50 Best Hairstyles for Thick Hair

By on May 15, 2014

So you’ve got thick hair and aren’t quite sure what to do with it? It can be a nightmare at times, right? For me, the words unruly, untameable, and downright frustrating come to mind when I think of my thick hair. Well, all that may well be true but having thick hair can also be a great blessing. Thick hair is beautiful, especially if it flows in a mane down your back, so I say it’s time for us all to stop complaining and to start making the most of our luscious, thick hair. How do we do that? you ask. Well, never fear for as always I’ve been trawling the internet to find some of the best styles out there. I’ve been looking for styles to suit all lengths of hair, all walks of life, all personalities, and every occasion so you should never be lost for a little inspiration. That said, here are the fifty best styles for thick hair, whether your hair is short, medium, long, or you look akin to Rapunzel. Here goes…

1. Jennifer Lawrence Hairstyle For Thick Hair: Long Beach Waves

Hairstyle For Thick Hair1

Beach waves is a classic style that most anyone can pull off however you’re almost guaranteed to wear it better if you have thick, long hair. You can create beach waves by using your curlers or rollers but personally I think the best way is to simply braid your hair ahead of time and let your hair curl itself naturally. By braiding your hair your waves will be soft, natural, and slightly uneven which will enhance this look. Add a little hairspray so your style lasts longer too.

2. Emma Watson Hairstyle For Thick Hair: Short and Choppy

Hairstyle For Thick Hair2

By adding layers to your thick hair you make it instantly less bulky and therefore much more manageable. This is true of Emma Watson’s fabulous style. She’s had her chin length hair cut into choppy layers, making for an edgy, chic and carefree look. This style works best on heart or oval shaped faces but don’t be afraid to try it out if you have a square or round face too.

3. Kiera Knightley Hairstyle For Thick Hair: Short, Soft, Curls

Hairstyle For Thick Hair3

While any woman can pull of curls whether her hair is thick or thin, I find curls always look better on thick hair, namely because of the volume thick hair gives them. By curling short hair which often sticks to the head, you instantly transform your look and volumes it. If you’ve got a round face you should wear very big curls and give your hair as much volume as possible but for those of you with a petite face like Kiera you can wear gentle curls.

4. Rachel McAdams Hairstyle For Thick Hair: Pretty in Pink – Unruly Colour

Hairstyle For Thick Hair4

Coloured highlights are a great addition to any style but especially a short and choppy one like Rachel McAdams’ hair. The great thing about having thick hair is that you instantly have volume and texture without even trying, something that will make your highlights really stand out and take on a life of their own. Rachel looks fab with her pink highlights but of course you’re free to choose any colour you think will suit you.

5. Natalie Portman Hairstyle For Thick Hair: Low Ponytail

Hairstyle For Thick Hair5

Low ponytails are always a great look, especially if you hair is thick and therefore has a bit of volume to it. When you’re pulling your long or medium hair into a low ponytail, try not to make it too tight. Leave flyaway hairs to give your look that little something extra like Natalie. Also, you can add a few curls to your ponytail to rally set your look off.

6. Miley Cyrus Hairstyle For Thick Hair: Long Side Braid

Hairstyle For Thick Hair6

I love side braids, they’re probably one of my favourite hairstyle, and I can tell you that they definitely look better when done on thick hair. This is because your braid will have much more bounce to it, and you can even tease it apart to make it look thicker still. Also, to make the most of showing off your thick hair don’t bundle all of your hair into your braid. Leave some of it flying free so your thick hair really catches people’s eyes.

7. Selena Gomez Hairstyle For Thick Hair: Long Ponytail

Hairstyle For Thick Hair7

While ponytails can be frustrating to create if you have thick hair which insists on being unruly, they’re worth the effort you put into them. As you can see from Selena, thick ponytails look great due to all the volume in them, something you can’t achieve naturally with thin hair. The longer your hair the better for this look, ladies, but you can still give this style a bash if you have medium hair too.

