What Does it Mean When a Guy Checks You Out

By on January 28, 2017

We’ve all been on the other end of a guy staring us down with googley eyes. That’s to say, we’ve all been checked out before by a guy. Whether they’re subtle about it or making it extremely obvious, we usually pick up on those things pretty easily.

Maybe it’s because we’re so observant when it comes to other eyes following us around or maybe it’s because guys are just terrible at hiding it. But the difficult thing to determine is what a guy means when he checks you out. Sure, he may just think you’re attractive, but what more could it possibly mean?

If you’re left wondering just what it means when a guy checks you out, you’re not alone. I’ve spoken to a few of my guy friends and they’ve shed some light on this highly asked question.

How to Tell if a Guy Is Checking You Out

First thing’s first, you have to be able to tell if a guy is even checking you out before you can determine what it means. If you’re not very good at this, these tips will help you spot someone checking you out easily.

  1. He’s staring.

This is the main reason you’ll recognize. If he’s staring at you – especially if he has a goofy look on his face – it’s because he’s checking you out.

  1. He’s looking at your body up and down.

This is definitely a surefire sign he’s checking out the goods. If he’s ogling your whole body, he’s checking you out.

  1. He quickly looks away when you turn toward him.

This means he was JUST looking at you. And since he turned away, it means he didn’t want you to see. AKA, he was checking you out.

  1. He looks you in the eye and smiles.

If a guy does this, he’s totally checking you out and isn’t even afraid to show it. This is the confident type of checking you out.

  1. He nudges his friends, then looks your way.

When a guy does this, it means he was just checking you out and wants to make sure his friends see just how hot you are.

What Does it Mean When a Guy Checks You Out

Now that you’ve got that figured out, you’ll want to know just what all those glances mean. Here are the most common reasons a guy is checking you out.

  1. That you’re really attractive.

This is obvious. If a guy is checking you out a lot, it means they enjoy looking at you because you’re attractive.

  1. They don’t even realize they’re looking.

This is very common. Sometimes guys don’t even realize they’re checking you out. Their eyes are automatically drawn toward you without their knowledge.

  1. Something you’re wearing is eye-catching.

If you have a bright shirt, a skirt, or even a really low-cut shirt on, a guy is going to check you out because his eyes will just wander there.

  1. They’d like to get to know you better.

Obviously if a guy is checking you out, he approves of how cute you are. If they continuously do it, it could mean they want to get to know you better and perhaps date you.

  1. They’re talking about you.

If a guy is checking you out and then turning to talk someone, it means they’re definitely talking about you. Perhaps they’re even talking about how he was just checking you out.

Guys aren’t the hardest people to read. If you know these simple tricks, you’ll be able to tell when a guy is checking you out and what it all means.

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