5 Best Primers

By on December 23, 2013

Primer is simply a must-have product for morning makeup routines. And why wouldn’t it be? Primers have a way of readying your face for the products to come, providing a flawless finish that otherwise wouldn’t even be dreamt about. But how can you know what primer is best for you and your specific skin tone? Check out these 5 best primers and what skin type they work best on. You might realize you’ve been wearing the wrong primer for years!


1. For All Skin Types: Modelco Face Base Skin Primer

Modelco Face Base Skin Primer is undoubtedly a huge hit in the makeup world. With a combination of essential ingredients and an oil free base, the product works to moisturize the skin without leaving any shininess or greasy residue- which we all know can completely ruin any beautiful face. This base only costs $32 and will give your skin the flawless look it deserves. Apply the Modelco Face Base Skin Primer before foundation, powder, or blush, and watch as the primer works to enhance your other face products, leaving you with a majestic and smooth look you’ll love.


2. For All Skin Types: Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation

Smashbox’s popularity has only risen in recent years, and is likely to continue growing in the future. The Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation provides your face with a flawless finish ready to combat the entire day. The unique ingredients found in this primer works by adding a layer of silky texture to your skin, without the worry of greasiness clogging your pores or a shiny affect which only draws negative attention. Instead, this primer gives your face a lovely and soft finish just begging to be touched. This product has become so popular amongst woman that the brand has designed an entire line of primers to match every type of skin type. It’s definitely something worth checking out, especially if you’re looking for primers to combat dryness or excess oil. But you can get this original Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation for only $25- and yes, it works wonders on all types of skin!


3.  For Oily Skin: Too Faced Primed & Poreless Skin Smoothing Face Primer

Oily skin is a common problem amongst many woman, some being forced to re-apply their makeup several times throughout the day to get rid of excess oil and shininess. That’s why the Too Faced Primed & Poreless Skin Smoothing Face Primer is such a hit amongst woman who suffer with oily skin and larger pores- and not just because of the adorably tiny pink bottle. This creamy primer goes on incredibly smooth and changes from flesh-colored to clear in a matter of seconds after applying, which gives your face an extra dash of brightness and evenness. This primer leaves skin feeling incredibly smooth and oil-free, keeping shine and grease at bay all day while making the appearance of pores almost nonexistent. This fabulous primer is only $30 and is guaranteed to last all day, which means you can be oil-free and silky smooth through the night.


4. For Dry Skin: Laura Mercier Hydrating Primer

For woman who struggle with unruly dry skin, the Laura Mercier Hydrating Primer is the perfect choice. The dynamic combination of vitamins A, C and E with glycerin, hyaluronic acid, and other hydrating properties works to penetrate the skin with plenty of moisture while hydrating even the driest of skin. This nourishing primer works by adding a layer of smoothness to dry faces, completely ridding the onset of flakes and dry clumps for an overall sleek appearance. For only $32 you can get rid of the signs of dryness and fulfill your dream of having beautifully soft skin that lets foundation, powders, and blush glide on smooth and last all day.


5. For Red Skin: Clinique Superprimer Redness Solution

Clinique Superprimer Redness Solution is the only primer for woman who suffer from red patches on their face. The unique ingredients of this Superprimer works to defend redness all day long, which means less touch-ups and less worrying throughout the day. This glorious primer adds a coat of flawlessness to the face, removing any site of treacherous red marks or streaks, letting the rest of your makeup routine apply smoothly and beautifully. If you’re ready to combat redness all day and glisten with perfect skin tone, you need to try this Clinique Superprimer Redness Solution for only $27.


Don’t step foot out of the house without gearing your face up with the right primer- one that can last all day. Whether you need a moistening primer for dry skin or a primer capable of diminishing pores, you can find it in the list above. The best part is these primers are all under $40 which means you can look gorgeous for less.

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