50 Best Hairstyles For Thin Hair

By on May 13, 2014

Some of us are blessed with luscious thick locks while others have fine, sleek hair. There are good and bad points to both eventualities so don’t fret if you’re one or the other. A lot of people hate having thin hair, they say it’s unruly, un-stylable, and too difficult to work with but just remember that the same can be said of thick hair too. Don’t be sad if you’re one of the many women out there with thin hair, in fact you should be smiling because it means that you can easily pull off any of these fifty fabulous styles which are perfect for fine hair. Take a scroll through this list to see some of the best styles for fine hair, each of them modelled by some of your favourite celebrities. Here goes!

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1. Emma Roberts Hairstyle For Thin Hair: A Line Bob Hairstyles For Thin Hair1

This is a great hairstyle for thin hair because it can be worn naturally (i.e. without being straightened or curled) and still look fabulous. The great thing about a-line styles is that they suit any face shape and you can have your bangs tapered to look even better. Ask your stylist what length is good for you and how they recommend you wear you bangs – my personal advice is that if you have a round face go with long bangs and the slimmer the face the shorter they can be.

2. Drew Barrymore Hairstyle For Thin Hair: Curled and Wild Hairstyles For Thin Hair2

Thin hair is renowned for looking limp but with all the styling options these days that need no longer be the case. Look at Drew for instance – she has very fine hair but you wouldn’t know it looking at this picture. She’s used a mix of curlers and styling gels to make her hair look big and beautiful. This is a great tip for anyone with thin hair, no matter your hair length or face shape.

3. Dianna Agron Hairstyle For Thin Hair: Choppy Bob Hairstyles For Thin Hair3

This is a similar idea to what we say in number two. Dianna has taken a simple bob and used layers to make it look choppy, thus helping her to achieve more volume and combatting the sleek look of her thin hair. Like I said, you can do this at any length but I think there’s a timeless charm to bobs.

4. Valorie Curry Hairstyle For Thin Hair: Pixie Cut Hairstyles For Thin Hair4

I love pixie cuts full stop but they definitely work better for girls with with fine hair over thick hair. This is a great option because it’s incredibly stylish and once your hair has been trimmed short no one will ever be able to tell if it’s thick or not. The only face shape which this may not suit is round faces, though there are a few variations you could consider if you’re determined to go pixie.

5. Carey Mulligan Hairstyle For Thin Hair: Acessorise Hairstyles For Thin Hair5

Carey Mulligan always looks fabulous and I bet you never even noticed how fine her hair is. That’s probably because she always styles it beautifully so how fine it is no longer matters. Take her look in the Great Gatsby for example – she wears a lot of fabulous hair pieces which draw attention away form her hair while still completing her look. This is a great tip anyone can try.

6. Kristen Bell Hairstyle For Thin Hair: Rough Ponytail Hairstyles For Thin Hair6

When your hair is tied up it’s incredibly hard to tell if it’s thin or not so this is a great option for anyone with fine hair. Why not leave your bangs down or rough your ponytail up a bit to give it a bit more texture and life too? Ponytails have a lot of variations depending on what your bangs are like so I advise you experiment to find out what look suits you best.

7. Gwyneth Paltrow Hairstyle For Thin Hair: Flaunt It Hairstyles For Thin Hair7

Of course, you could always make like the fabulous Gwyneth Paltrow and make the most of your thin hair flaunting it for all the world to see. Straight hair is all the rage these days so why would you hide your naturally straight, fine hair? Simply grab a brush and head outside. No need to spend hours in front of the mirror!

8. Cameron Diaz Hairstyle For Thin Hair: Layered Bob Hairstyles For Thin Hair8

By adding layers to your thin hair bob it creates the illusion of volume without making your hair too big (like thick hair would). This means it’s a great style for those of you with thin hair – and Cameron Diaz! This style looks lovely on a heart shaped face but oval and square faces look great too.

9. Kristen Stewart Hairstyle For Thin Hair: Windswept and Long Hairstyles For Thin Hair9

By giving your hair the windswept appearance no one will be able to tell your hair is thin plus you’ll be pulling off a great and sexy look at the same time. By styling your hair so it looks windswept like Kristen you’ll look chic, edgy, and fab all at once. Don’t worry about your face shape – this look works for everyone!

