5 Interesting Ways to Get More from Your Workout!

By on January 24, 2013

The gym is painful enough so we definitely don’t want to spend any more time in there. It can sometimes feel like it doesn’t matter how hard or long you work out, you still don’t seem to be getting the body that you have always dreamed of. Or at least lost those few pounds you were planning on getting rid of this month. Maybe you aren’t making the most of your workout?

Tighten your abs when you are working out.


The more you hold your inner core (stomach section) in when you are working out, the more of a workout you will be getting. As you are clenching your tummy muscles for all it’s worth, you are building up the muscles which means that while you are on the treadmill giving it all you got, you are working out and gaining better abs at the same time.

Keep moving in between machines.


As you move from tread mill to rowing machine and then onto the elliptical, don’t stand still, wipe your wet brow and have a drink, keep yourself moving. When you do this, your heart rate stays at a higher pace and you will burn more calories. You don’t have to jog from machine to machine; you will just look mental, just keep moving.

The stronger you get, the more you should workout.


If you are on the weights trying to build muscle tone, you increase the weight as you can handle more in a bid to build your muscles. The same applies to working out – at the beginning, you should start off with shorter, easier workout sessions and as you progress with your weight loss and toning up, you should aim for better results. For example, start by using the rowing machine for ten minutes if you can manage it. After a few weeks, build your way up to twenty minutes. Challenge yourself to do an extra minute every day you hit the gym and you will soon find that you are increasing in no time.

Fuel your body beforehand.

Ham salad with poached egg

Before you even think about hitting the gym, have some good food. Your pre-workout snack should be something easy like a handful or carbs and plenty of protein – egg whites, poached chicken, etc. Make sure you drink water too – eating and drinking the RIGHT thing before a workout will give you more energy and allow you to do more, thus burning off more calories.

Take a friend and share a trainer.


If you can’t afford to have a trainer for your workout needs, grab a friend that wants to tone up or lose weight and go halves in so that you can both make the most of it. You will encourage each other to lose weight because you don’t’ want to fail in front of someone else, and you will find that you will have much more fun.

A workout is only going to be as useful as you make it. There are plenty of things that you might be doing wrong, both before your workout and during it, which could set your weight loss back. For example, how much time do you waste chatting in the locker room, or how many times have you said “Ah 10 minutes on the elliptical instead of 20; that’s fine for today!” Have goals, get straight into the gym, and always make sure that you finish your workout at least three hours before bedtime to ensure that you manage to sleep well straight away.

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