What to wear with leggings

By on December 4, 2014

Leggings are an important part of every fashion girl’s closet. However, it might be a challenge to succeed in wearing them due to their tricky nature: leggings are neither pants nor tights. That is why it is essential to consider carefully what to pair them with to avoid appearing underdressed. These 10 effortless tips will help you get some inspiration when choosing what to wear with leggings. Just remember to make sure your leggings fit you perfectly and they are not too tight or too loose. Leggings that are too tight might resemble pajamas and leggings that are too loose might not be flattering to your legs.

  1. With a basic button-up.


Leather leggings will be great for this look, but, in fact, any black leggings can be worn with a classic button-up shirt. The outcome is business casual and ready for a long day in the office. This look will even be good for an interview, in case you are looking for a job in a creative field. Just make sure the accessories match each other for an ultimate professional look, and take extra care when choosing the shoes to go with the outfit.

  1. With a loose dress.


One of the timeless hits. Floral, print, lace, or plain knitwear dress will acquire a new distinct look when paired with leggings. Go for black ones during the day and alter them for something sparkly for a night out.

  1. With a tutu.


This is not an easy look to pull off, but the result will be absolutely worth it! Pair a tutu skirt with plain leggings for an absolute French socialite chic and sophistication. Pair the outfit with bold statement accessories to look hip. Do not be afraid to go for a bright skirt to emphasize your joie de vivre mood and the world around you will vibrate with new luminous colors.

  1. With a trench coat.


This look is great for a cold weather when you still want to be business-like and professional and traditional business outfits do not seem that exciting anymore. Just make sure before showing up at your office that they would be ok with you wearing leggings. Needless to say, your leggings should be black or earth tone to talk and not to scream out.

  1. With a tunic.


One of the easiest looks to pull off. It’s casual, it’s relaxed, it’s very traditional, and it’s simple. Nevertheless, with a proper choice of shoes and daring accessories, it might turn your whole style into chic and sophisticated one.

  1. With lots of layers.


Any leggings- leather, printed, sparkly, and sequined- will definitely look best when mixed and matched with lots of layers on top. This is a fabulous outfit for girls who like to experiment and try new looks. Combine your bottoms with printed shirt and a big scarf, add to that an oversized jacket and sunglasses. The great thing about this look that you can change just one item in your whole outfit to get a completely new look.

  1. With a mini dress.


Some girls do not really feel comfortable wearing minis. That is when leggings come to the rescue and turn into a perfect match for a bold dress. You will look sexy and hot without being dressed provocatively and that will make you stand out. With a proper pair of shoes, all eyes will be on you!

  1. With a baggy jumper.


For a cozy casual look pair leggings with a baggy jumper. The jumper should cover your hips ( or at least hit at mid-hip) and be one or two sizes bigger than your size to balance the leggings and to create a finished look. Looking underdressed is the biggest risk when wearing leggings instead of pants.

  1. With an oversized coat.

After having read all these tips, you still are not sure whether leggings are a good idea for a cold weather? The great news is yes, you can wear leggings in fall or winter if you put on a nice cozy coat. An oversized coat will keep you warm and make your legs visually thinner.

  1. With socks.


Yes, you can wear leggings with socks! Just make sure you match your socks with the rest of your outfit. Go for various shades of the same color scheme and do not forget to wear nice comfortable shoes.

Leggings are extremely versatile and are great for girls of any height and size. That’s why we love them so much! Leggings do not have to be black. Animal prints, funky patterns, bright colors- the choice is all yours. Just keep in mind this simple rule when wearing leggings: the top should be long enough to make your look complete. Experiment with them and you will look great all the time!

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