10 Most Annoying Beauty Problems – Solved!

By on January 11, 2013


We ladies certainly don’t have life easy do we? If it’s not period-related acne, it’s plastering concealer on our under-eye circles and looking “caked on!” It’s a hard life being a chick but hopefully, with these solutions for the 10 most annoying beauty problems, life will be much easier for you!

Peeling Nails

When you are not putting the right nutrients in your body, it is reflected by your skin, hair and nails primarily. Peeling nails is one of the main problems that women have to deal with when they are lacking in nutrients and can make it hard to feel good about yourself, especially if you work in an industry where people see your hands. One of the easiest things that you can do to prevent and stop this from happening is to increase your intake of Vitamin E. This will make them stronger and as well as supplements, you can find plenty of hand creams to fight against the problem.


Smudging Nails

You know how it is – you pain your nails before bed and somehow they still don’t manage to dry in time for you to sleep. How many times have you woken up in the morning with the fabric of your pillow or blanket embedded in your nails? Let’s be honest, none of us are patient enough to wait the couple of hours it really takes for your nails to dry but there is a solution. If you soak your nails in ice cold water for three or four minutes after you have painted them, not only will you get rid of any of the excess polish on your skin, but your nails will be dry in next to no time.

Caked on Concealer


We want to look beautiful when we leave the house for the day, and the only way to cover up those dark circles that give away our busy lifestyles is with a mountain of makeup. How do we stop our faces looking so caked with concealer however? Why not try a light, liquid light reflecting concealer rather than one of the stick varieties? Also, if you opt for peach colored tones, the grey area will be much more easily covered with less makeup.

Smudged Mascara


Waterproof mascara doesn’t seem to have the same look as the non-waterproof varieties which means we are more prone to having it smudge around our eyes and on our eyelids. One easy way to stop this from happening is to use a good mascara primer, which is one of the most underrated beauty products! You use a primer before foundation and even before eye shadow, so why not try it on your eyelashes as well?

The Wrong Shade!

How many times have you gotten home after a visit to the drug store only to realize that you have bought the wrong shade of foundation or concealer? Why not take a photo of your beauty product on your smart phone and have it saved on your phone? Think about it – you always have your phone on you, right? At least, by doing this, you will always have your makeup palette readily available!

Discontinued Shades!


Sticking with the theme of makeup shades, how annoying is it when your favorite color becomes discontinued? There are websites out there that will match your shade if it has been discontinued within the last three years (as long as it was not a limited edition shade) and a bit of internet researching, you will find many sites that allow you to find your perfect shade!

Panda eyes in the morning

Even when you take your makeup off the night before, when you find makeup around your eyes when you wake up, your cleanser and makeup removal product isn’t working to full capacity. It might be worth switching to a better product. Alternatively, once you have removed your makeup, use a good toner on a cotton pad to remove the rest.

Grimy Makeup Bottles

If you are smudging makeup when applying it, there could be excess residue on your bottle that is messing up your regime. Keep antibacterial wipes to handy to wipe the bottles and packets after you have used them to prevent them (and the inside of your makeup bag) from getting grubby.

Post Waxing-Redness

That red patch you get after you have waxed your top lip – it’s not pretty is it? Try using a hydrocortisone cream which can help to balance the redness? All you need is a quick dab and you will find that redness dissipate in a few minutes.

Period-Related Acne

You need to change your makeup regime and products throughout the month, especially at THAT time of the month. Try cutting out carbs for a few days when you know you are due on your period, and also use a more powerful skin and cleansing product that will help to zap those zits!

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