Types of Bangs

By on May 6, 2014

Are you looking for inspiration on how to wear your bangs? Ideas for a new haircut? If so then you’ve come to the right place! Here are fifteen different styles of bangs to get you thinking, each of them worn by a beautiful celebrity to give you an idea of how they’ll look. Enjoy!

1. Side Swept Bangs: Emma Stone

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Side swept bangs are by far the most popular type of bangs, most likely because they’re so versatile and suit most any page shape. Plus, if you wear them long enough they can often be swept up into your ponytail which is an added bonus. Emma Stone looks fantastic with her side swept bangs. I love the way they sweep across her eyes and frame her face. This look is perfect for those of you with an oval face.

2. Short Blunt Bangs: Katy Perry

Types of Bangs _ 02

If you fancy being a bit more daring then why not try wearing short, blunt bangs. This look sin’t for everyone but if you can rock it then you’re sure to make a statement. This look can be pulled off whether you’ve got long or short hair, though personally I prefer it with long hair as the contrast makes a real statement. Still, I love Katy Perry’s short blunt bangs with her bob. This is one of her best looks if you ask me.

3. Blunt Bangs: Taylor Swift

Types of Bangs _ 3

Taylor Swift has tried her bangs most every way but few types of bangs suit her long, slender face as much as blunt bangs. The bold, straight cut which sits just above her eyes draws attention to her beautiful face and sits well with her long hair. I also love the fact that she’s added a side parting opposed to a middle one which is more traditional. Don’t be afraid to experiment.
4.Fringe Bangs: Dianna Agron

Types of Bangs_4

Dianna Agron is one of my all time favourite celebrities. I just can’t get over how beautiful she is. And her hair is to die for! I simply love her with a fringe (though maybe I’m bias because it’s the style of hair I’ve got!). Her fine fringe really suits her round face and brings out the best of all her features. Her fringe is long however not too long and doesn’t risk hiding her gorgeous eyes.
5.Long Fringe Bangs: Kirsten Dunst

Types of Bangs _5

Kirsten Dunst has worn her bangs in countless ways but this is probably her best look. Not everyone can pull off a long fringe but Kirsten looks great. This look is great for adding a bit of mystery to your style. Personally, I think long bangs like these are best work with long hair however I’ve seen people wear them with a pixie cut and still look awesome so be as creative as you dare.
6.Choppy Bangs: Reese Witherspoon

Types of Bangs _6

This is by far Reese Witherspoon’s best look. I love her choppy bangs and layered hair, it truly does look fantastic yet it seems to me that not enough people are brave enough to try this look out on themselves. This style is great for adding a bit of an edge to your look and saves you from becoming a plain Jane. This look is great if you have highlights or lowlights too as they help to bring out the ruggedness in your look. Admittedly this look isn’t for everyone but if you can pull it off then I say don’t hold back.
7.U-Shaped Bangs: Lea Michelle

Types of Bangs _9

U-shaped bangs look great and really bring an elegance to your look. It’s a style Lea Michelle wears quite often and as you can see she looks stunning with it. The great think about this style is that it’s not permanent and you can simply have a fringe and then curl it into a U shape, making this a truly versatile style of bangs. It’s definitely worth trying at least once.
8.Asymmetrical Bangs: Anne Hathaway

Types of Bangs _14

I love asymmetrical bangs! It’s such a great look. When Anne Hathaway chopped off her gorgeous locks for her role in Les Miserables I was worried however it all trend out okay as it opened her up to countless new looks, asymmetrical bangs included. Personally, I think this is a style everyone should try once as most everyone suits this look in one variation or another. This is a great look no matter your face shape or hair length so why not give it a try?

9.Pixie Cut Bangs: Carey Mulligan

Types of Bangs _12

Carey Mulligan looks incredible with a pixie cut and it’s fast becoming her statement look. Don’t panic that having a pixie cut means you can’t have bangs too however. Here Carey proves otherwise with incredible style. She’s shows off a variety of different bang styles with her pixie cuts over the years, proving that pixie cuts are no one trick pony. If you’ve got a pixie cut or are considering getting a one then I suggest you give this great look a try.

10.Parted Bangs: Rachel McAdams

Types of Bangs _7

Rachel McAdams is by far my favourite actress so you’ll have to forgive me for being more than a little bias on this one. She looks stunning with parted bangs and they frame her face beautifully. This style is great with medium to long hair however if you’ve got short hair you might want to consider another style. If, like me, you’ve got quite a small forehead this style may not suit you however as your hair will fall across your face too much. 

11.Convertible Bangs: Hilary Duff

Types of Bangs _10

Convertible bangs! What a great idea! Some styles of bangs such as Hilary Duff’s can easily be converted into more than one style, completely transforming your look with just a stroke of the brush. Convertible bangs are great if you easily get bored with your style and would like a change more often than you’re due at the hairdressers or quicker than your hair can grow. If you’re looking for convertible bangs my best suggestion is to have an ultra long fringe as this can be worn as a full fringe, as U shaped bangs, it can be parted down the middle, and even side swept.

12.Round Bangs: Rachel McAdams

Types of Bangs _11

This is a great style as it really frames your face. I love the way round bangs neatly slide around your eyebrows and gently slope to frame your face. In my opinion if you’re likely to be tying your hair up a lot this type of bangs will suit you best. If you’ve got a small forehead this type of bang looks fantastic too (not that I’m bias as it’s what I’ve got or anything!).

13.Brow Skimming Bangs: Reese Witherspoon

Types of Bangs _8

Brow skimming brows are fab as they give the illusion of a long bangs without you having to worry about having hair in your face constantly. Plus, it also means you can straighten your bangs, adding length to them, and your bangs will still be a nice, manageable length.

14.Funky Bangs: Rihanna

Types of Bangs _13

Having bangs doesn’t have to be boring and ordinary. In fact bangs can be incredibly funky, it’s just a case of getting create and finding it within yourself to be bold. Take Rihanna for instance – here she is with a simple pixie cut yet she’s completely transformed her hair by curling her usual side swept bangs and making them look completely different. I love this look, it’s one of my favourite looks on her, and if you can pull of curls I highly suggest you try this with your bangs no matter the length of the rest of your hair.

15.Pompadour Bangs: Miley Cyrus

Types of Bangs _15

Here’s another celebrity who’s transformed their bangs (and their pixie cut) to create a while new look. Here Miley has swept her nags up so they look like pompadour bangs which has resulted in a completely new look for her. This is a great look if you’re feeling bold!


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