50 Small Finger Tattoos

By on August 8, 2016

Small finger tattoos can have the biggest impact. The variety of models one can choose from is endless; this means that you need to spend quality time making the best decision. From cute hearts & roses to meaningful messages and funky designs, there has to be something to match with your personality. Have a closer look at our selection of 50 small finger tattos, and ink yourself this summer with a model that really speaks to your senses.

1.Creative Wolf Design

small finger tattoo_50

Check out this creative wolf design. It is so simple yet so amazing. Have the tattoo inked on the index finger and you’ll certainly make an impression. Your tattoo will almost look like a ring with a wolf design!

2. Intriguing Feathers

small finger tattoo_49

We love small, funky tattoos, especially on the middle finger. This sleek design with dots and feathers is truly inspiring. Get one with your best friend, and celebrate your friendship!

3. Cat-Inspired Tattoo

small finger tattoo_47

In love with cats? Let the whole world know by having a cat-inspired tattoo inked on your index finger. Choose a cool design and your closest friends will want to get one too.

4. Snow Flakes

small finger tattoo_46

Snow flakes are so delicate and minimalistic. The models presented above are truly alluring. Simple, yet chic! Have your ring finger populated by the best designs and all eyes will be pointed at your hands wherever you go.

5. Tiny Dolphin

small finger tattoo_41

The best tattoos are sometimes the smallest. Dolphins in particular, are fabulous! Get a classic design on whichever finger you want, and mark your love for dolphins forever with the most adorable tattoo.

6. Eternity Finger Tattoo

small finger tattoo_42

A tattoo can sometimes have a better meaning than a ring. An eternity symbol inked on your ring finger is the best proof of love you can give to the person you love most in this life – your husband.

7. Matching Anchor Tattoos

small finger tattoo_43

Anchors are famous symbol tattoos. They emphasize stability, loyalty and protection. Get one with your better half and celebrate the love you share for each other.

8. Dog & Cat Tattoo

small finger tattoo_44

In love with both cats and dogs? Check out this sublime finger tattoo. It is suggestive, funky and quite interesting. Exude your adoration for your furry friends, and seal the love you have with the cutest little tattoo.

9. Owl Tattoo

small finger tattoo_45

Owls symbolize wisdom and advanced education. The designs are numerous, so before you choose a tattoo for your finger, make a sensible choice. Go with a playful, fun design and have it inked on your ring finger for a greater impact on your friends.

10. Funky Musical Notes 

small finger tattoo_40

Showcase your adoration for music with this sleek finger tattoo. Music notes inked discreetly on your index and middle finger can have the greatest impact. No need to go big – bring an homage to your favorite tunes with the simplest but most striking music notes tattoo.

11. Cat Lover Tattoo

small finger tattoo_39

Another great tattoo idea for cat lovers! The design presented above is childish but fun, simple but striking at the same time. Ink your ring finger and let everyone love how much you cherish your furry little friend.

12. Libra Tattoo

small finger tattoo_38

Do you believe in astrology and want th whole world to know your sign? Think no more and get a Libra tattoo on one of your fingers. Exude your free-spirited personality and stand above the crowd with the most original and stylish tattoo!

13. Coffee Cup Tattoo

small finger tattoo_37

Some people like coffee, others love it! So why not get the most amazing coffee-inspired tattoo inked on your finger? Pick a simple model but with an impact. It will constantly remind you that you need a cup of coffee to start off your day and feel great.

14. Camera-Inspired Tattoo 

small finger tattoo_36

Simple, clean and with an impact – this beautiful camera-inspired finger tattoo is ideal for professional and aspiring photographers. Express your deep passion for taking shots (or selfies), and have it inked on your index finger.

15. Ruler-Inspired Tattoo

small finger tattoo_35

Original tattoos can have the biggest impact. Ruler-inspired tattoos are not very in common; which is precisely why we love them. Geometry freaks and math addicts will certainly adore them. Get one on your index finger and it will certainly draw people’s attention!

16. Simple Snowflake Tattoo

small finger tattoo_34

Snowflakes are so delicate and pure. Their design is detailed and truly inspiring for winter lovers. Have one tattooed on the middle finger and wear it with pride. Everyone will know how much love the snow!