8. Miley Cyrus Hairstyle For Thick Hair: Elegant Curls

Hairstyle For Thick Hair8

This is perhaps Miley’s best look if you ask me, and her brilliant style is enhanced by her beautifully thick hair. She’s curled her medium length curls to make her look like she’s walked right out the twenties, a style which is really coming back into fashion right now. Her thick hair gives her curls more volume, adding to her look, and her various layers mean it all sits nicely together.

9. Katy Perry Hairstyle For Thick Hair: High Ponytail

Hairstyle For Thick Hair9

While even people with thin hair can make high ponytails, they tend to look a little limp and lifeless. If you’ve got thick hair however that isn’t the case. Your high ponytail will look fab and full from hairband to hair tip, giving you a fab look. The longer the hair the better for this look, but if you’ve got medium hair you can still attempt it. Useful tip: the higher the ponytail the longer your hair will look.

10. Emma Watson Hairstyle For Thick Hair: Short, Cute Pixie Haircut

Hairstyle For Thick Hair10

If you’re going for a super short pixie haircut then thick hair is great as you’ll manage to get all the great benefits of this style without your hair looking like it lies too close to your head. This is a great style for all face shapes except for round faces (a longer pixie style will suit them better) and also a style I think everyone should try at least once.

11. Rachel Bilson Hairstyle For Thick Hair: Full Fringe

Hairstyle For Thick Hair11

Yes, yes, I hear you, people with thin hair often have full fringes too. Well, that’s true but they don’t wear them nearly as well. This is because as soon as any heat (hairdryers, straighteners etc) go near their fringe it suddenly looks thinner than ever and the style is lost. Those of you with thick hair won’t have that problem however. Anyone can pull off a fringe too, though if you’ve got a round face I advise going with a blunt fringe over a rounded one.

12. Selena Gomez Hairstyle For Thick Hair: Medium Bob

Hairstyle For Thick Hair12

Medium bobs look great on thick hair, especially if you add no layers to it like Selena as this makes it look even thicker. This is a great style whether you’re professional or planning on going out partying, plus it suits any face shape so you don’t have to worry about it not suiting you. This style also looks super cute if you tuck one side of your hair behind your ear.

13. Sophie Bush Hairstyle For Thick Hair: High, Big Bun

Hairstyle For Thick Hair13

If you’ve got thin hair then you can easily achieve a thick bun by using a doughnut however if you have naturally thick hair you can great an even more natural looking affect without quite so much hassle. This style works for long hair and can be done by first tying you hair into a high ponytail and then looping your hair around and fastening it into this fab looking bun. This style can be done in minutes, though you wouldn’t think it with how great it looks.

14. Hayden Panettiere Hairstyle For Thick Hair: Brushed Back, Long Pixie Cut

Hairstyle For Thick Hair14

This is a great style whether you’re planning on working or playing. It’s a great way to change up your pixie cut and really works for thick hair because of the amount of volume your hair will create. You’ll need to use a bit of product topped off with a bit of hairspray to create this look but after that you’ll be golden. The only face shape this doesn’t really work for is round faces.

15. Kate Hudson Hairstyle For Thick Hair: Boho Long Waves

Hairstyle For Thick Hair15

Boho long waves look great if you’ve got thick hair because your hair will add to the unruly nature of your look. To get the best out of this look, make your waves and curls a little uneven like Kate Hudson has done. You can try this with medium length hair but in all honesty it doesn’t really have the same effect. Those of you with long hair will definitely rock this look best.

16. Miley Cyrus Hairstyle For Thick Hair: Half Shaves Pixie Haircut

Hairstyle For Thick Hair16

Pixie hairstyles look great on people with thick hair as they tend to have a lot more volume and look bouncier. I love this shaves look as it’s undeniably cute. This is a style that only face shape can pull off too – now it’s just a case of you finding the courage to shave half your head.

