairstyles to sport if you’re in the medium to long range in hair length. She not only gives her locks some trendy ombre coloring, but she also adds a few loose curls at the ends for an alluring look we all can enjoy. Elegance, femininity, and beauty at its best, Rachel Bilson’s style is glamorous enough for the red carpet yet enticing enough for date night.

10. Angela Bassett Shag Hairstyle: Razor Chopped Bob

angela_bassett_razor bob chopped_0

When you think of shag hairstyle, you mostly think of ‘bedhead’ hair that’s got plenty of messy styling. But Angela Bassett clearly shows us that even shag haircuts can have a bit of rigidness to them. She’s razor chopped her bob so the ends are left a bit jagged, turning the normal chopped bob into a high-style rugged look that kills. We’re thinking the ladies out there with a love of rock and roll and leather jackets may take a liking to this particular ‘do.

11. Jennifer Anniston Shag Hairstyle: Simple


Jennifer Anniston is known for her simple, all-natural beauty. And here we see her sporting one of her best looks: the simple shag. There’s no need for extra plumping or fluffing when it comes to this hairstyle: it’s simplicity at its finest. We love how her easy style only takes a few minutes (if even) to complete, and leaves the hair looking long and lovely. It’s the perfect combination of grace and beauty, which makes this simple shag hairstyle a versatile number that can be worn literally anywhere.

12.  Adrianna Lima Shag Hairstyle: Luscious Long Blowout 

adriana lime long sexy shag

Adrianna Lima is known for her obvious sex appeal. I mean, let’s face it, she’s a gorgeous goddess and any woman would love to steal a bit of her beauty. And while her whole package is a knockout, she wouldn’t be complete without her luscious long, messy locks. Her tussled locks gives her the bedhead look while the obvious volume adds plenty of dimension and fun. We’re loving her beautiful brown hair coloring and we suggest any woman with long hair to try out this voluminous, sexy shag hairstyle.

13. Kate Hudson Shag Hairstyle: Cute Curls


There’s something about curls in a woman’s hair that gives her so much life and feminine appeal- not to mention some beautiful volume and bounce. Here we see the lovely Kate Hudson sporting a head of lovely blonde locks completed with an assortment of messy, yet simple curls, for a seriously trendy shag hairstyle that can be worn anywhere. We especially love this girly look during the warmer months as we strut down sandy shores. Give this style a try this spring/summer!

14. Lisa Rinna Shag Hairstyle: Razor Shag

Lisa_Rinna_razor shag_haircut_0

Let’s face it: Lisa Rinna is known for her sexy razor cut shag, and it’s undoubtedly one of the most sought after styles. Hundreds of girls enter salons every year asking for this frisky ‘do, and if you’re feeling as trendy and rugged as Lisa Rinna, we invite you to try this wild and seriously hot hairstyle. It’s easy to put together and frames the face perfectly, not to mention gives your hair some cool attitude that rocks.

15. Ciara Shag Hairstyle: Short Side Part


It’s not everyday that we see Ciara sporting a head of short hair, but we have to admit we were greatly surprised and enlightened when she walked out with this particular ‘do. We love the short, blunt cut that gives her hair plenty of body and bounce. We’re in love with her generous side part which adds some serious hotness to the whole look. And to tie it all together, she gives her hair a bit of an ombre feel with the dark-to-light coloring that looks simply stunning. The result? A breathtaking style that any woman would love to wear.

16. Alexa Chung Shag Hairstyle: The Hipster

alexa chung hipster

Alexa Chung is known for her hipster look, which is perfect for the shag theme. She tussles her hair to give it the “I’ve been backpacking through France for a year” look with a few adorable wispy bangs that are oh-so-seventies. Needless to say, we’re loving her blast from the past style and this is definitely a shag hairstyle that will rock the fashion world for years to come. Pair this look up with your favorite seventies or vintage outfits for a really trendy look.

17. Miley Cyrus Shag Hairstyle: Tussled Long Layers

miley cyrus

Ok, ok. We know it’s been quite a long time since Miley Cyrus looked like this. But we have to admit, we absolutely loved this look. She starts off with a gorgeous blend of highlights and lowlights that are nothing short of stunning. She leaves her hair long with a cute, innocent middle part and finishes the style off with some serious layers. The end result? A set of full, lively hair that is tussled and gorgeous- perfect for any occasion, day or night. Sometimes we wish she’d go back to this era, but for now we can just steal her old hairstyle and rock it!

