12 Virgo Love Compatibility

By on March 25, 2015

They say Virgo is the most critical and selective sign of the zodiac. They’re detail-oriented, efficient and methodical. That being said, a Virgo needs stability. The star sign doesn’t like to beat around the bush, and if a Virgo has something to say, rest-assured that he/she will say it out loud. Because Virgo is linked to the Virgin, the sign is somehow linked to having a high sense of humanity and modesty. In terms of feelings and emotions, Virgos are eternal lovers. They just need someone worthy of their attention. Which of the 12 signs of the zodiac is the right match for a Virgo?

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  1. Virgo and Aries

These two signs are at the opposite ends of the scale but a relationship can work when both parties appreciate the qualities offered by the other. An Arian is a very direct sign whilst Virgo likes to think everything through before making any action. Both signs are happy to help others but may find difficulty in helping each other!

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  1. Virgo and Taurus

Both of these signs are practical and cautious but also extremely protective of their lifestyles. A link between them can be so close that too many it will appear they are reading each other’s minds. They will always be there for each other and Virgo will remember every date of any importance. Taurus for their part will ensure that Virgo is showered with gifts and affection when appropriate. There can be issues when Taurus’s stubborn streak arises and clashes with a Virgo’s conviction that they know best.

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  1. Virgo and Gemini

Intellectually, these two signs are a perfect match. They have a similar level of mental agility and sense of humor which automatically creates a comfort zone for them. Gemini is good at curbing a Virgo’s tendency to worry and adding some excitement to their lives whilst Virgo can keep Gemini focused. Gemini’s tend to prefer an easy life and this can clash with a Virgo’s need for perfection.

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  1. Virgo and Cancer

These two signs are both sensitive and will naturally support each other. Virgos can be very critical of themselves but Cancer balances this perfectly by always knowing the right thing to say. Both signs have a need to feel secure and will work well together to build a comfortable home environment.  In many ways these two signs are the perfect compliment for each other.

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  1. Virgo and Leo

If a Virgo is prepared to sit in the wings and allow a Leonean to take centre stage this can be a very rewarding relationship. Leos tend to have grand ideas and scheme which can be put into action by Virgos creating an atmosphere of mutual respect and admiration. Leo will easily be captivated by a Virgo’s personality and their creativity and will happily flatter a Virgo. This in turn will encourage a Virgo to live up to a Leo’s expectations. Both can rise to heights on the strength of each other’s convictions.

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  1. Virgo and Virgo

When two people born under the same sign meet their values and outlook will be very similar. Two Virgo’s will strive for the same things in life and can talk to each other on the same level right through the night. They will have a rapport which can become self absorbing and from time to time one of them will need to leave the comfort zone and push the boundaries. Their natural display of affection combined with excellent perception will allow both parties to feel appreciated and loved.

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  1. Virgo and Libra

This is a match which can work – with a little work! Virgos will need to suggest things tactfully so as not to offend the Libra. In return, Libras will have to ensure they do not assume the Virgo will take care of all the details. They are both charming, romantic signs and will work hard to ensure the other is appreciated and feels loved. A Virgo’s realism can act as a balance to Libra’s social nature and a firm footing as friends will ensure this relationship lasts the tests of time.

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  1. Virgo and Scorpio

Virgos have exceptional abilities when it comes to analysis and perceiving the true nature of things.  Scorpio’s tend to have a more penetrative mind and make great detectives. These two signs merge on an intellectual level and a Scorpio’s passion can improve a Virgo’s quality of life. These two signs work well together and feel no need to compete with each other, instead working in harmony for a better future.

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  1. Virgo and Sagittarius

A Virgo is driven by the need to improve itself and understand the universe around it. A Sagittarius seeks to increase their knowledge, particularly about the big things in life. This can create a bond between the two signs. Sagittarius is also good at helping Virgo enjoy life and worry less whilst Virgo will keep Sagittarius grounded. These two signs will forge recognition of each other’s strengths and weaknesses and form a lasting bond.

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  1. Virgo and Capricorn

These two signs are a perfect match. Their values are the same as is their need to gain respect and provide quality, meaningful work. They both have large amounts of common sense and Virgo will stand loyal by Capricorn. Capricorns for their part will work hard to make their dreams a reality. A Capricorn will provide respect and support which will sooth a Virgo when their self esteem is low.

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  1. Virgo and Aquarius

These signs have a natural affinity and can communicate exceptionally well. They are both intellectual and love to delve into life’s mysteries. They merge perfectly as Aquarius looks for freedom whilst Virgo finds order in the freedom. Both signs have a feeling of social responsibility and work hard to make the world a better place. Even their differences can be utilized to improve their relationship.

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  1. Virgo and Pisces

Both Virgo and Pisces can see in the other the qualities they are lacking in themselves. This creates a mutual respect and admiration which leads to a foundation of trust. A Virgo loves to look to the future and establish a step by step approach to their goal. Pisceans tend to dream and wish and hope their dreams come true. Virgos tend to be impressed by the perception, imagination and faith that Pisceans have. The two forces joined together can be unstoppable.  They both have a natural empathy for the world around them and feel safe talking to each other about fears that they would never normally tell another soul. They also both offer each other support – to grow and to heal when necessary. There are very few downsides for this couple as long as they keep the lines of communication open and respect the opposite traits they both bring to the relationship.

Virgos may be sharp thinkers and keen realists, but this doesn’t mean they can’t fall in love. In fact, this star sign is capable of really deep feelings. Provided that they can find a good match, a Virgo will be willing to go to extreme lengths to make things work.

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