What You Should Know Before Using Hair Extensions

By on August 8, 2013

Hair extensions are one of the most beloved items within the beauty community. They are used by many celebrities, teens and women everyday. How else would celebrities go from having short hair to being Rapunzel within a days time?

That's got to be extensions!

Definitely not real length, there, Miley, nevertheless lookin’ good!

Extensions are a great thing to have if you have damaged hair, thin hair, short hair or even if you just plainly want to get a little more volume and length added on. Before you rush out and get them right away, here are some things you should know before buying yourself extensions.

First off: There are a lot of options.

That’s a major thing to think about before spending your money on a type you’ll regret. You wouldn’t guess it but, there are so many different kinds of fake hair and real human hair extensions to choose from. You also have to decide how you want them done. Doing them at home by yourself can be done, but getting them done at a salon can be more effective and look better. You will have to decide how you want them applied, as well. There are a few types: Tape-in, Clip-In, Glue-In, Cold/Warm Fusion, Tubes/Beads/Etc. The best way to choose from these is to think about how long you want the extensions to be in your hair.

Secondly: They can be costly.

Extensions are expensive! They can cost up to $8,000. Crazy right? Depending on how you want them done, how many it’ll take to do your hair, what type you want and what they’re made of. It usually isn’t cheap to get these. Although, you can decent extensions for around $100 bucks, it usually costs more to get them done in a salon.

Thirdly: They can damage your hair.

Especially if you have thin, damaged hair. Hair extensions, depending on the different types, can damage your hair even more than it already was or it can take gorgeous hair and ruin it. They can put a lot of stress on the hair because of the weight and the pull. If they’re not applied properly they can also cause hair loss.

To prevent this, make sure whoever is doing them (whether a hairdresser, a friend or yourself) knows what they’re doing! It’s all about getting them done correctly.

Fourthly: They can hurt.

Depending on the type of course, so choose wisely! Clip-ins can be taken out during the night and should be, but they can start to dig into your scalp during the day while you’re wearing them. When the more permanent types are in they can get extremely heavy when you get them wet and that can be a real headache, too.

Fifth: They are a lot of work to keep up with!

Extensions usually need to be redone about every 5-6 months and that can get a lot more expensive than the initial extensions. Also, they tangle easier, they require careful straightening and curling, special products, etc. So, even though they look effortlessly beautiful, remember that they take a lot of effort!





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