What to do When He Doesn’t Text You Back

By on February 3, 2017

Guys suck at communicating. That’s just something that us girls are going to have to accept if we ever hope to coexist with them. They’re no good at it. They don’t text back and it’s really annoying. But sometimes his lack of replying could have a deeper meaning that we can’t ignore.

Either way, it’s annoying. That leaves many of us girls staring blankly at our phones wondering what to do when he doesn’t text back. Do we send him another message? Do we call him? Do we just assume he doesn’t like us and give up on trying to reach him?

You definitely want to make sure you handle the situation correctly because if you don’t, you could ruin your chances with a guy who may have just been busy. In order to save you from making a big mistake, here’s everything you should or shouldn’t do when he doesn’t text you back.

  1. Don’t send more messages.

This is the best way to annoy someone who isn’t texting back. You don’t know their reason for not responding so if you keep sending them text and text without giving them a chance to even read the first one, it’ll be really off-putting to him and he’ll even be annoyed – which will make him not want to reply even more.

  1. Wait a day or two and send a casual, flirty message.

If he doesn’t reply within a day or two, send a follow up text in a cute and flirty way. Something along the lines of, “I can’t believe you’d forget about me so easily ;)” gets the message across but doens’t sound like you’re mad or upset – two things that will make a guy scared to reply.

  1. Don’t complain about it online.

Posting passive aggressive messages about the fact that you haven’t got a reply in the hopes that he’ll see it and actually respond is a bad idea. Most likely, if he sees something like that he’ll automatically be turned off because you’re already starting drama on social media and all he did was not reply.

  1. Just take a breather and relax.

There’s absolutely no reason to get worked up right now. There are tons of reasons guys don’t respond to texts right away and you have to give him a chance to reply and even explain if necessary. He may not even be doing it on purpose and he may not even notice that he’s taking so long. So just relax.

  1. Put the phone away and go have fun.

You need to just get up and go have fun. Not only will it make the time go by, but it’ll take your mind off of him altogether. Enjoying time with friends and such can also help put things in perspective for you because you’ll realize how easy it is to forget to even look at your phone.

  1. Don’t sit and watch your phone waiting.

Don’t sit by the phone and wait for him to reply. Haven’t you even heard the saying “a watched pot never boils”? The time will go by really slowly and you’ll get more and more upset about the fact that he hasn’t texted back. So put your phone away and go get busy with something else. Take some time away from your phone so you’re not obsessively watching it for his text.

  1. Move on and forget about it.

If he hasn’t replied for three days and you’ve sent a follow-up text and that didn’t get a reply for a few days, cut your losses and move on. He’s not going to text you back and you can’t just sit and wait forever. You also can’t just keep sending random texts now and then hoping he’ll reply. Chances are, he’s ghosted you. It’s time to accept that and pick yourself up and find a new guy who will text you back.


Big Mistakes to Avoid Making When he Doesn’t Text Back

It’s easy to jump to certain conclusions when a guy doesn’t text back but you have to remember a few things first. You don’t want to make mistakes that will end up ruining something that could’ve been great. Here’s what you should avoid at all costs.

  1. Bombarding with texts.

If you really want to ensure someone never texts you back again, send text after text asking why he isn’t responding. This is super annoying to him and he’ll never want to reply. If he can’t even be away from his phone for a day without you going nuts on him, he won’t want to get to know you any more to find out how much more you could do when you’re not happy.

  1. Excessive calling.

The last thing you should ever do when someone isn’t texting you back is to call him. Honestly, this is just a big no-no. Unless you guys talk on the phone a lot as is, calling will only put up some red flags to him. He’ll see it as your way of “keeping tabs” on him and guys do NOT like that in any way, shape, or form. Don’t make this mistake when he doesn’t text you back.

  1. Accusing him of doing anything.

Obviously, our minds go to a very bad place when a guy doesn’t text us back. We think he doesn’t like us and he’s out with another girl and that’s why he isn’t texting us back. You cannot and I mean under no circumstances should you text him and accuse him of being with someone else. This is an irrational fear that will only make him never want to be with you. If you have legitimate concerns about him not being faithful, you should talk to him in person.

Guys don’t text back for a ton of different reasons. Sometimes they don’t even see our text or sometimes they look at it and then just forget to reply. If that happens to you, these tips can help you know what to do when he doesn’t text you back.

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