10. Emma Stone Hairstyle For Thin Hair: Sleek Ponytail  Hairstyles For Thin Hair10

Ponytails are great as they’re professional, easy, and get all your hair out of your way. That said, if you have thick hair they can often become a bit unruly but if you’ve got think hair you need not face this problem. Pulling your hair into a sleek ponytail is quick, easy, and will instantly transform you into a smart, professional looking woman.

11. Dianna Agron Hairstyle For Think Hair: Flicked Out Bob 6ab717ff6f5c13260bcfd21ca70b361c

One of the main complaints I hear when it comes to thin hair is the lack of texture it has, something which this style definitely combats. This style is sleek all apart from the ends of the hair which have been neatly flicked out to create texture, volume and style. This look works best for shoulder length hair but I’ve also seen it done well on long hair so don’t be afraid to experiment.

12. Sophie Turner Hairstyle For Thin Hair: Wear It Long 6abe66b673c7b3acaf7904622f3189de

If you’ve got thin hair then it’s hard to tell when it’s short and, believe it or not, really long. It’s when you hair is medium length that it looks it’s thinnest. Simply letting your hair grow out long like Sophie turner will transform your fine hair into goddess like locks. Admittedly you can’t achieve this style overnight but a little patience will go a long way.

13. Anne Hathaway Hairstyle For Fine Hair: Sleek 6ed056b1451ed7c4af60b15b968ad851

I love the fact that Anne Hathaway isn’t afraid of flaunting her fine hair. She simple lets it show, not trying to hide it away by styling it. If you’re born with fine hair, chances are that’s because that’s what suits you best. Don’t hide behind a style, use what you were born with and wear it proudly like Anne. A sleek style with straight bangs like this will look great on you and will really make the most of your fine hair.

14. Emma Roberts Hairstyle For Thin Hair: Up Do 7f7abd5d49c0109701cd8379260297fb

Like I said before, when your hair is tied up no one can tell whether it’s thin or not. One of my favourite things about thin hair is that it’s so easy to make a bun with so you might as well make the most of this. Taking all your hair off your face works for any face shape however you’ll only be able to pull of a complete up do like this if you have medium to long hair.

15. Emma Stone Hairstyle For Thin Hair: Thick Braid 24aeea52e2dc0d156dff328f1e0c49cf

Emma Stone’s hair is naturally very thin yet here her braid looks thick and full. That’s because she’s teased it apart and styled her hair so that it’s anything but sleek, giving it texture and volume. This style works best on slim faces however the longer your hair the round your face cane before the style looks odd.

16.Kate Winslet Hairstyle For Thin Hair: Centre Parting Up Do 28b57f678d65a92d4f3ccc7e19b3a15e

If you’ve got thin hair then a centre parting may be exactly what you need to make your hair look lovely. Side partings are great but often they leave one side of your hair looking limp which isn’t what we want. A centre parting works for any face shape, as does a centre parting up do, so don’t be afraid to give it a try.

17. Drew Barrymore Hairstyle For Thin Hair: Dip Dyed BoHo Style 42a51c799d13da850685c0d80451bf19

Sometimes hiding your thin hair can be as easy as giving people something better to notice. This is a great style however you’ll need medium to long hair to try it. By adding a boho theme to your hair you’ll gain a lot of volume and texture. A few braids and random curls will go along way to making you look festival ready and oh so stylish.

18. Sophie Turner Hairstyle For Thin Hair: Slicked Back 59bf3e0ecff54f140bdef873ae3495e7

This is one of my all time favourite styles because with a few styling products and a simple sweep of the brush you can near instantly transform yourself into a stylish, red carpet ready woman. Sophie Turner looks stunning here as she shows off her slicked back hair and you can too. You’ll be pleased to know that you can pull this off no matter you face shape or hair length too. This style actually works better on thin hair as it’s much more pliable than thick hair when it comes to this style.

19. Cameron Diaz Hairstyle For Thin Hair: Sleek and Sweeping 59cb1a434d417cbd8d3880016c5e03c6

Cameron Diaz’s sweeping bangs really add a lot to her look. Instead of her hair falling plainly around her face it sweeps across it, redefining her look. Sadly this isn’t a style I recommend for those of you with round faces as it can make them look even rounder but if you’ve got any other face shape this is a great look. This is a style you can try out even if your hair is as short as a pixie cut too so get styling!

