12 Reasons Men Don’t Text Back

By on February 2, 2017

In a world where you can easily form a relationship over a computer screen or your phone, texting is extremely important for communicating and building that relationship. You can’t really get to know someone if you don’t get to talk with them, right?

But that makes it even more difficult to get to know someone if they don’t text you back. We can’t deny that men seem to not reply to a text far more then us girls do. Maybe it’s because we get more excited to talk to them or maybe it’s because they’re just too nervous to reply.

Either way, not getting that text back is just devastating. And very, very confusing. What does it even mean when they ignore a text from us? Well, lucky for you, I’ve figured out some of the reasons men don’t text back.

  1. They’re busy.

This should be the first thing you assume. Never just skip down to “he’s not interested” because that could get you in a lot of trouble. Guys can’t text back when they’re busy. If they’re working or out and about and can’t have their phone on them all the time, they’re obviously not going to text back.

  1. They didn’t get your text yet.

This is another reason they don’t get back. Maybe your text never went through or maybe they just haven’t opened their phone in a long time and haven’t even seen it at all. Instead of jumping to conclusions and getting upset, just remember that guys aren’t really the type to obsessively check their phone – no matter how into you they are. But be sure not to fall for this excuse when they use it over and over again.

  1. They’re not sure how to reply.

This is a huge reason guys put off replying. Sometimes they don’t know what to say. Maybe they’re nervous and want to say just the right thing to a comment you made. Taking the time to come up with that reply can take a long time and it may seem like they’re not texting back when they do this. However, this is a good reason they don’t reply. It means they care about your opinion.

  1. They want to avoid confrontation.

Guys will straight up ignore you because he knows you’re mad or he doesn’t want to explain himself in any way. This can be made worse the longer he goes without replying because he knows you’ll be even more upset with him. They just want to avoid confrontation in this matter and if they have to start a conversation by apologizing, they would rather not start it at all.

  1. Because they’re not interested.

Sometimes they’ll avoid confrontation because they’re just not interested in you. If you two have hung out a time or two and used to text but now he’s avoiding you, this may be the case. Guys would rather ignore texts and not reply rather than tell you they’re just not into it. It’s awkward for them and they don’t want to upset you – even though they already are by ignoring your texts.

  1. They saw it and just forgot.

This happens all the time. My boyfriend has a horrible habit of this and it’s something you just have to remember when men don’t text back. Sometimes they see the message and then put their phone down because they can’t reply that minute or they’re preoccupied and then they forget they even got the text to begin with.

  1. They’re annoyed and can’t keep up.

If you’ve been texting him all day without a response, he’s going to have a lot to look through and reply to. That’s not always good. If he feels overwhelmed and like he can’t possibly keep up, he’ll probably just ignore it all completely.

  1. They don’t want to be misunderstood.

Guys know that us girls take our texts very seriously. We sit and analyze them as if they’re going to reveal all their secrets. That’s intimidating and guys don’t want you to misunderstand them.

  1. They don’t want to talk.

Sometimes, guys just don’t want to talk at all. They’re not always in the mood to chat – particularly if they’re not in a good mood at all. That being said, if this is how they’re feeling, they’re just going to ignore the texts. They’ll avoid replying so they don’t have to sit at their phone and have a conversation. It’s not just you. It might be everyone who tries to talk to them.

  1. They’re playing hard to get.

Guys know the game, too ladies. They know that if they ignore you every now and then they’ll have you practically begging at their feet. Why? Because you do. When you don’t get a text back you sit and worry and wonder and want them to talk to you even more. So he could just be playing this game.

  1. You didn’t intrigue them enough to reply.

If you just hit them up with a “hey”, they’re not going to want to reply. It doesn’t show any interest. It doesn’t get them wanting to talk to you. Sure, you greeted them, but you have to intrigue them a little more if you want them to text you back. So you can send them things like, “hey, guess what I’m doing” and play a little game.

  1. They don’t want anything from you right then.

This has more to do with sex than anything else. Many guys put off texting a girl back because it’s the middle of the day and they know nothing will come of it. So they wait to reply until later that night when they know you’ll be free if they want to come over and get some. If you notice this trend, stop replying to them late at night.

Guys can be really frustrating. Sometimes they reply right away and other times they don’t text back at all. The next time a man doesn’t reply to you, these reasons might be why.

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