18. Hilary Duff Shag Hairstyle: Middle Length Layers

hillary duff

Hilary Duff sure is a beauty, isn’t she? I guess it’s no wonder why she’d make our list of top 50 shag hairstyles! Here we see the lovely star sporting some beautiful blonde middle length locks, complete with plenty of blunt layers and a set of wispy side bangs that create a stylish and simple ‘do that we adore. You can clearly see the layers adding volume around the face while framing her cheek bones magnificently.

19. Agyness Deyn: Boy Cut


Short, shorter, and shortest, we think Agyness Deyn might have one of the shortest haircuts in the industry- but that doesn’t mean it’s not absolutely fabulous. Here we see a pixie cut with a full set of thick bangs while the back is kept short. She fluffs all of her hair towards the front of her face, giving her hair a full and thick appearance that is really awesome. Oh, and did we mention we love her snow white hair? Definitely one of those eye-catching styles that is easy and fun.

20. Scarlett Johannson Shag Hairstyle: Crazy Hair Day

scarlett johanneson

If you are a lover of all things wild and crazy (and tend to do your hair accordingly) then you will probably LOVE this look from Scarlett Johannson. Oh, you didn’t know that she wore her hair like this at some point? Well now you know. And you’re welcome. Her hot locks are aligned with plenty of layers in all shapes and sizes, giving her hair that wild and crazy style we love. Definitely not a style for the one minded individual who likes to play it safe- this crazy head of hair is reserved for the girls who love to turn heads and make people talk.

21. Ashley Tisdale Shag Hairstyle: Pinned Back


Don’t feel like dealing with hair falling in your face all day? Just want to shake things up a bit? Ashley Tisdale’s got you covered. Her adorable style is cute enough for luncheons downtown with the girls and ravishing enough to wear to an award ceremony. She simply ties back her hair for a half up-do, leaving the rest of her wavy and messy locks dangling below for a shag hairstyle that is a bit more refined and hassle-free.

22. Victoria Beckham Shag Hairstyle: Asymmetrical Bob


We’re always following Victoria Beckham, right? That girls is constantly showcasing some fabulous hairstyles and equally trendy outfits. Here we see the gorgeous young lady sporting an asymmetrical shag that is downright stylish. She teases the back up a bit to give us that shag appeal that is alluring and seriously hot. Being one of the hottest cuts to sport this year, we can definitely see this shag hairstyle being one of the most popular ‘dos for 2014.

23. Paris Hilton Shag Hairstyle: Sleek and Straight


Paris Hilton can simply do no wrong (well, when it comes to hair..). We love all her hairstyles, but this one definitely takes the gold medal. She leaves her long locks straight and sleek, tussling them up a bit for that messy and obviously sexy style we love. To make her breathtaking hairstyle complete, she adds some eye-skimming bangs that aren’t too wispy nor thick for a high-style finish we can’t ignore. Oh, and to add fire to the flame she’s also got that stunning white-blonde hair color that adds a whole new dimension of sex appeal. To put it plainly, we love this hairstyle.

24. Jessica Alba Shag Hairstyle: Short and Sweet

jessica alba

Jessica Alba always has this sweet, innocent essence about her. And with this adorable little haircut, she appears even more lovely. We love how her haircut is free of any crazy layers or clippings, aside from the simple cuts framing her beautiful face. She leaves her short haircut with a set of simple, natural looking waves that are even found in her wispy bangs. This adorable hairstyle is simply that- adorable- and we think every lady should give this cute hairstyle a try at least one time in their lives!

25. Stephanie Pratt Shag Hairstyle: A Bit of Seventies


Does this style remind you of anything? Go ahead, open up a 1970’s yearbook and tell us you don’t see at least 100 similar hairstyles. Here we see Stephanie Pratt with a blast-from-the-past hairstyle that looks simply fabulous. She adds tons (and we mean tons) of volume on the top of the head for a bit of that seventies beehive high volume style that adds plenty of dimension and funk. The next time you’re feeling ‘flat’, try on Stephanie Pratt’s high style for size. Don’t forget to sport a middle part and add some simple waves to your ends to complete this seventies shaggy ‘do.

26. Anna Ortiz Shag Hairstyle: Side Sweepin’ Waves


Love waves? Love a generous side part? Of course you do! Both hairstyles are incredibly trendy and the combination makes for a killer style that looks sensational. Here we see Anna Ortiz sporting a shag hairstyle with plenty of wavy action that gives it a gorgeous appearance we’re loving. Plus it’s perfect for every occasion and works well with all kinds of different outfits. Definitely a winner in our book!

