12 Tattoo Placements For Women

By on January 8, 2014

Choosing to get a tattoo is an exciting feeling, regardless of whether it’s your first or if you’ve had many before. Making the decision of what tattoo to get is hard enough but then you have to consider where to get it which is often a great deal harder. With so many places to choose from it’s a hard choice! You have to consider whether or not you want it permanently on show too – a lot of workplaces are now rejecting people for jobs if they have tattoos that they can’t cover so it’s a big thing to consider.

With that in mind, here’s what I consider to be the 12 best places a woman can get a tattoo and why…


On The Hip

Hip tattoos can look extremely feminine and can look fantastic. They’re great for showing off in a bikini or crop top and they’re also 100% hide-able for work and other everyday purposes. People don’t have to know you’ve got one unless you want them to. They’re mean to hurt quite a bit but when I got mine it was only a mild pain so I advise taking any pain scales you read with a pinch of salt.


Behind The Ear

Tattoos that are set behind the ear (with some stretching slightly down the neck) are becoming more and more popular, especially with women. They’re usually extremely delicate and feminine. When it comes to hiding it, you may have a few problems if you’ve got short hair but if your hair’s long then this should be a breeze. Warning – they’re quite high on the pain scale however!


On The Collar Bone

Quotes across the collar bone/shoulder are becoming ever more popular. Depending on exactly where you get this tattoo, they tend to only be mild-moderate on the pain scale and most of the time they can be covered by a shirt or high collared top if you need to hide it away.


On The Inner Wrist

This is probably my favorite place for a tattoo, despite the fact it’s normally always on show. You’ll always be able to see it so you can get the most out of it. It does tend to be a big no, no with a lot of employers however so this is something to keep in mind when considering one. You can cover it with long sleeves but, if you work in a hot environment, this may not always be suitable. Pain is moderate but just the idea of where the tattoo artist’s needle is going tends to have a lot of people squirming.


On The Lower Back

Lower back tattoos are absolutely stunning. They’re normally always hidden unless you’re strutting your stuff on a beach so they’re perfect for any environment. These tattoos can either be really small and delicate or they can stretch right across your back, it’s entirely up to you. They only rank as mild-moderate on the pain scale too which is an added bonus!


On The Ankle

Having a tattoo on an ankle is a largely feminine thing, you don’t see many men with them. These tattoos tend to be quite simple and delicate. You can hide them in any circumstance if you need to seeing as high tops will cover it if you’re in shorts or a skirt so there’s no reason to fear employment issues because of it. As this tattoo will be right on the bone the downside is that you’ll probably need a hand to hold when you’re getting it done.


In The Ear

Eeek – this one creeps me out a little but I must say they look lovely when they’re finished. Unfortunately you can’t hide inner ear tattoos but they’re so small there’s a chance people won’t notice it anyway. As you’ll be getting it on the cartilage, these tattoos can be extremely painful though. On the bright side, they’re so small they don’t take long to complete.


On The Shoulder

This is a classic placement for a tattoo for both women and men everywhere. Tattoos on the shoulder are easy to hide (though do consider these ones carefully if you want to wear a wedding dress at some point) and once again you can rock them when you’re wearing bikini. You may have to grit you’re teeth when getting it though – these tattoos hurt!


Between The Shoulder Blades

Despite being placed just along from a shoulder tattoo, tattoos between the shoulder blades hurt much less when getting done. There’s more tissue here so the pain is lower. Once again, they have the same perks of being able to hide them too. Personally, I think these tattoos are incredibly feminine and not to mention sexy.


On The Feet

Ouch! This is another that makes me squirm! Tattoos on the feet are great because you can hide them easily however as there’s so little of anything other than bone down there they hurt. If you’re considering one, make sure you get it in a place so your heels don’t hide half of it. You’ll want either all of it or none of it on show no doubt so be careful when placing it.


Between The Lower Neck And Upper Back

I love this placement for a tattoo! It’s great if you’ve got long hair too because it can be your little secret when your hair’s down. If you have to tie your hair up for work or have short hair, this tattoo isn’t popular with employers though. Because of where it is, getting this tattoo done will have varying pain levels (in other words, be prepared for anything!).


Across The Rib Cage

This is another idea which is distinctly feminine. Whether you get words, flowers, symbols or anything else here it’s sure to look beautiful. It’s easily hidden but you can still show it off in a bikini. Just be warned, the ribs is another area where your skin is thin and your bones are close to the surface so this will hurt.


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