20. Hilary Duff Hairstyle For Thin Hair: Choppy Bangs 62cb54d9e9aef090dfb18e980d6f32c3

By adding choppy bangs to your look you instantly bring volume and texture into otherwise lifeless and thin hair. Luckily there’s a bang to suit everyone too so you can get this style no matter your face shape. Hillary’s look is great as it suits most face shapes. Note how her bangs aren’t too heavy and therefore don’t overpower her face – you want you bangs to make you stand out, not to hide you.

21. Carey Mulligan Hairstyle For Thin Hair: Choppy Pixie Cut 65ae388f91544c46bc19d5b627622024

Carey Mulligan totally rocks the pixie look, doesn’t she? Over the years she’s really made it her own. This is one of my favourite looks of hers as it suddenly gives her thin hair texture while not taking away from her pretty face. Simply roughing your pixie cut up a bit can completely transform your look. I also love her untidy braid too. It draws the eye and once again takes away fro the fact she has fine hair.

22. Emma Stone Hairstyle For Thin Hair: Thin and Proud 90e3e17bb37238b2b9d48e304fe5c6e5

Here Emma shows off her thin hair, showing that she’s proud of it and not hiding it away. If you’re planning on wearing your hair straight then you couldn’t wish for anything more than thin hair as it works best for this style. You can try this look no matter your face shape but my one tip is that the longer you hair the better this style will look. If your hair is shorter than your shoulders sometimes it can cling to your face shape too much, hiding your pretty face away.

23.Carey Mulligan Hairstyle For Thin Hair: Slick Back 96d82d410d7ed61317cf086e0daf908e

Earlier we saw Sophie Turner rocking this look with her long hair but here I wanted to show you how it can work for short, thin hair too. In fact it probably even looks better again – if that’s even possible! Tip – note how Carey’s hair isn’t slicked too tight to her head however. If you have a pixie cut and want to slick it back then I advise you puff it up a bit of the top so it doesn’t look too fine. This is also a great tip for helping to elongate the look of your face if you have a round face.

24. Dianna Agron Hairstyle For Thin Hair: Side Twist 181b6fcea160cd10f479918b62a6df40

Once again we see another celebrity disguising her thin hair with an eye-catching style, in this case the side twist. This look is laughably easy to create and you’ll be able to do it in seconds. Plus, you can create this style on any hair length or face shape. It’s worth experimenting to see how much hair you should twist back as this varies depending on your face shape but that’s half the fun of styling your hair I suppose.

25. Reese Witherspoon Hairstyle For Thin Hair: Buoyant Curls 267e0e8b501149a3b8b4c94abec4e9b0

By adding curls to her thin hair Reese has instantly transformed her look. She’s suddenly given it texture, volume, and a whole new lease of life. The thinner your face the larger the curls you can pull off so remember that when you’re styling. By pulling her bangs back atop her head Reese has also fund a great way to make her face look slimmer, a great tip for those of you with round or square faces.

26. Hilary Duff Hairstyle For Thin Hair: Choppy Layers 311ddef9d193590a35dd3f7e3a85c430

As I mentioned earlier, a great way to add texture to your thin hair is by adding layers. Her Hilary has used that advice and gone one step further by roughing her hair up, giving it extra volume. All you need to do to create this look is to rub your fingers through your hair with a bit of product on them after styling and your look will instantly come to life. Add a bit of hairspray and this look will stay in all day too so you don’t need to worry about it suddenly going limp and restyling every few hours.

27. Gwyneth Paltrow Hairstyle For Thin Hair: Half Up Do 0473a1b41a72807dc93ad01c2f46d28f

It’s a little known fact that I love half up dos. They’s just so sleek, stylish, and crazily easy to do. The style works even better if you have thin hair too as it’s much easier to create too. You can try this style whether you have medium or long hair and can experiment by pulling different amounts of hair back. Also, there’s no rule that says you have to stick to a ponytail either. I love wearing this style in a bun or pinning it in place with various hair accessories too. This is a great style for showing off your personality as it can be worn so many ways.