27. Sarah Jessica Parker Shag Hairstyle: Naturally Wavy


Hey, the star of ‘Sex and the City’ knows a thing about fashion, and here we see Sarah Jessica Parker showcasing one of our favorite hairstyles: natural waves. She leaves her beautifully long locks with a set of simple waves that look completely natural and stress-free. Plus we love her stylish middle part and simple layers which give her hair some flowing body. This is definitely a hairstyle for ladies who wish to look graceful and natural with their long hair.

28. Naomi Watts Shag Hairstyle: Turn Up the Volume


We all know about volume on the top of the head for some height. But what about volume on the sides? Not something you see often, right? But you can clearly see from Naomi Watts’ hairstyle that it is an absolutely fabulous idea that you should be trying in the near future. She leaves her hair with the typical messy shag style, yet adds tons of volumes to the sides of her head to make her hair appear incredibly full and thick- and what woman doesn’t dream of having thick, luscious locks? Try adding some volume to the sides like Naomi and experience a seriously hot style.

29. Reba McEntire Shag Hairstyle: Flips


I don’t even know where to start with Reba McEntire’s hair; there’s SO much to love about it. From her gorgeous reddish blonde coloring to the combination of short layers, we’re loving every part of her look. But what really gets us is her serious volume and flipped ends- the combination is so overwhelmingly cute and gives her hair some serious bounce effect. Plus those lovely, large bangs adds a bit of sexy oomph that we can’t ignore. Feeling like a new style? Give this flippy ‘do a whirl!

30. Ginnifer Goodwin Shag Hairstyle: Messy Pixie


There’s the pixie cut, and then there’s the Ginnifer Goodwin pixie cut. Her trademark style is really unlike anything we’ve seen before. She sports a boyish pixie with the hair falling towards her face, tussling the front for a shaggy makeover that is seriously awesome. Not to mention we’re loving her jet black hair color against a lighter skin tone. Fierce? We think so! Stylish? No doubt about it.

31. Jessica Biel Shag Hairstyle: Au Naturale


Jessica Biel is a natural knockout. She doesn’t need any fancy bells or whistles to get the attention of the crowd, and she proves it with this shag hairstyle. She leaves her hair with a natural effect, almost looking like she hasn’t brushed her hair in a week. And you know what? It still looks perfect. We’re loving her ‘au naturale’ hairstyle and we can clearly see it’s effortless. Just wash your hair, and if your hair is naturally straight, let it dry naturally. Maybe tussle it a bit for an added messy effect and tease the top a bit. It’s perfect for the upcoming summer season!

32. Brooke Shields Shag Hairstyle: Side Part with Messy Curls


There’s beauty, and then there’s Brooke Shields amazingly breathtakingly perfect beauty. And if you want to steal just a glimpse of her undeniable beauty, why not try one of her lovely hairstyles? Here we see the stunning model sporting a head of long, full layers with a beautiful generous side part which adds bounce and body to her long luscious locks. With just a few simple flips and curls, her strands come alive for absolute attractiveness.

33. Taylor Momsen Shag Hairstyle: Rockstar Locks

taylor momsen

Feeling like a rockstar? Just have a thing for leather jackets and studs? Then you will definitely love Taylor Momsen’s rockin’ hairstyle. She’s seen here sporting a head of bright blonde locks complete with tons and tons of cute layers to give her hair some obvious edge. Dress this rockstar shag hairstyle up with some matching dark makeup and punk rock apparel to get the full affect.

34. Calista Flockheart Shag Hairstyle: Simple Layers


If you like the simpler things in life but still want to sport a trendy hairstyle, try Calista Flockheart’s crazy simple shag hairstyle. She dresses up her hair with  a few long layers to make her locks a bit fuller, yet doesn’t even have a set of bangs to be bothered with. Simple? Yes. Stunning? Obviously.

35. Pink Shag Hairstyle: Crazy Colors

perez hilton

Nothing says edgy quite like colored hair, and this hairstyle’s got it all: the vivid, bright pink hues against platinum blonde locks in a messy, shag haircut that rocks. Needless to say, this one’s for the edgy girls who love to combine obvious trend with cute haircuts.

36. Cindy Crawford Shag Hairstyle: Cute Flips


Cindy Crawford is quite a cutie. And with this adorable cut, she’s only that much cuter. Cindy Crawford lines her hair with tons of layers ranging in short to long, which can only add up to one grand finale: tons and tons of adorable flips. It’s a style that screams femininity and oozes cuteness.

37. Natalie Maines Shag Hairstyle: Layered Bangs


We’re obviously in love with this long layered ‘do. But what really gets us about this hairstyle is the cute bangs. They’ve got LAYERS which breaks them apart beautifully. Forget bulky bangs and forget side bangs. She’s got spaced out bangs that are seriously so hot. We’re definitely going to be trying out these bangs- they fit the shag hairstyle look perfectly!