17. Katy Perry Hairstyle For Thick Hair: Fancy, Long Poytail

Hairstyle For Thick Hair17

Ponytails don’t have to be boring, in fact they can be incredibly fancy as Katy Perry shows us here. By taking a few strands of your hair and moulding them into an undo you bring new life to your hair and are much more likely to stand out in a crowd. Be as creative as you dare with this one, ladies, this style is one you can truly make your own.

18. Jennifer Lawrence Hairstyle For Thick Hair: Ruffled Pixie Haircut

Hairstyle For Thick Hair18

Like I said before, pixie haircuts are great for thick hair as they don’t cling to your head and look flat. This is especially true if you ruffle your hair up a bit like J. Law has done here. This is a great style and one which looks different every time you do it. You can use a bit of product to create this style but personally I prefer just running fingers through the hair and then finishing it off with a touch of hairspray, no fuss needed.

19. Jennifer Lawrence Hairstyle For Thick Hair: Regular Ponytail

Hairstyle For Thick Hair19

So I covered high ponytails, low ponytails, and even fancy ponytails earlier but I just wanted to remind you all that there’s nothing at all wrong with regular ponytails. Again, they look great with thick hair as they have a lot more volume and bounce to them. This is a fab style for any face shape and perfect for a day at the office.

20. Rihanna Hairstyle For Thick Hair: Long Perm

Hairstyle For Thick Hair20

Perms look fab on long, thick hair, mostly because they have much more life about them. They don’t look dull and flat, they look bouncy and luscious. There’s a perm for every face shape too, each of them done differently and creating different types of curls to suit you. You can get perms done of medium hair too but they tend to look far better on long hair like Rihanna’s. Oh, and the thicker your hair the better your perm will take.

21. Hilary Duff Hairstyle For Thick Hair: Side Swept

Hairstyle For Thick Hair21

I love seeing women with all their thick hair swept over to one side, and often pinned in place. This is a great look as it stops your hair tom falling across one side of your face and creates a lush, volumised pile of hair on your other shoulder. It’s a very chic and elegant look but you can also style it to make it look casual or even very professional. Why not add a few curls to mix it up too?

22. Candice Accola Hairstyle For Thick Hair: Dip Dyed 

Hairstyle For Thick Hair22

Okay, so this is a style for thin hair as well as thick hair but I’m including it because it’s a style you should never overlook. Dip dying is great and can instantly transform your hair and change your look. You can go with a bold colour like Candice or if that’s not really you then you can always go down the route of having a natural coloured dip dye. Don’t be afraid to experiment and ask your stylist for advice.

23. Candice Accola Hairstyle For Thick Hair: Accessorise!

Hairstyle For Thick Hair23

Accessorising  is by far the easiest and quickest way to restyle your hair without any fuss. You can use hairbands, grips, or (my favourite choice) hats to change up your look. Hats look great with thick hair as your hair is less likely to go limp beneath them so you still keep your style. You don’t have to have your hair braided like Candice to wear a hat either – why not experiment with tying your hair up, low buns, curls, and wearing your hair loose too?

24. Hayden Panettiere Hairstyle For Thick Hair: Half Pinned Back

Hairstyle For Thick Hair24

The biggest problem I have with my thick hair is that it’s always falling forward as it’s so heavy, something that this style combats. By pinning half of your hair back you instantly change your look and reveal your pretty face to the world. You can use a number of different types to do this so be sure to choose the type that suits where you’re headed best. Take Hayden for example: her glittery pins are perfect for the red carpet and really make her look like she belongs.

25. Kate Hudson Hairstyle For Thick Hair: Long and Straight

Hairstyle For Thick Hair25

When you straighten thin hair it tends to go even thinner the second the heat touches it, often making it look incredibly limp and lifeless. For those of you with thick hair you won’t have that problem however which means that the straight look is something you can really rock.  This look is perfect for any face shape and is also something that you can pull of casually, at a formal event, at work, on a night out – literally anywhere! It’s smart, casual, and chic all in one. Plus, you’ll love the shine straightening your hair gives it.