28. Nicole Ritchie Hairstyle For Thin Hair: Sleek Bob  00900e0928d10dbddaf7e1b89135c4a2

A sleek bob like this works great for thin hair as it’s so easy to create and it will sit in place much better than if you have thick hair. My big tip however is not to straighten your hair too much if you have thin hair and this style as you may end up with your hair looking thinner and more limp than ever. Adding a bit of product will protect your hair but still I say let your hair go natural. If it’s thin it will sit beautifully anyway.

29. Soarise Ronan Hairstyle For Thin Hair: Rough Bob 960b837b03dd49f4fde58f18e58f8c86

Perhaps a better bob style for those of you with thin hair is a rough bob like this. It still has the same smart yet causal effect but by roughing it up you add a bit of texture and volume to your hair. You could have your stylist add a few layers but in this instance you ought to make the most of your fine hair and let it speak for itself.  Having an uneven parting will help to take attention away from how fine your hair is too.

30. Scarlett Johansson Hairstyle For Thin Hair: Messy Bun 3530cda8a0724be7183d620526b99e2b

Buns are definitely easier to create if you have fine hair so if you like this stele don’t go cursing your thin hair just yet. Buns are incredibly classy, professional looking, and stylish too. I love seeing a perfect bun but if you have fine hair you should consider trying out a messy bun like Scarlett (mostly because you can!). It adds an edge to your professional look, making you look smart and casual all at once. This is a great look for most any face shape, the only downside is you have to have hair long enough to tie up in the first place.

31. Natalie Dormer Hairstyle For Thin Hair: Side Waves 7401f26408ac0dec14360235213cfd0a

Side partings don’t always work well for thin hair however sweeping all your hair to one side is another matter entirely. This is a great way to suddenly compact all your hair together, making it look thick and full of volume. By adding lots of waves and curls like Natalie has you also enhance this look, making your hair look thicker than ever. You may well need a lot of hair clips and a lot of hairspray to keep this look in place but trust me it’s worth it. If you’re heading to the office or a night on the town this is a great look. Plus it’s another look that works for all face shapes so don’t be afraid to try it out!

32. Kate Hudson Hairstyle For Thin Hair: Delicate Curls 80328c0adec528ded07f0276b1c8e806

Getting a great look for thin hair need not be hard. In fact it can be as simple as slipping your rollers in or curling your hair. By adding a few simple curls your hair will instantly be given a new lease of life and will suddenly look full of volume and texture. As a general rule, the slimmer your face the thicker your curls can be so remember this when you’re styling. Oh, and don’t forget your hairspray or your curls will fall out before you even leave the house and you’ll be back to having fine hair!

33. Dakota Fanning Hairstyle For Thin Hair: Colour Change 88946ad908b887b73fa76146f39794ea

Dakota Fanning shocked fans and photographers alike when she stepped out onto the red carpet which her brunette hair opposed to her natural white blonde. While she’s not had a major style change I’m sure you’ll agree that she looks fabulous with her new colour and suddenly her thin hair is forgotten. If you want an easy way to change your look then why not consider a stark change in colour? Even a subtle change will go a long way to altering your look and you might find you and others no longer notice your thin hair.

34. Dianna Agron Hairstyle For Thin Hair: High Bun 800160fda098d4e77dbabd9ca3452095

This is perhaps one of the prettiest pictures of Dianna Agron, not least of all because of her fabulous hair. Her high, messy bun really sets off her look and hides away her thin hair. Her thin hair really helps to create this style too as it’s a difficult one to pull off with thick hair. Her bangs look beautiful too, not too heavy thanks to her fine hair but beautifully shaped. Sadly however I don’t advise you go for this bang style if you have a round gave as your face will end up looking much rounder. Instead go for side or sweeping bangs.

35. Emma Stone Hairstyle For Thin Hair: Curls, Curls, Curls 1411667b5c9a59d8fb8e6dc51a5d24c4

Every inch of Emma Stone’s fine hair has been styled here, transforming her thin hair into a look of volume. Her layers really add to thins style as this give her look more texture too. Note how ever her bangs have a slight wave in them, leaving no trace of her once fine hair behind. Again, the thinner the face you have the thicker your curls can be. Also, even though Emma’s hair is quite long don’t be afraid to try this trick with short hair too – you’ll likely be pleasantly surprised by the results.