38. Dianna Agron Shag Hairstyle: Crazy Short Cut

dianna agron

Why cut your hair short and leave it at that? Why not give your short ‘do some serious layers and tease them for a wild bedhead look that kills? Dianna Agron is obviously rocking her layered, crazy short shag hairstyle and we think you’ll probably enjoy it. I mean, check out those bangs and that teased up finish. Who wouldn’t want stylish locks like these?

39.  Drew Barrymore Shag Hairstyle: Crimped!


You don’t really see crimped hair often (which is seriously a huge letdown), so if you want to shake it up a bit, go out and pick yourself up a crimper and get some serious wave action just like Drew Barrymore!

40. Elisha Cuthbert Shag Hairstyle: Stylish Pixie

elisha cuthbert

Yes, it’s true: this shag hairstyle really IS as simple as it looks. Just get a short pixie cut, mess it up a bit, and you’ll have Elisha Cuthbert’s ultra stylish and ultra shaggy ‘do that is casual enough for downtown yet elegant enough to wear to a dinner party. Plus it takes, what, two minutes to put together? That’s a winning style in our books.

41. Monica Cruz Shag Hairstyle: Long and Teased


Does Monica Cruz look like she just rolled out of bed? Yes. Does she look incredibly caliente and enticing? Absolutely. So then there is really no need to question why this shag hairstyle made top 50. She adds some serious volume to her long locks and shakes them up a bit for the bedhead effect. Plus she wears dark eye makeup and nude lips for a bit of edginess. Really, you can’t go wrong with this stunning look.

42. Kerri Russell Shag Hairstyle: Blended Curls


Keri Russell knows how important it is to give your hair some curls to add serious volume. But she’s taken it a step further with curls ranging in size and barrels for a seriously sexy hairstyle we can’t dismiss. I mean, just look at that hair. It’s eye-catching and tremendously alluring- something every woman wants to rock.

43. Taylor Momsen Shag Hairstyle: A bit of Mullet


We don’t usually like to put the same person twice on the list, but when we saw Taylor Momsen’s shag hairstyles we couldn’t resist. Here we see Taylor with a shag hairstyle closely resembling a mullet, ’70s type style that is revamped to work in today’s world. If you want to try something new, give this shaggy ‘do a whirl.

44. Kristin Cavallari Shag Hairstyle: Adorable Bob


An adorable bob haircut and a lovely set of thick side bangs. This shag hairstyle truly needs no definition and we believe this will be one of the most-seen shag hairstyles this summer.

45. Michelle Williams Shag Hairstyle: Accessorize


One easy way to go from ‘another boring, dull hairstyle’ to cute and perky is to accessorize, just like we see Michelle Williams doing here. She simply tussles her hair a bit then adds an adorable headband to pull her look together. The end result? A seriously rockin’ style that looks different than the rest just because of one small accessory.

46. Michelle Williams Shag Hairstyle: Seriously Tussled Pixie

michelle williams pixie shag

Oh, and in case you were wondering how this lovely lady looked without the accessories, here’s Michelle’s shag hairstyle: the pixie with some serious tussled locks for a seriously messy style that rocks.

47. Meg Ryan Shag Hairstyle: Waved Up Rockstar

meg ryan

Meg Ryan has that rockstar chic we all adore. And you know how she does it? Besides her awesome rockstar apparel and bright blonde hair coloring, she’s also sporting an awesome wavy set of hair that is bluntly cut at a short length complete with long bangs that frame her face.

48. Kristen Stewart Shag Hairstyle: Rock Etiquette


Meg Ryan might showcase the cute rockstar look, but here we see Kristen Stewart with a more ’80s themed rockstar shag hairstyle that is wild and frisky- and totally sexy. She adds some serious volume to her side parted dark brown hair, giving her that chic and edgy appearance that every rock chick needs.

49. Megan Fox Shag Hairstyle: End Curls


Want to spice up your hair from cute to sexy- and not just any sexy, but Megan Fox sexy? Try giving your sleek straight long hair some simple curls on the end for an alluring touch that everyone will notice.

50. Lindsay Lohan Shag Hairstyle: No Brush, No Problem


It might look like Lindsay Lohan hasn’t brushed her hair in a few days (and who knows, maybe at this point she hadn’t?), but that’s exactly what gives her the enticing bedhead look that we’re all trying to achieve. She doesn’t do anything fancy to her long hair, just messes with it a bit and that’s that: a messy head of hair that is appealing to all. Definitely an easy hairstyle to try!


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