17. Giraffe Design

small finger tattoo_33

Giraffes are magnificent creatures. Their long-reaching necks and pretty faces sort of make us believe that we can achieve anything in life – no matter the cost or estimated time-frame. Choose the most appealing design and stand out by having a one inked on a finger. The wow effect will be guaranteed.

18. The Owl & The Tree

small finger tattoo_32

An owl’s home is in a tree! Get a matching tattoo with someone you love the most; with some who is your home. Choose a simple yet suggestive design, and have the tattoo inked on whichever finger. The ring finger in particular, is sacred because it is reserved for the wedding ring. How beautiful your owl tattoo with match with a wedding band!

19. Believe & Dove Tattoo 

small finger tattoo_31

Believe that anything is possible, and do whatever’s necessary to achieve your dreams. That’s what the tattoo above is all about; it instills hope and passion. We can do everything, but we have to dare to take a chance.

20. Crown Tattoo

small finger tattoo_30

A little crown tattoo on your index finger can say a lot about your personality. You are the queen! Feel confident in your abilities and love yourself more than anything else in this world. This tattoo will give you the confidence boost you actually need to make an outstanding impression; on your loved ones and on every stranger that walks into your life.

21. Minimal Lines

small finger tattoo_29

This minimalistic finger tattoo is truly unique. There’s something about those lines that makes the hand stand out. In fact, this sort of ingenious tattoo will make you feel special; it’s surely not something you see everyday so why not try it out?

22. Rose & Spikes 

small finger tattoo_28

This beautiful and delicate rose with spikes tattoo is truly inspiring. The design is sleek and delicate, and the model speaks for itself. You may be the prettiest, but your “spikes” may not be as delicate as your petals.

23. Love Tattoo

small finger tattoo_27

A tattoo with a very simple yet meaningful message – “love”. Choose an equally enticing font and ink whichever finger you want to exude your devotion and adoration for the people or person you care most about in this life.

24. Yin/Yang Tattoo

small finger tattoo_26

There’s a yin for every yang, and this suggestive finger tattoo might be exactly what you need right now. You may be alone now, and sooner and later in life you’ll find your match, and then the circle will be complete.

25. “Mrs” Finger Tattoo

small finger tattoo_21

An excellent idea of a tattoo for future brides, soon-to-be wives. Ink a “Mrs” tattoo on your ring finger, right next to your engagement ring and let everyone know you’ve found The One.

26. Diamond Are Forever 

small finger tattoo_22

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend; they’re also eternal stones that exude extravagance, opulence and high-class. Get a diamond-like tattoo if you’re not into wearing rings, and you’ll manage to draw everyone’s attention with your unique sense of style.

27. Seashell Tattoo

small finger tattoo_23

A seashell tattoo marks your love and admiration for the beach and the sea. Those fond of the summer season will find this idea of a tattoo extremely original. Choose the cutest model and have it inked on your ring finger for an extra touch of originality.

28. Eternal Lotus Flower Tattoo

small finger tattoo_24

Featuring a deep spiritual meaning, the lotus flower is not just famous for its beauty. It symbolizes peace and harmony, as well as beauty and grace. A lotus-inspired tattoo is discreet, yet it bears an immeasurable significance for spiritual people.

29. Anchor, Compass & Sea Horse Tattoo

small finger tattoo_25

Get one of these amazing tattoo or all if you want, and emphasize your adoration for the sea. The anchor is a sign of stability whereas the compass helps you find your way in life and never get lost again. Wherever you are right now, sooner or later you’ll manage to get exactly where you want and need to be.

30. Delicate Feather-Inspired Tattoo

small finger tattoo_20

Feathers are incredibly delicate. They’re famous for their sheerness and purity, and that’s exactly what makes this tattoo so appealing.

31. Heart Tattoo

small finger tattoo_19

Heart tattoos are truly inspiring. They’re delicate and interesting, not to mention that they hold the most meaningful message – hearts symbolize love and adoration. Whether you have someone that means the world to you or not, at some point you will and that heart-inspired finger tattoo will finally have a purpose.

32. Boat & Anchor Tattoo

small finger tattoo_18

You’ve been sailing all your life haven’t you? You’ve been trying and trying to find your place and at last, you made it. The paper boat can symbolize your journey, and the anchor is your home. You are at home, there’s no reason to wander around anymore!