26. Nina Dobrev Hairstyle For Thick Hair: Long, Central Braid

Hairstyle For Thick Hair26

Central braids look fabulous at all times but especially if they’re done on long, thick hair like Nina Dobrev has. They’re a great choice for any face shape as you can alter them to include your bangs styles how best suits you. The biggest downside to them is that they’re a nightmare to do singlehandedly so you may have to enlist the help of a friend or partner to create one for you. Other that that however they’re a fabulous choice of style.

27. Jennifer Lawrence Hairstyle For Thick Hair: Long Curls and Soft Bangs

Hairstyle For Thick Hair27

Long curls look great on thick hair because they have so much volume and texture. They tend to stay in longer than they would on thin hair too. The great thing about curls is you can alter them to be as large or small as you like which means you can adapt them to any face shape or occasion. I’d also like to point out J.Law’s fabulous, soft fringe. She has a full fringe but it’s been cut so it falls very softly and doesn’t take over her look, something which thick hair can often do. If you’re getting a fringe, try a one like this. One which looks grey but isn’t too heavy due to your thick hair.

28. Hilary Duff Hairstyle For Thick Hair: Rock Chick/Boho Long, Half Up Do

Hairstyle For Thick Hair28

I’m not even sure where to begin when it comes to telling you why this style is fantastic. You only need to look at it to tell! Here Hilary is wearing her long hair in a half up do but has used a mixture of curls and waves to changer her style from prim and proper to a cross between a rock chick and boho, a unique combo. Note how not a single strand of her her hair is perfect, but yet because none of her hair is perfect it all looks pretty damn hot. I know, it’s an odd thing to comprehend but you only need to look at her to know why this style works. If you’re thinking of going for this style just remember to lock it in place with a little hairspray.

29. Emma Watson Hairstyle For Thick Hair: Medium Length Elegance 

Hairstyle For Thick Hair29

I always think medium length hair is a bit of an odd length as it’s not really long enough to style yet it’s long enough to need styling all the same. This style worn by Emma Watson is a great use of medium length hair and makes it love incredibly cute and elegant. Emma has curled her hair gently and pulled it back off of her face by securing a few strands with subtle pins. I also love how she’s kept her bangs down on one side to frame her face, something you ought to experiment with to see what way your bangs should be worn to suit your face shape.

30. Katy Perry Hairstyle For Thick Hair: Gentle, Medium Length Waves

Hairstyle For Thick Hair30

Your hairstyle doesn’t need to be elaborate, in fact it can be incredibly simple and still look fabulous as Katy Perry shows us with her head of gently waves. Her waves are very subtle yet they add a new dimension and a layer of volume to her thick hair. This is a great style if you’re looking for something quick and easy and one that’s easily maintained throughout the day. Just add a bit of hairspray and you’re good to go.

31. Sophia Bush Hairstyle For Thick Hair: Thick Fringe

Hairstyle For Thick Hair31

While Sophia Bush’s fringe may look thick and heavy, it’s actually an illusion due to the natural volume of her hair. Her look is created using minimal hair yet still looks gorgeous. This is a great tip if you’re thinking of getting a full fringe. That said, full fringes don’t tend to suit round faces so you may want to consider a different type of bangs. If you’ve got a delicate face shape however then jump right in!

32.Rachel McAdams Hairstyle For Thick Hair: Half Curls

Hairstyle For Thick Hair32

Sometimes curling all of your hair can be too much for thick hair and adds too much volume however this style worn by Rachel McAdams is a great alternative. By just curling one half of her hair she creates a volumised look that’s chic and classic yet without making her hair too big. This is a great style if you have a round face as it means you don’t run the risk of making it look any rounder, though as you can see from Rachel McAdams it works for more delicate face shapes too.

