5 Best Make-Up Choices For Olive Skin

By on August 25, 2013

Buying the right kind of make-up for olive-toned skin can be very tricky. For that matter, buying the right kind of makeup for any skin tone takes time and patience. Girls usually go through the process of purchasing product after product, trying to find just the right makeup to compliment our eyes, our lips and our faces. Olive skin, as gorgeous and lusted after it is, is one of the hardest complexions to figure out. Finding the right colors, brands and techniques can be a major challenge. To help you out, here are 5 of the best make-up choices for olive-toned skin.

1. Blush


Fortunately, for olive-skinned girls, you don’t have to apply a ton of makeup. Olive skin usually already has a fantastic complexion and glow to it, no need to cover it up! One of the very first things to focus on when searching for the right products for this tone is blush. Blush makes all the difference when it comes to the type of skin you have. With darker skin use colors like apricot, coral, pale pink or even a light berry. You can substitute blush with a golden brown bronzer, too. Lighter skin tones can’t get away with using bronzer as blush, but you can!

Try-  Mac Mineralize Blush


Tip: Don’t stroke your brush only one way when applying blush. Instead, sway the brush back and forth across your cheekbones both ways.

2. Lipstick


The right kind of lipstick will make olive skin really glow. With darker skin you have to keep it light and simple. Confusing right? Keep it light as in use lipsticks that brighten, not darken. Pale rose, peach, light pink and especially barely there, nude or sheer brownish colors are all great lipstick shades to try out. These are simple, gorgeous colors to go along with your complexion perfectly.

Try- Mac Lipstick- Angel’s Kiss (Sheer, soft, pinkish nude.)


Tip: Not a big fan of lipstick? Try a shimmer lip gloss in any of the shade groups above instead. It will also give you a cute shine, too!

3. Eyeshadow 

Those with olive skin usually have brown or green eyes. To really make them pop along with your complexion try out neutral, earthy toned eyeshadow. Dark golden browns, light pinks, burnt oranges and beige are perfect tones to use. Use sheer eyeshadow and give your eyes some sparkle, too.

Try- Naked 2 by Urban Decay


Tip: When it comes to neutral tones and earth tones, use more than one color at a time. Go for a three tone look to really bring out the beauty of it all.

4. Highlighter


No, not the kind from the marker aisle. A highlighter is one of those ‘up and coming’ makeup essentials. Brightening is everything when it comes to olive toned skins. That’s why it’s important to incorporate sheer, shimmer makeup items such as eyeshadow and blush. Now comes highlighting. Use it to contour areas like your cheekbones and your eyes. Doing this really brings out your bone structure, too.

Try- NARS Illuminator Orgasm (Pinkish peach shimmer) Or Super Orgasm (Peachy and pink with gold glitter)

orgasm superorgasm

Tip: These come in all forms: Powder, stick, cream, liquid… Therefore, pick what you’re comfortable with!

5. Concealer


We all stay up a little too late some nights and wake up to discover puffy eyes. Olive-toned girls may also be more prone to genetics that gives them dark bags under their eyes. And also, most of us get pimples once in awhile, too. Concealer is a life-saver when it comes to needing a quick facial fix. But, finding the right kind of concealer for olive-toned skin can be complicated and frustrating. Pick out a concealer that has yellow undertones in it to help smoothly blend in with your skin.Tip: Concealer sticks are amazing for a quick touch-up and usually glide on easily, too.

Try- Too Faced Absolutely Flawless Concealer Honey Perfect Nude (Medium Skin Tone) Or Honey (Tanner Tones)



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