33. Mountain Lover Tattoo

small finger tattoo_17

Some people love the sea and the beach; others love the mountain and the wildlife. Whether you’re an avid hiker or just an amateur trekker, this tattoo might be just want to need to convey your passion for the natural surroundings.

34. Palm Tree Tattoo

small finger tattoo_16

Whenever we a palm tree, we think of the beach, the sun and smooth coastline sand. A palm tree finger tattoo brings a homage to what you love most – the exotic.

35. Dots & Fireworks 

small finger tattoo_11

This funky tattoo can have endless meanings. The dots can be an important number in your life, whereas the firework lines can easily symbolize a moment that had a great impact on your existence. Make your pick and revamp your fingers with the simplest but most soothing tattoo ideas.

36. Classic Rose Tattoo

small finger tattoo_12

Is the delicate rose your favorite type of flower? Well then, you can have it forever inked on your skin. Go with a nice design and choose a finger; keep it simple but classic to make others go wow!

37. Lucky Eye, Dots & Lines 

small finger tattoo_13

They say the lucky eye keeps haters at bay. A good eye tattoo on a finger is such an original idea; complement it with a few dots and lines and change completely the general appearance of your beautiful hands.

38. Scissors Love

small finger tattoo_14

Hairstylists will love this idea! Showcase your adoration for hairstyling and get a scissors tattoo on the ring finger. Choose the sleekest design and whenever you want to be reminded that you’ve succeed in the industry, just take another look at it.

39. The Sun & The Moon

small finger tattoo_15

Be the moon and let your spouse light up your day; let him be the sun. A matching sun-moon tattoo is exquisite. Newly weds, couples who are deeply in love, husbands and wives will love this idea.

40. Dog Paw Tattoo 

small finger tattoo_10

Dog paws are super cute. It shows just how much you care about your furry friend; the design we mentioned above is magnificent. We love the simplicity of the tattoo; it conveys at incredible amount of affection.

41. Constellation Tattoo 

small finger tattoo_09

Whether you’ve a Libra, Scorpio, Aquarius, Pisces, etc., a constellation finger tattoo will let everyone know that you’re a Zodiac fan. Make your pick and select an interesting design that really speaks to your senses.

42. The King & The Queen 

small finger tattoo_08

Matching finger tattoos are incredibly romantic. Get your inspiration from a desk of cards and opt for a king & queen finger tattoo. So simple, yet so romantic!

43. Cross Finger Tattoo 

small finger tattoo_07

When nothing can break your faith and you believe God is everywhere, a simple cross tattoo is everything you need to make a stand. It doesn’t need to be big and bright; small and discreet sometimes works best.

44. Floral Tattoo

small finger tattoo_06

Women love flowers! If there’s a type you’re particularly fond of, have it inked on your finger. It will remind you everyday that you’re pure and delicate.

45. Dots, Dots, Dots  

small finger tattoo_05

Dots tattoos are in trend this season. They’re incredibly simple but some have the greatest meaning. Three dots can be enough to show the world that this numbers matters the world to you.

46. Dotted Layers 

small finger tattoo_04

Adorn your fingers in dotted layers and choose a tattoo that exudes delicacy. The model above is discreet, but at the same time striking. Everyone will stare at your beautifully “decorated” finger.

47. Moon Tattoo

small finger tattoo_03

Let the moon guide you to the light! Get a moon-like tattoo on the middle finger and appreciate its hidden meanings. Everything starts with the moon, and if you’re an Astrology fan, then this tattoo will surely mean the world to you.

48. Hidden Lucky Eye 

small finger tattoo_02

We’ve already mentioned that the lucky eye has lots of meanings. Have one tattooed on your finger and feel safe. believe that nobody can harm you, and they won’t. Just have a little faith!

49. Tiger Tattoo

small finger tattoo_01

You might be delicate and sensible on the outside, but on the inside you’re a tiger. Exude your inner strength with this fabulous tattoo, and let everyone know you’re stronger than you look.

50. Dotted Ring

small finger tattoo_51This idea of a tattoo is gorgeous. If you’re not into wearing rings, this dotted tattoo shaped as a thin ring might just be what you need to make your hands stand out. Choose your design and get inked!

What do you think about our ideas? The 50 small finger tattoos we just mentioned are certainly inspiring. Make your pick and select the model and design that best speaks to you and your personality.

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