36. Natalie Portman Hairstyle For Thin Hair: Unruly and Slight Waves 3002549e93c96cd2849f3056c274fb4a

I love this style as it’s so unique yet so simple. Natalie’s hair has been given a windswept look and an ever so slight wave so that her thin hair becomes unnoticeable. This style looks so natural and makes her look like she has naturally quite thick hair. Also, take note of how her highlights take away from her thin hair too. This is a simple trick you can try that will have a massive effect on your look.

37. Kate Hudson Hairstyle For Thin Hair: Large Bun8632401f977762fd80def80235b16085

Thick hair is a nightmare to get into a large bun so you should feel blessed if you have thin hair and can pull this style off. Some people are pretty darn talented and can create this look with just their hands but personally I suggest investing in a doughnut hair accessory to make this look simpler to create. Or you can go very DIY and use a sock with the toes cut out. Either way this is a fantastic look that will instantly make you look chic. If you’ve got no bangs like Kate Hudson then it doesn’t matter what your face shape is either as you’re sure to look stylish with this look.

38. Gwyneth Paltrow Hairstyle For Thin Hair: Sleek Bob 683650521bf4ba44516f2add11f7127c

Once again Gwen isn’t hiding the fact she has thin hair, she’s flaunting it as I think more people should. Sleek bobs like this look great if you have thin hair, just be sure no to over straighten it or else it will end up looking limp and lifeless. There’s a fine balance but if you can find it you’ll look fab.

39. Kiera Knightley Hairstyle For Thin Hair: Delicate Waves a68f921f79b546ed821c0a7a55c46349

While usually I think Kiera suits short hair better, I think that her thin hair really helps her to pull off this style. By adding some delicate waves to her hair she’s made it go from thin to full and suddenly it’s got loads of volume. I also love what her highlights do to it as they appear to add a layer of texture. Getting highlights or lowlights like this is a great way to spice up your thin hair and truly make it stand out.

40. Emma Roberts Hairstyle For Thin Hair: Sleek Ponytail a3976dfb6cdf1f1c2fea52f1b06a2429

Ponytails looks great on any women and on any face shape but if you’ve got thick hair they can be quite unruly. If you have thin hair on the other hand you’ll be able to effortlessly pull of this sleek style and look fabulous. Emma’s thin hair contributes to how neat her ponytail to as it will with you. Plus, notice her highlights and how it changes the flow of her hair.

41. Kiera Knightley Hairstyle For Thin Hair: Sleek, Long Pixie Haircut b5a073ed09c1424e94ceb6011c72ed7a

Kiera’s long pixie haircut really works with her thin hair. It’s sleek and stylish and makes her look casual and professional all at once. She has a very slim face but don’t be put off if you have a round face – chances are you’ll actually be able to wear this style better. Her zig zag parting really livens up the style as it adds some texture to her hair and even a touch of volume. Plus, note how the ends of her hair flick out rather than in – this is a great trick for adding extra volume in seconds.

42. Cameron Diaz Hairstyle For Thin Hair: Natural Medium Cut b6edfb228a5bd341ad5cb92a86f8b0af

This medium length cut looks great if you have a heart shaped face and really makes the most of your sleek hair. This is a great style as it’s really easy to maintain and you have the option of tying your hair up if you want to as well. I mentioned highlights and how her can add texture to your hair earlier however here Cameron is going au natural and she looks fabulous for it. It just goes to show that you don’t always have to style your hair using fancy methods to stand out.

43. Gwyneth Paltrow Hairstyle For Thin Hair: Windswept Long Hair b7d9813ac82478e3849ebc66ebbccef7

Windswept is always a great look but it works even better if you have thin hair as your hair will still look rough and stylish but it’s thin enough to still look neat. To create this style you’re best adding a bit of product to your hands and running it through your hair. You can rough it up any way you like and make it as wild or as tame as you please. This is definitely a style to experiment with. You can try this at any hair length but personally I think this long length looks great! Also, don’t be afraid to try this look with bangs either.

44. Kate Hudson Hairstyle For Thin Hair: Untamed Waves b5553268966232c4220e9e706131ddf8

All too often we see waves which are neat and uniform but here Kate Hudson has stepped away from that and is wearing her unruly waves beautifully. The waves add loads of texture to her hair and plenty of volume so it doesn’t matter that her hair is thin and the fact that her waves are so untamed only enhances the appearance. This style works best for people with medium to long hair and you’ll be pleased to hear it works on any face shape too.

