What Does it Mean When a Guy Calls You Beautiful?

By on December 22, 2016

Ah, the amazing feeling that comes along when a guy calls you beautiful. Can you even think of something better than that feeling!? You know the one we’re talking about, right? The warm, fuzzy, confident feeling that washes over you when you hear him say it? We know that feeling all too well. But when he does say it and you do get that feeling, you may not fully understand why he is calling you beautiful in the first place. That’s totally understandable, because, let’s face it, we all know just how confusing guys can be. Men can be extremely held back when it comes to saying complements, because usually it’s in their nature to be that way. Some men are not as open about what is on their minds compared to how open a lot of women can be. Women can go around throwing out complements like it’s their day-job and sometimes they don’t even really mean it. They are just saying it to be a nice person or to boost someone’s confidence up. Guys aren’t like that. Well, not generally anyways. Some guys might be that way, but let’s just assume a majority of them aren’t. So when a guy tells you that he thinks you are beautiful, he’s probably not joking around. More than likely, he does actually think that way of you. There’s seldom a guy that you’ll find going around calling girls beautiful just for a simple laugh.

When he says something like that to you it usually means that you finds you extremely attractive. A guy will have to be fairly comfortable with you to say something like beautiful. If he’s less comfortable with you then he might use duller words. He’s classing it up by avoiding lame words like ‘cute’ or ‘pretty’. Beautiful sounds much more elegant and much more meaningful. You might wonder if he really means it when he says it to you. Usually, yes, he will mean it. Beautiful isn’t a term that men throw around loosely. They may throw around ‘sexy’ or ‘adorable’, but never beautiful. Beautiful can also reach to a much deeper level than just a physical attractions, as in he also thinks of you as a beautiful person as a whole. He may think you have a beautiful voice, personality or mind. Who knows? Whatever the case, it’s one of the best things to be called, don’t you agree?


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