33. Hilarie Burton Hairstyle For Thick Hair: All Ove Perm

Hairstyle For Thick Hair33

Of course some people do suit having curls all over their head, especially if they have a delicate face shape. Hilarie Burton wore this style on One Tree Hill for years and had hoards of girls pining for her amazing style. This look works best on delicate faces and tends to stay in longer on people with medium length hair.

34.Miley Cyrus Hairstyle For Thick Hair: Long and Natural

Hairstyle For Thick Hair34

Remind me again why people with long, thick hair are even bothering to style their hair? Call me crazy, but I think the natural look really works, something which Miley proves to be true in this picture. Her long hair looks gorgeous and is full of volume as it’s so thick. For days when you can’t be bothered to style your hair don’t fret – simply grab the hairbrush and head out the front door. You’re sure to look fabulous either way.

35. Kiera Knightley Bairstyle For thick Hair: Rough Bob

Hairstyle For Thick Hair35

I love Kiera’s rough bob here. She looks so chic despite her hair being somewhat ragged, a style which really suits her. Note how her hair has no layers, making it look even thicker, something which you ought to do too if you’re considering this style. This style is great for oval and heart shaped faces but it’s not likely to suit people with square or round face shapes.

36. Jennifer Lawrence Hairstyle For Thick Hair: Low Side Bun

Hairstyle For Thick Hair36

Low side buns are a fantastic choice for thick hair (the longer the better) as they’re pretty quirky, fashionable, chic, and professional all in one. They work best on long thick hair as this makes for a bigger bun and in this case I say the unrulier the hair the better. You just have look at J.Law to see how well her messy side bun works so don’t worry if you can’t create the perfect side bun, it’s no big deal.

37. Jennifer Lawrence Hairstyle For Thick Hair: Sleek Pixie Haircut

Hairstyle For Thick Hair37

I’ve seen women with thick and thin hair try the pixie cut and from experience I can tell you that the style works way better on thick hair as your look will still have a bit of life to it and won’t end up clinging to your head. To make the most of this look you’ll likely need to wash your hair daily (something I wouldn’t normally advise) and steer clear of conditioner for the most part too.

38. Miley Cyrus Hairstyle For Thick Hair: Shoulder Length Curls

Hairstyle For Thick Hair38

Shoulder length curls is an incredibly classy style, as Miley shows off above. The good thing about having thick hair to do this style is that it makes your curls look even bigger, a big pro since it can be hard to create decent curls on this length of hair anyway. Also, take a look at Miley’s cute, natural coloured dip dye. This really adds a little something extra to her look if you ask me.

39. Anne Hathaway Hairstyle For Thick Hair: Shoulder Length Curls

Hairstyle For Thick Hair39

Here’s another variation of shoulder length curls for you but this time the curls are far more extensive, making for a bolder and slightly less tameable look. Anne looks fantastic here and her hair is full of life. The only downside to having these super sized curls is that they won’t work quite as well on round faces. While you can use curlers to create this look, I think that rollers are the most effect way to do this.

40. Katy Perry Hairstyle For Thick Hair: Colour Crazy

Hairstyle For Thick Hair40

One of my favourite things about thick hair is how textured it is, something which Katy Perry’s colour crazy look really makes the most of. By colouring your hair lots of different shades you really show off how thick it is and will wow people with your lucious locks. Don’t worry if your’e not up from being as bright as Katy. P. either, you can create the same illusion using more natural tones with a few highlights or lowlights thrown in for added effect.

41. Emma Watson Hairstyle For Thick Hair: Headband

Hairstyle For Thick Hair41

Like I said before, I love thick hair but it really annoys me too as it can sometimes fall in your way. By simply adding a hairband like Emma Watson has done you stylishly combat this issue. Her’s is a very subtle addition but you can be as flamboyant as you like. I love seeing headbands with flowers on them but it really depends on where you’re headed and the tone of your day. The best way to choose a headband is to make it match your outfit.