45. Scarlett Johnasson Hairstyle For Thin Hair: Cute Bangs cf5bb3f01bb5c2e1301f76ea72d001b8

Bangs work for most people but personally I’ve always thought they work better on thin hair as they’re more tameable. Here Scarlett shows us her cute, rounded bangs. Note that they look thick yet they don’t look heavy – this is because of her thin hair. Of course this style doesn’t work for everyone and it’s best steered clear of if you have too thin a face but if you have a heart shaped face you’re golden.

46. Jennifer Lawrence Hairstyle For Thin Hair: Untamed Pixie Cut d0cc4ed23812f187fb07ebfdbf172c09

I’ll be the first to admit that I was devastated when J. Law cut off all her beautiful long hair and replaced it with her pixie cut. That said, it didn’t take me long to get over it after seeing how fabulous she now looks. While her hair isn’t incredibly thin, it’s not what you’d call thick either. This is perhaps why her pixie cut works so well when it’s all roughed up like this. This style works best if you have a slim face but different variations of it do work on round faces too so don’t be scared to experiment. This is also a great look is you have highlights as they add an extra look of depth to your style.

47. Gwyneth Paltrow Hairstyle For Thin Hair: Sleek Ponytail d9bc508eceb57b00e49181c293029c3d

Styles like this is why you should love your thin hair. Sure, everyone can wear a ponytail but it doesn’t work quite this well on thick hair. Gwen’s ponytail is smooth, sleek, professional, an completely natural. If you’ve got thin hair they you don’t need to fuss with straighteners, just grab your hairband and your brush and you’re near good to go. You can pull this hair off if you have bangs like we saw Emma Stone do earlier too but by pulling all your hair back you make this is a style any face shape can wear. This is perfect for wearing to the office, at a party, or even when you’re just lounging in the house.

48. Kate Hudson Hairstyle For Thin Hair: Long, Sleek, With A Center Parting df6225ac3ee8e5de2a24c799ede6c6f6

Kate Hudson’s thin hair looks fabulous here. She’s simply letting it flow and making it look like it’s been styled for hours, even though her thin hair is naturally straight. Her centre parting really helps her look  as it creates a balance so no one side of her hair looks to heave and no one side looks overly thin. This style is so easy to create, works for any hair length and face shape, and incredibly natural. You can always add a few layers to this style to make it look more interesting but personally I love it sleek and straight like Kate’s.

49. Hayden Panettiere Hairstyle For Thin Hair: Cute, A Line Bob e9ee38c213852e14aca4d9ee46fdfbda

Hayden has quite a round face yet she pulls off this A line bob perfectly. The reason? Her thin hair of course! It means her hair doesn’t look too thick therefore doesn’t make her face look wider. Instead she winds up looking elegant, chic, sassy, and oh so stylish. This is perhaps her best look! Plus, this style works really well as she’s so short. It means her hair isn’t cutting her body in half and makes her look taller than she is – a great tip for those of you who are short like me!

50.Vanessa Anne Hudgens Hairstyle For Thin Hair: Short and Curled f6a18ffc49a29ed07ec4c7ba5c5e1e10

   And finally we come to our last picture where Vanessa Anne Hudgens shows off her sleek, short curls. The reason this style works so well for thin hair is because it adds an awful lot of volume in just a small space, transforming her look instantly. If you’ve got a round face you may want to stay away from this look but for those of you with a heart or an oval shaped face this look is bound to suit you. Experiment with curl tightness to see what different looks you can create too.

So there you have it, fifty fantastic hairstyles for those of you with thin hair. Don’t repair over your fine hair any longer, choose one of these fifty styles and your hair will suddenly look luscious like it was meant to. I bet you were surprised by how many celebs have thin hair just like you too – I certainly was – but it’s proof as to how a grew style can transform your look. Don’t be afraid to experiment with these looks by adding accessories and changing it up a bit either Your hairstyle should be personal and unique just like you are! If you’ve enjoyed this article please feel free to share and check out all my other articles to help you create the perfect all-round look. Have a nice day!


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