10 Best Hair Loss Treatments for Women

By on March 25, 2015

There’s nothing fun, glamorous, or exciting about losing hair; especially when you’re a woman. If you’ve noticed your hair has started to thin out or you’ve noticed an ongoing thinning problem for years, you need to act NOW and get the thick, luscious locks you’ve always dreamed of. But how? We’ve come up with an extensive list of the top 10 BEST hair loss treatments for women, all proven to help stop hair loss while promoting new hair growth. What are you waiting for? There’s certainly something for every lady on this list, whether your price limit is $30 or $300!


1. Toppik Women’s Hair Regrowth Treatment 

Sometimes you don’t want to have to struggle with creams, shampoos, and pills, just to get that full head of hair you’ve been longing for. And that’s what is so amazing about Toppik Women’s Hair Regrowth Treatment. This wonderful spray-on treatment not only targets, treats, and prevents hair loss, but it also promotes hair growth while increasing overall volume and fullness. At around $25 a bottle, this solution is a wonderful option that will get the job done with ease; just spray it on!


2. Rogaine – Women’s Hair Regrowth Treatment Unscented 

You’ve undoubtedly heard of Rogaine; but why? Because it actually works. Men and women across the globe have tested this treatment and 85% of users have seem impeccable results. The Rogaine Women’s Hair Regrowth Treatment is specifically designed for ladies who are struggling with thinning manes that seem to have lost their spunk, luster, and fullness. The unscented Rogaine is easy to use and will penetrate the scalp to help stimulate hair growth, leaving you with a beautiful head of hair that is vibrant and full. Plus it’s only around $25 for a one month supply! Worth it!


3. Kerastase Specifique Aminexil Force R (10X6ML)

Women who struggle with thinning hair often have difficulties with hair breakage. Well, consider the Kerastase Specifique Aminexil Force R (10X6ML) your miracle, all-in-one treatment. This intensive hair therapy helps your hair from root to tip, not only increasing overall hair growth for a beautifully thick mane, but also helps prevent breakage for locks that are strong and dense. Last but not least, this 6 week intensive treatment can help to reduce scalp irritation that is so common with hair loss. Just around $40 and super simple to use!


4. Osmotics Cosmeceuticals ‘Encore’ Follicle Nutrient Serum

Healthy, strong, and thick manes start at the roots: if you have follicles that aren’t receiving proper nutrients, it will undoubtedly show on the rest of your hair. And that’s why the Osmotics Cosmeceuticals Encore Follicle Nutrient Serum is a top-rated choice in the world of hair loss. This serum combines essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to promote overall strong and healthy locks that are nourished with natural ingredients. Take care of thinning, damaged manes in a flash with this all natural formula that takes care of the problem right where it begins- the scalp. Only $62 and well worth the cost!


5. PHYTO ‘Phytocyane’ Revitalizing Treatment

 Sometimes thinning hair is only temporary due to an increase in stress, a change of diet, pregnancy, or menopause. When an instance like that arises, there’s only one product to turn to: the PHYTO Phytocyane Revitalizing Treatment. This wonderful product combines essential grape seed extract with gingko biloba to completely revitalize manes while protecting the hair from root to tip. As an added bonus, this particular product has the power to DLAY the onset of grey hair- and what woman wouldn’t want that! An excellent treatment for temporary hair loss that also fights off the dreaded greys for just $65.


6. Viviscal Extra Strength Dietary Supplement Tablets

It’s easy to take care of hair loss when you simply pop a tablet every morning; there’s absolutely no mess! And that’s why so many women are fond of the Viviscal Extra Strength Dietary Supplement Tablet. This drug free tablet is filled with an exclusive marine complex known as AminoMar which has been proven to completely combat hair loss. For just under $40, you can get 60 tablets and a full head of hair that is nothing short of flawless. Add it to your daily routine of vitamins and other necessary tablets!


7. Nanogen Growth Factor Treatment Serum For Women

Gentle, yet effective, the Nanogen Growth Factor Treatment Serum for Women is an excellent choice. It is an incredibly lightweight serum that goes on quickly and easily, boasting an extremely powerful and clinically tested formula that will get the job. Worried about the moisture and overall condition of your locks? No problem. Not only does this particular treatment aid in natural hair growth, it also restores the moisture of hair while conditioning from root to tip. This serum is great for thinning hair as it creates a thick mane that’s protected from further damage and breakage for around $45.


8. Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment, Shampoo, Conditioner & Leave In Treatment

Why settle for just one hair loss treatment when you can have a 4-in-1 extensive treatment that will knock thinning hair out of the ball park? This essential 4 part treatment comes with a shampoo, conditioner, hair growth treatment, and leave in treatment, all designed to take care of thin hair and produce flawless locks that are strong, full, and vibrant. Take care of your thinning hair from scalp to tip with this amazing 4 part series, just $59.43!


9. Grow Gorgeous Hair Growth Serum

If you want a thick mane and you want it NOW, there’s only one serum that will do the job: the Grow Gorgeous Hair Growth Serum. I mean, it says it right in the name: GROW GORGEOUS HAIR. This wonderful serum combines several essential ingredients to enhance not only overall hair growth, but hair elasticity and density. For just $29.99 you can see amazing results just after a few weeks of use, indulging in a head of hair that is health and FULL of life.


10. Nioxin Intensive Therapy Hair Booster

Is your hair lacking density? Cuticles damaged like no other? Hair thinning faster than you can handle it? Then you need to try the Nioxin Intensive Therapy Hair Booster. This intensive treatment combines CoZyme-10 vitamin complex with kertain to not only help out thinning manes, but give your fragile hair the protection it needs to grow bold and beautiful. Great choice for just under $30!

Do you struggle with hair loss? What works for your thinning hair?


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