42. Jennifer Lawrence Hairstyle For Thick Hair: Low Bun

Hairstyle For Thick Hair42

Low buns are great and incredibly stylish too. You’ll be pleased to hear that they’re much easier to create than low side buns too. When you’re setting your bun, try to make it about the same height as J. Laws – any lower and it will likely brush on any high necked clothes you’re wearing and will probably fall out prematurely. Of course, a little hairspray goes a long way to combat this.

43. Demi Lovato Hairstyle For Thick Hair: Bold and Beautiful

Hairstyle For Thick Hair43

Few changes to your hair make more of a statement than adding a bold colour to your look. This is of course something you can try on any hair length but the longer the better as this will make way more of a statement. In truth you need not go quite this bright, you can create the same impact with natural colours too like going from brunette to blonde etc.

44. Rihanna Hairstyle For Thick Hair: Side Swept Bob

Hairstyle For Thick Hair44

So we’ve already covered why bobs are great for thick hair but before we wrap up I wanted to mention the side swept bob. This is one of the few bob styles I suggest adding a few layers to as the extra texture goes a long way. The side swept look is great for helping to make round or square faces look more delicate too, especially if you have bangs like RiRi.

45. Hayden Panettiere Hairstyle For Thick Hair: Classy Long Bob

Hairstyle For Thick Hair45

I love this classy long bob from Hayden. It looks amazing swept back of her face, a style you can create easily simply by blow-drying your hair into the desired position. A few short layers really add to this look but be sure not to overdo it or your hair won’t look as thick as you’d like it too. You can try this look if you have a fringe but if I’m honest it won’t work nearly half as well.

46. Selena Gomez Hairstyle For Thick Hair: Half Up Do

Hairstyle For Thick Hair46

Okay, so I’ve called it a half up of but Selena hasn’t actually needed to use anywhere near as much hair to create this stunning look. That’s the great thing about thick hair however, you don’t need much to make an impact. This is a style that definitely works best if you have long hair as it means all the hair you’ve pinned back will fall beautifully down your back. You could also try straightening or curling your hair to add to this style.

47. Nina Dobrev Hairstyle For Thick Hair: Coloured Highlights

Hairstyle For Thick Hair47

You don’t need many but a few highlights (preferably coloured) will go a long way to brightening up your hair. By adding highlights to thick hair you automatically give the illusion of more volume, something which Nina proves here. Also, by curling her hair it makes this look even better and makes her look classy, casual, professional and chic all at the same time. This is one of my favourite styles on the list.

48. Emma Watson Hairstyle For Thick Hair: Plaited Bun

Hairstyle For Thick Hair48

If your hair is long enough to braid when it’s in a ponytail when you ought to try turning that braid into a bun for the stunning look Emma has here. This works great for thick hair as the thicker your hair the bigger the bun – the same goes for long hair too.

49. Hayden Panettiere Hairstyle For Thick Hair: Braided Bangs

Hairstyle For Thick Hair49

Another great way to get your thick hair off of your face is to French braid them out of the way like Hayden has. This is a great look for all face shapes.

50. Kiera Knightley Hairstyle For Thick Hair: Wavy Bob

Hairstyle For Thick Hair50

By simply adding a few waves to your bob you will completely transform your look and your thick hair will give it loads more volume. This is a style that best suits delicate face shapes.

So there you have it, the fifty best hairstyles for incredibly thick hair. Hopefully you’ve found a style to suit your needs and to help you spice up your look. And remember, these styles are just guidelines too so don’t be afraid to alter the styles and change them to suit you. Add hair accessories or a bit of colour, make your hair extra wild or super sleek – whatever suits you! Personally, I prefer my thick hair long however hopefully I’ve shown you that thick hair can look incredible no matter the length you wear it at. And don’t stress if even after trying all these styles your hair is still a tad unruly – just add a dab of product or an extra strong conditioner and your hair should come under control. Oh, and one last tip. Just a minute of straightening thick hair is a great way to tame it and make it much easier to style. Have fun!


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