What Does it Mean When a Guy Stares at You?

By on September 9, 2016

As women, I think we have all noticed that men like to look our way- but why do some men take a glance, while others do a full on stare? If you’ve ever noticed a man actually staring at you- not just checking you out for a second- you may have been a little bit creeped out. But don’t judge a book by its cover- there are a lot of reasons why a man may stare at you, and I promise he’s not just being weird.


He Find You Attractive

I am pretty sure this one goes without saying: if a man finds you incredibly attractive, then he is going to stare at you. And he probably won’t just stare at your face, either, although that will be his focus of attention for quite some time during this stare-down. He will probably also take a look at your other features as well, of course talking about your chest and boot-ay.

Men are just naturally drawn to women and their bodies; it is what makes the world go round. And when they find a female who is extremely attractive to them, they are going to stare. They don’t want to forget what you look like once you leave the room, so they will stare long and hard to take in all of your beauty and make a mental image of what you look like. Hey, take this as a compliment, ladies! Someone thinks you’re absolutely beautiful and they can’t look away; really, what’s the harm in that?

He Wants to Talk to You, But Doesn’t Know How

A lot- and I mean a LOT- of men have a very difficult time speaking to a woman. So, what is a guy to do? Stare! We already know he finds you incredibly attractive, and he really wants to meet you and get to know you. The only problem is, he is at a total loss for words when it comes to actually introducing himself and striking up a conversation with you. So, being completely at a loss for words and not knowing what to do next, he may just stare at you and freeze. During his stare-down, he is probably thinking about how beautiful you are and how he is just DYING to meet you. He is probably coming up with any question or comment he could probably say to you without you feeling weird or uninterested. His mind is RACING with what to do next, so he freezes, and just looks at you. He is hoping you will notice and YOU make the first move- and if you’re interested in him too, I highly recommend making the first move. He is probably just really shy and totally stunned by your beauty- he can’t even think straight or even SPEAK!

He Wants to Annoy You

There are those guys out there: you know, the guy you turned down because he was gross or crude or you simply weren’t interested in him. Well, he takes it upon himself to make you feel bad for not wanting him. He wants to make you feel uncomfortable and annoyed by him; I guess it is his form of (rather stupid) revenge. So, if there is a guy out there who you turned down and wanted nothing to do with after the first date, and he is staring at you, he is probably just trying to keep your attention and ANNOY you as much as he can. Don’t even pay attention to him- especially if he has one of those awful smirks on his face like he is so cool and smug. Seriously, the less attention you pay to him, the quicker it will go away.

How can you deter this type of stare? DON’T LOOK AT HIM! I know it may be difficult, but keep busy with whatever you’re doing, whether it’s work or school. Try and talk to some of your friends and keep your mind (and eyes) of whatever is going on around you. He will stop staring eventually- I mean, he can’t stare forever, right?


He Wants to Sleep With You

Some men are pigs, let’s just be honest. If you notice a guy staring at you- but he is much more interested in staring at your curves and body- he is probably dreaming about sleeping with you. He is probably thinking of the quickest way he can get you into the sheets. He doesn’t want to get to know you or anything- his mind and eyes are focused only on your womanly shape and he doesn’t care if you know it. Yes, this can be a little bit creepy and rather disgusting, but hopefully he doesn’t keep at it too long; in fact, if he’s staring at your body like that, he’s probably just as confident to come up and ask you out- in which case, say NO!


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