How To Do Smokey Eyes

By on March 24, 2014

Smokey eyes are timeless and utterly sexy. They transform your plain look into a mysterious, seductive one and make you stand out and look fabulous in a crowd. No doubt, if you’re anything like me, you see countless models and celebrities flaunting their smouldering, smokey eyes and wish you could achieve a look even half as good. Well, the good news is now you can. Smokey eyes aren’t anywhere near as hard to create as they seem, trust me, so now I’m here to give you ten simply tips and tricks to help you turn your eyes from everyday to sexy, from plain to smouldering. Here’s how…


1. Prepare Your Eyes


The first step to creating this timeless look is preparing your eyes. It’s key if you don’t want your look to smear, causing clumpy lines just a few hours after being applied. To prepare your eyes all you need to do it apply a thin layer of primer below your eyes and across your eyelids. This simple step will ensure your eye makeup stays looking lush all day and all night.


2. Banish Dark Circles


Despite the fact we’re going for the dark, seductive look, dark circles under your eyes can spoil the look of your smoky eyes instantly. After you’ve applied your powder blend a little concealer in beneath your eyes to make them look bright and awake. You’ll instantly look revived and you’ll be thankful for this little trick once your makeup is complete. To lock it in place, brush over your concealer with a gentle touch of clear powder (this is also useful in catching any falling eyeshadow in the later stages too).


3. Line ‘em Up


To really nail that seductive look, line the inner rims of the top and bottom of your eyes. This creates a darkness around your eyes and blends into your eyeshadow flawlessly too. You can use liquid eyeliner but, from personal experience, I recommend you use a normal eye pencil to get the best look and the longest lasting finish.


4. Curl Away


To really make the most of the smokey eye look, I recommend you curl your lashes at this stage to create truly battable eye lashes. It’s a simple touch but it really adds to your overall look and widens the look of your eyes. Any many will be hard pressed to resist you once you’ve got your gorgeous lashes on. To make your curl last even longer you can also gently heat your curler before holding it to your lashes for five seconds. Don’t make it too hot though – I’m sure you can imagine what might happen if you do!


5. Add The Shadow



Using a soft brush or eyeshadow pencil (or your fingers if you prefer) apply your chosen shade of eyeshadow between your lash line and the crease of your eye. Blend it all together to create a soft, sexy look. Then, using a small, angular brush, take your colour along your lower lash line to really add colour to your eyes. Don’t feel like you have to just use plain old black either, you can use any colour so long as you choose a dark shade of it. My personal favourites are plum and grey – they look fab, especially with green eyes.


6. Smudge It


As I advised, you ought to smudge your shadow as you apply it but for even better results quickly take a smudge brush or a q-tip once you’re done and ensure that everything is blended together nicely. Your eyes should look smoky and soft all at once when you’re done. You don’t want any harsh lines defining and running your look so be sure to blend them away.


7. Line Your Top Lash


To really set your look off it’s time to line your top lash. You can use a shade of your chosen colour or simply switch to black for this one. Make sure you don’t leave any skin showing between your liner and your lash line and keep a stead hand while you’re doing it to ensure the best results.


8. Light ‘em Up


Yes, we’re going for smokey eyes but we want your eyes to shine too. To do this simply grab your highlighter and touch it to the inner corners of your eyes and blend it in slightly with your eyeshadow. You can also use eyeshadow to create this effect either by using a creamy colour or choosing a lighter shade of whatever colour eyeshadow you previously used. Choosing a colour opposed to simple cream really does make your look dazzle.


9. Don’t Forget Your Mascara


No smokey eye look is complete without a breathtaking sweep of mascara to add luscious volume and enviable length to your lashes. Choose a mascara that promises to add volume and length for best results and make sure you reach the very extremes of both ends of your lashes when you’re applying it. For smokey eyes I personally prefer to use a dramatically black mascara but using a black that’s tinted with blue or purple creates a great contrast and really makes you stand out in a crowd. I’ve even been known to wear glittery mascara to complete this look. For the most startling results, add two or even three coats of mascara and your eyes will not be easy missed.


10. Finishing Touches


The finishing touches when creating smokey eyes is cleaning up the area once you’re done. To do this, use a clean and extremely fluffily brush and brush it below the bottom of your eye to catch and eyeshadow that may have fallen stray onto your cheeks. You can also use a q-tip to tidy up any areas that may have smeared while you were hard at work or any creases that have appeared. To top it all of you can’t go wrong with a quick spray of hairspray to hold all of your makeup in place for hours to come – just be sure you don’t put more than a touch on however as this will ruin your look and make your face sticky!


And voila! You now have gorgeous, smokey eyes!

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