20 Best Eyeliner Styles

By on March 12, 2014
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11. Freeze Your Eyeliner

eyeliner style11

If you’ve ever had an eyeliner long enough for it to become old and crumbly then you’ll know how frustrating this can be and how it can have adverse effects on your look. To solve this problem, there’s a simple fix. All you need to do to firm the tip up again is stick your eyeliner in the freezer just fifteen minutes before you use it and voila! No more crumbling and you’ll be able to achieve lovely, sweeping lines once again.


12. Drop Eye

eyeliner style12

The dropped eyeliner trick is where you apply eyeliner to only half of your bottom lid, almost as if you’ve dropped the line or your eyeliner half way. Sure, it might sound odd but it’s actually super stylish and looks fab. Instead of using the darkest black I can find for this trick, I like to go with a grey eyeliner. You’ll be amazed at the look it creates and how much it can alter your style. Of course, you can try this with any colour you like and the usual black or brown works too but I do suggest you experiment to see what suits you best.


13. Use Your Concealer

eyeliner style13

Concealer is good for more than just hiding blemishes. To really sharpen up your eyeliner, simply smooth some concealer around the edges to make it look nice and smooth. It’s far easier to keep a steady hand when doing this than it is applying your eyeliner so you’re likely to better achieve the defined look you’re after opposed to a few instead lines.


14. Line The Top Lash

eyeliner style14

When applying eyeliner I cannot begin to stress how important it is that you remember to line your top lash line too. If you forget, you’re likely to wind up with gaps of uncoloured skin poking through and spoiling your look. Just a think coat of liner on your top lash line is also a great way to make your eyelashes look thicker and fuller – really, I don’t know why you’d forget to do this because it’s such a fabulous trick!


15. Grab The Tape

eyeliner style15

If you’re really, really bad at keeping your eyeliner steady and the concealer trick simply doesn’t work for you then perhaps a stencil will suit you better. Applying just a small amount of scotch tap on your eyelids at the preferred angle you’d like is a great way to ensure you stay within the lines so to speak. You’ll be able to achieve distinct, crisp edges and it’s really hassle free. Just make sure your tape isn’t too sticky or else it may hurt when you’re peeling it off!


16. Go Soft

eyeliner style16

Once again, we’re back to colour. This time however instead of telling you to try out all the bold and bright colours you can lay your hands on, I suggest you try a softer look like grey or light brown. Not all occasions call for your eyes to be as stand out and bold as possible so every now and again why not practice toning it down? These lighter colours will still accentuate your eyes but without quite so much drama.


17. Cat Eyes

eyeliner style17

I see women wearing cat eye style eyeliner on a daily basis, and no wonder – it looks fab. It can transform what may otherwise be a dull and ordinary look into something sexy, something mysterious and can make you look gorgeous. Who can deny the sweeping seductiveness of this style? Certainly not me! You can even try mixing it up a bit by adding an extending flick or curl to the tip of your eyeliner, making for a more interesting look.


18. ONLY Line Your Top Lash

eyeliner style18

How about for a day you forget the eyeliner completely – well, almost – and only focus on lining your top lash. I know, I know, I must be crazy right? Well, actually I use this trick all the time, especially if I’m in a hurry or am going no where fancy. Working from home all day, I’ve little need for makeup but if I’m popping out for a while I simply line my top lash. That’s right, no fancy eyeliner, no mascara. If you’re not going far then sometimes just lining your top lash is all you need. It makes your eyes stand out and makes your eye lashed appear thicker and fuller, giving you a rounded look with virtually no effort at all. Really, I don’t think you can go wrong with this look.


19. Have A Makeup Wipe Handy

eyeliner style19

When you’re applying eyeliner you’re always best to have a makeup wipe to hand, especially if you’re not a steady hand at it. Just in case something goes wrong, it gives you the option to start over. They’re also great for helping you to correct your look too. If you put on a little bit too much or one of your lines goes wonky, a makeup wipe give you the option of simply correcting that one area instead of washing your whole face off to start again.


20. Practice, practice!

eyeliner style20

And last but not least, the best thing you can do when it comes to eyeliner is practice. If you’re lucky enough to be a dab hand at it right away then great but sadly most of us aren’t so lucky. If you’ve got a bit of time, just practice a few styles and strokes, mix your colours and above all learn to keep a steady hand. If you feel silly doing this along, why not have a girls night? You’ll be an expert in no time!


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