7 Best Virgo Traits

By on February 26, 2015

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Virgo is the 6th sign of the zodiac, and probably one of the most interesting. Traits for men and women differ, but there are common characteristics too. Virgos are modest, caring people; they don’t ask for much and they’re rational enough to achieve great things in life. Some would say they’re naïve and shy; these are not bad traits, however they could harm an overly sensitive Virgo. On the bright side, we’re talking about perfectionist, practical and detail-oriented people. The sign falls between August 23 and September 22. Here are 7 of the best traits of a Virgo.

  1. Perfectionists

Virgos are perfectionists. They can’t overlook faults and they often expect perfection in return. This is both a quality and a defect. Perfectionist people are extremely meticulous and hardworking. They’re obsessed with cleanness and they never leave things half done. Don’t get this the wrong way – Virgos don’t suffer from an obsessive-compulsive disorder; they like order and they see things in black & white. A Virgo’s pursuit of perfection is done with joy and pleasure. Expect everything to look neat and tidy in a Virgo’s home. If we’re talking about a man’s crib, even better.

  1. Devoted

In spite of their perfectionist behaviors, Virgos are loving people. Rumor has it that they’re also insensitive, but that’s probably because they’re not being offered enough attention. As opposite to other signs of the zodiac, Virgo men and women are bad at showing their emotions. They’re not romantic either; however, it all depends from individual to individual. Virgos are capable of incredible feelings and emotions, but they need to find a person who can make them open their hearts. It’s tough to win over a Virgo, but if you use the right words and actions, they might end up loving you forever.

  1. Logical

Virgos are blessed with a brilliant mind, even though they take quite a lot of time to make a decision. This doesn’t mean they’re indecisive – they’re just analytical. Thanks to this amazing skill, Virgos are always ready to counsel their loved ones and help them with some good advice. In some people’s eyes Virgos may appear introvert. In fact, they like to choose their words carefully before speaking. Wise and down to Earth, you should want to have a Virgo in your life, just to keep you on your toes.

  1. Charming

When they’re in a relationship, both men and female Virgo are lovable and charming. They might appear skeptical at first, but once you’ve proven to be a worthy companion, they won’t have a problem with opening up and expressing their feelings. Caring and thoughtful, Virgos would go to extreme lengths to impress a partner. From a social perspective, people with this zodiac sign know how to make themselves liked. They’re cheeky, funny and polite.

  1. Supportive

If you’re in need of help or you want someone to talk to at a difficult time, Virgos are always there to listen. They give the best advice and won’t hesitate to say out loud what/and if you did wrong. In general, they live a fulfilling, happy life and they’re supportive of their loved ones. Having a Virgo in your life is a blessing; aside from being extremely organized and near, they value loyalty very much and will never disappoint you.

  1. Active

Versatile, unpredictable and dynamic, Virgos are not afraid of a challenge. They like the outdoors and they often engage in extreme sports, in spite of their logical and down-to-earth attitude. To some extent, this contradicts with their need to be in control and have everything planned out. However, the fact that they’re willing to get out of their comfort zone every once in awhile says a lot about their personalities. Virgos are researchers; they like to read, explore and discover. It’s a true blessing to have them in your life.

  1. Modest

Virgos are the definition of modesty. They don’t like to feel superior and they want to work with people as a team. This doesn’t mean that they’re bad leaders, however, they have a personal way of running their teams and companies. Virgos like to be appreciated for their efforts, but they want their efforts to be considered a team effort. In business, and in life, this is an act of altruism. It’s a quality we rarely see materialize in other signs of the zodiac.

Virgos have amazing qualities. They’re calm, detail-oriented, hardworking and altruistic. They can be a bit distant and cold as far as relationships are concerned, but once you get to know a Virgo you’ll realize they’re caring and lovable.

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